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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Software Of 2022

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Reviews and recommendations – we often trust them more than the brand’s word, right? Firsthand user reviews, recommendations from friends and family or shoutouts from your favorite influencers always help you make a better decision – and brands know that. Brands realize the power of influencer marketing to create awareness and drive growth.

The challenge – there's no sure shot way of knowing which influencer would be the best fit to promote your brand. Tadaa! We have a solution – Influencer Marketing Software. It’s your perfect ally in not only finding the right influencer that connects with your target audience but also to know their market standing in terms of followers and engagement.

We know, we know. Finding the right Influencer Marketing Software is as much of a hunt as finding the right influencer. Fret not, what are we here for? We’ve listed down the top Influencer Marketing Software on the market that you can leverage for your business in 2022!
TechDogs-Take Care! It's The Influencer Waveform!-"Top 5 Influencer Marketing Software Of 2022"
#ShootforSolly was one of the most popular campaigns by the brand Allen Solly. It had garnered 1,16,279 unique engaged users with 2 million total reach and 3.2 million total impressions on Facebook alone – imagine the overall reach! How did they do it?


The brand tied up with 22 fashion influencers and asked them to select an ensemble of a shirt and Chinos by the brand. After that, all the influencers had to do was pose in the attire at their city’s famous landmark with the hashtag #ShootforSolly!

What did the brand get – amazing pictures to promote and a lot of reach for their new collection. This is influencer marketing in action! Working with influencers to promote your brand's message, products or services. The question is, how do you know which influencer is right for your business?

Relax, TechDogs has the answer for you - Influencer Marketing Software. This software connects influencer discovery to brands. It offers end-to-end influencer marketing solutions such as discovering influencers according to your requirements, based on different filters such as reach and engagement, paid and organic followers, demographics, content performance, etc., also managing influencer campaign generated content and analyzing the Return on Investment.

Are you itching to get an Influencer Marketing Software of your own? Allow us to bring you the top 5 Influencer Marketing Software of 2022 for your perusal.

Top 5 Influencer Marketing Software Of 2022


Tool 1: BuzzSumo

Launched in 2014, BuzzSumo was acquired by Brandwatch in October 2017. Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence company with access to over 80 million sources. Making more than $100m in revenue, Brandwatch was named a Leader in Forrester Wave™ for its Social Listening Platform in 2021. The company is blessed with more than 5000 clients worldwide, including Expedia, Ogilvy, BuzzFeed, The Telegraph and more.
Finding influencers on the cloud is what BuzzSumo enables you to do!  It helps discover and vet the best content, outreach and engagement opportunities through influencer marketing. Additionally, it also helps in generating ideas, creating high-performing content and analyzing the campaigns.

As a marketeer, you should also be aware of what is trending on the social media front, which influencer would be suitable for you to pass on your brand’s message etc. BuzzSumo does all that for you. It enables you to view the most shared content, do A/B content analysis and vet what content works the best. You can also analyze data and trends and can set up real-time monitoring, which surely will help in devising an actionable marketing strategy. Basically, it keeps an eye on the social media buzzzzz!!!

Tool 2: GRIN

Based out of Sacramento, California, Grin was founded in 2014 by ex-Red Bull marketing executive Brandon Bown. The company recently bagged $19M in venture capital, with a $10M Series A round from in December of 2020. In 2021, GRIN ranked #1 Influencer Marketing Software on G2 and continues to serve billion-dollar companies like Macy's, Skims and L'Oréal. That’s a lot to achieve in 8 years! #WeareGRINning
Think of GRIN's Influencer Marketing platform as Google for searching influencers. It is a powerful tool to find high-quality influencers, automate email outreach, build relationships with the influencers with a Customer Relationship Management tool and execute influencer marketing campaigns. Besides, the Ecommerce integration in the software helps manage product seeding, affiliate links and discount codes like a cakewalk. Petition to make GRIN a synonym for awesome!

In today's world, where people can spot fake brand endorsements within seconds, this influencer marketing platform helps forge a natural influencer relationship bond, eventually impacting your overall brand awareness. Hence, along with recruiting the right influencers and tracking the engagement, GRIN also works as a relationship management tool. #OverachieverAlert!

Tool 3: Mavrck

Mavrck, founded in 2014, is touted as a leader in Forrester's new wave of Influencer Marketing Software. It was also honored as the best Influencer Marketing Software by Digiday in 2018. The company was the first to introduce "micro-influencer marketing" (yes, really!) to the market, getting a whopping 300% year-on-year growth.
What’s the best possible introduction to Mavrck? It’s the Influencer Marketing Software used by companies like Kraft Heinz and Express to raise brand awareness with content creators. Wait, we’ve got better. Mavrck single-handedly can let you create your brand ambassador program, conduct market research, product development and test campaign ideas #allinone. Of course, it also helps you discover thousands of influencers and matches the right one according to your requirements, obviously!

Wait, that’s not all. It also helps you in tracking promo code engagement, offline sales and brand lift which is unlikely to be seen in any other platform. It also has an intuitive fraud detection tool that notifies you about fake followers and bots. Skipping to the best part - it has over 20+ filters such as audience demographics, content performance and fraud risk for discovering and filtering the influencers.

Tool 4: Meltwater

One of the oldest companies on this list, Meltwater, has been leaving its mark in the influencer marketing domain for 20 years now. As the preferred choice for over 30,000 companies, Meltwater is an established leader in the market. Over the years, Meltwater has successfully managed eight acquisitions, making it a prominent acquirer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science in the influencer marketing domain #oldwinegetsbetterwithage.
All that you expect from an ideal Influencer Marketing Software is there at your disposal with Meltwater. An end-to-end influencer marketing platform, it allows you to create support and also optimize your social influencers strategy. It helps you find the right influencers from their database, get insights about the influencer's demographics, their popularity, also reach etc. and can also measure your campaign's performance and overall engagement. Wait, there’s more. It allows brands to analyze media and social coverage both qualitatively and quantitatively. Marketers can create a dashboard to visualize media coverage and gauge the ROI of their campaigns.

With Meltwater, you will efficiently be able to tap into new markets, generate valuable leads and share content that forges a bond with your audience, all through the influencers who effectively carry your brand's message. Yes, it is really that amazing!

Tool 5: Julius

The first thing that strikes anyone by looking at this Influencer Marketing Software company is why it is called so? The Julius company was named after the famous Julius Caesar after it was rebranded from Thuzio. Initially, the company worked on landing endorsement deals for athletes and realized that they could do more in this segment.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Julius"-Image Screenshot Of Julius - Julius Is One Of The Few Influencer Marketing Software To Leverage Data Science, It Uses Machine Learning To Discover The Right Influencer Content According To The Niche And Requirements
Julius collected an extensive database of 120,000 influencer profiles with followers working across all social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Pinterest also Twitter with a reformed approach. Even though the name of the company is quite classic, their actions are as new-age as you can imagine. One of the few Influencer Marketing Software to leverage data science, Julius uses machine learning to discover the right influencer content according to your niche and requirements. That’s not all, post the initially intelligent filter, their marketing team vets every profile, so that you get to pick from the best for your next campaign. Companies like McDonald's, Bonobos, Philips, Nordstrom use Julius to run their influencer marketing tool for their campaign management.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Julius offers a dashboard with which you can check the new influencer’s outreach and engagement rate as well. All this is integrated into the platform, along with the number of brand associations and curated industry news. You can also analyze your campaign's performance, monitor conversations about your brand and extrapolate everything in reports.

Influencer Marketing: The Way Forward

Let’s state the obvious for the record here - influencer marketing has been a crucial part of marketing campaign but with the changing trends this will rock more boats in the coming years. More and more brands will use influencer partners to promote their products or services to the target audience with their potential influencers. They will partner with an influencer platform that shares common beliefs and would like to partner with them for long-term. Using influencer lists with social media monitoring to brand advocates for influencer engagement is a genius strategy for referral marketing. So, clearly you have to join the bandwagon sooner or later.

Once you get on to the influencer marketing road, you would need the right software by your side to help you ace your strategies and these top 5 picks can be your best bet there. #TryThemAlready

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