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Top 5 Firewall Security Management Software Of 2022

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Have you seen the weapons arsenal in the trending video game, Valorant? It looks quite elaborate and organized with 17 different weapons divided into pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rifles, heavy weapons and a sniper rifle. Oh, there’s various types of armor too!

In the business world, your weapons against malicious viruses, hackers and intruders are firewalls. The more elaborate your business and sensitive your data gets, the more firewalls you keep adding to your system. If only you had an arsenal window to view and access all of these weapons at once, life would be so much easier.

Well, a Firewall Security Management Software is the only arsenal you need to manage all the security systems in your business IT infrastructure. Now that you’re tempted to get one, read on to find out which Firewall Security Management Software you should go for.
TechDogs-I May Be Fiery But I'll Keep You Safe!"-Top 5 Firewall Security Management Software Of 2022"
The wall around the city of Troy was impenetrable; even under the greatest siege, it kept the Greek army at bay for ten long years! Alas! All it took was a Trojan Horse to let the Greek Soldiers in and bring the fall of once a great nation.
Similarly, most IT solutions are built with security systems but it is foolish to think that your system would never come under threat. There are plenty of online Trojan Horses (viruses and malware) lurking in the vicinity, waiting to tear down your system's walls.
Do you know what can help you keep a lookout for similar viruses and malware and ensure they don't enter your systems? A Firewall Security Management Software (FSMS)!
A Firewall Security Management (FSM) Software is a tool that acts as a gatekeeper for your computer systems and filters all the data entering your network by identifying packets for malicious agents. It allows you to monitor and configure firewalls from a single location and get a complete view of all the real and virtual firewalls, routers, load balancers and switches in your system. With features like compliance management, configuration management and log analytics, an FSM Software is a must-have tool for all business that wants to secure its customer data and insights.
Keeping all of these in mind, we've shortlisted 5 top Firewall Security Management Software that you can choose from, depending on your needs.

Top 5 Firewall Security Management Software Of 2022

Tufin SecureTrack
Palo Alto Networks Prisma

Tool 1: Tufin SecureTrack

In the world of cybersecurity, you will rarely find someone that doesn't recognize Tufin. The company provides security solutions to over 2,000 of the largest companies in the world and 50% of all Fortune 50 companies. To top it all, Tufin's core technology is protected by 14 US patents (ain’t nobody got the same tech!) and is the winner of the “Best Cybersecurity Company Award” in 2020 by Cybersecurity Excellence.
The Tufin company provides a comprehensive set of network administration tools. SecureTrack, their Firewall Security Management Software, piques our curiosity the most. It enables multi-vendor, hybrid environments to automate security policies, risk management, provisioning and compliance with ease.
It keeps you up to speed on the condition of your network by providing real-time visibility into firewall and security updates, as well as notifications for potential security threats. SecureTrack is particularly notable for allowing you to manage all of your firewall rules across your entire business network from a single location and keep track of security policy changes and violations, which is quite helpful. Overall, Tufin SecureTrack is a good choice for enterprise networks that are vast and use multiple vendors.

Tool 2: FireMon

FireMon is an enterprise security management company that allows its users to continuously analyze, visualize and improve their existing network security infrastructure and firewall management. Since creating the first-ever network security policy management solution, FireMon has gained more than 1,700 customers located in nearly 70 countries worldwide. The company has bagged multiple awards for its network security solutions, including Best Risk/Policy Management Solution at SC Awards 2021 and 2019's Cutting Edge Network Security and Management award by Cyber Defense Magazine.
In terms of the Firewall Security Management Software, FireMon claims to offer the "only agile network security policy platform." The tool successfully protects your network while also increasing its speed and efficiency. FireMon's automation features set it apart from other solutions in this market, as it automates network security procedures to a large extent.
Real-time visibility, comprehensive control over network security devices, automated workflows, vulnerability management, firewall cleanup and compliance with security standards such as HIPAA, PCI and NERC/ FERC, are just a few of the standout features offered by Firemon. Prominent and highly reputed brands such as IBM, Sony, Salesforce, Airbnb and other industry leaders trust FireMon to protect their systems. That's some very high praise!.

Tool 3: Cisco

You're probably familiar with Cisco Systems, Inc., a US (United States) based international conglomerate and a global leader in IT and cybersecurity. According to a report by LexInnova, Cisco was one of the leading recipients of network security-related patents with 6,442 security-related patents. Singing its praises, Forrester has named Cisco a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Firewalls in Q3 of 2020. What's more? As of June 2021, Cisco has a market cap of around $230 billion! That's a lot of zeros after the dollar sign.
Being an industry leader, Cisco's Firewall Security Management Software has pretty much everything you need to protect your business. With Cisco, you can get a hardware firewall to protect your entire corporate network, plus software to safeguard each device in your office. This system creates multiple checkpoints in your network firewall security, so you have complete Endpoint Protection (a.k.a. complete protection for all endpoints in your network).

Cisco Firewall Software uses automation to correlate security events with vulnerabilities, helping businesses prioritize threat management. Additionally, it provides comprehensive network management and defends against known assaults, while unexpected threats can be tracked in real-time using the tool's Malware Defense and sandboxing technologies. Scalable log management combined with behavioral analysis allows you to fine-tune your defenses to fend off future attacks.

Tool 4: Palo Alto Networks Prisma

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is an American multinational cybersecurity company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company serves over 70,000 organizations in over 150 countries, including 85 of the Fortune 100. The company has been marked as a leader for Gartner Magic Quadrant, nine times also bagged the leader category in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Firewalls Q3 in 2020.
Talking about Firewalls, Prisma by Palo Alto Networks is a machine learning-powered next-generation Firewall Software that adapts 'Zero Trust' across the Network Security Stack. You can use TLS (Transport Layer Security)/ SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) decryption and inspection with Prisma to monitor traffic and verify that no encrypted hostile traffic gets past your firewalls. There is also DoS (Denial of Service) protection to safeguard your operating systems against brute force attacks.
Do you know what the best part is? Prisma refreshes the signatures on a daily basis to ensure that the firewall is capable of detecting the most recent threats. Furthermore, URL (Uniform Resource Locator) filtering detects and blocks web-based dangers such as phishing links and phishing sites automatically. Prisma is one of the best next-generation firewalls on the market and comes with anomaly detection capabilities and QoS (Quality of Service) settings. #CantGetBetterThanThis

Tool 5: AlgoSec

With SECurity in its name, AlgoSec is one of the most prominent names in the cybersecurity world. It is well-known for its firewall policy management and network security policy management. Multiple cybersecurity awards back the company to attest to their dominion, including winning the “Global Infosec award” for Cyber Defense Magazine 2021 and “Cybersecurity Excellency Award for 2020.” Maersk, Delta Airlines, Chevron, General Motors, T-Mobile, US Bank, Microsoft and other notable names are among the company's 1,800 clients, which include 20 of the Fortune 50.
AlgoSec is for folks who enjoy automating their lives. The Firewall Management Tool excels in simplifying life for its users, from automating the enforcement of security policies to configuring intelligent firewalls. AlgoSec supports practically every prominent traditional and new-age firewall on the market because it works on both on-premise and cloud-based systems. All configuration, compliance and deployment management elements that you'd want in a firewall are also checked out by AlgoSec.
Automated compliance-friendly report generation for all major industry standards is a big plus for AlgoSec. It can also connect cyber-attacks to business operations and automate network security updates with zero-touch (no manual intervention needed) using Machine Learning across cloud, SDN (Software-defined networking) and on-premise networks.

Is It Worth It?

Irrespective of the tool you go for, investing in a Firewall Security Management Software can significantly reduce the chances of your system getting under the intruder's knife. More importantly, in a scenario where your worst fears are realized and your security is breached, the software can help you get to the root of it faster and remediate sooner. Trust our expert opinion on that; yes, you need it and it's worth it!

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