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Top 5 Enterprise Resource Planning Software Of 2022

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Whoever said “the more, the merrier” probably never had to decide what business software to purchase for their company. After all, with a plethora of options available today for each and every enterprise solution, finding the right fit is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.
In case you're tasked with the responsibility of deciding on the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your business, you've come to the right place. Before you get all excited, note that we're not here to choose for you. Instead, we're here to make the choice easier for you. After burning the midnight oil for days, we've done our recce and have narrowed down your selection to 5 top ERP solutions (Thank us later!)
All you've got to do is keep your business requirements in mind and see which software has the most relevant features (which we have provided!) to find the best pick. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Enterprise Resource Planning Software Of 2022" You Ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me!
"We're out of cheese, again!" Most conversations around restocking your pantry probably start on similar lines. Soon enough, you make a mental note (and sometimes even a grocery list!) and head to the grocery store to get the item.  However, imagine if giants like Walmart and Amazon ran to the grocery store every time they had a stock shortage? That would literally be the comedy of errors! That is why global chains like Walmart and Amazon and even startups use Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) to manage their resources. 

Businesses utilize Enterprise Resource Planning software to connect and organize data and resources for all their processes. Manufacturing, distribution, financial and human resource activities are integrated into one all-inclusive ERP software. When adequately deployed, ERP can improve your business' efficiency, performance and profitability. The list doesn't end there; ERP can also assist you in taking the next step, which is digital transformation! 

All said and done, there are so many ERP solutions providers - how can a company know which ERP solution is right for them? Do they compare features, pricing, value...? There's so much to do! Fret not; we have done the work for you. We've shortlisted the top five essential ERP solutions that are at the top of the game in 2022.

Top 5 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Of 2022

Oracle NetSuite
Oracle NetSuite
Microsoft Dynamics 365 
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Acumatica ERP
Acumatica ERP
Kinetic (Epicor ERP)
Kinetic (Epicor ERP)

Tool 1: SAP ERP

Think ERP and the first name that pops in our minds is SAP. With a hold on the ERP market so tight that if the ERP market pie was divided, SAP would get the largest piece and the creamiest portion of the pie with 24% of the market share and 92% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies - anyone else hungry?

SAP Business One ERP Software is the apple of their eye, their precious, true ring to rule them all. A very comprehensive ERP application, SAP Business One is designed for medium to enterprise-grade businesses.
SAP ERP is very YOU-focused. Translation: It helps users manage all aspects of their business easily – inventory management, accounting, financial reporting, data analytics, sales and customer name it, they have it. Their users can take advantage of functionalities, processes and best practices designed for specific industries and align all aspects of their operations to match the customer demands. It runs on both Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) and SAP HANA (High-Speed Analytical Appliance) servers, allowing users to choose whichever database management system suits them.

SAP ERP can be deployed in a public, private cloud, or a hybrid environment and has Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. Do you know the best part? SAP has a sizable R&D (research and development) and product innovation budget. Know what that means? Even better features are coming soon!

Tool 2: Oracle NetSuite

The Obi-Wan Kenobi of the ERP solutions, Oracle, is 2nd most prominent player in the ERP game. As a veteran in the industry, Oracle sits on the throne (we mean, the high ground!) with a high-flying track record of over 30 years. As of 2020, it was the second-largest software company, based on revenue and market capitalization. Talking about its chief ERP system, NetSuite, the solution is used by over 22,000 customers in 200 countries. Their current customers enjoy a feature-rich tool that is exceptionally versatile and open to customization; isn't that a treat?
Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP that offers real-time information on business operations. Its most prominent features are financial management, auditing and compliance reporting, real-time analytics, supply chain management as well as data warehousing. Obi-Wan, the Force is strong with this one!

Oracle NetSuite, of course, offers the basic features needed in an ERP; however, it also provides business intelligence tools, a drag-and-drop report builder and a highly customizable system. Customers can choose if they want their ERP Solution to be hosted on a public cloud, customer-owned (private) cloud or on-premises.

Tool 3: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Have you heard of Microsoft? Who are we kidding? Microsoft really needs no introduction; the company ranked No. 21 in the 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue are part of the Big 5 in IT companies for a reason- their undeniably awesome products. Leaving everything aside, in this article, we are going to talk about their flagship ERP -
Microsoft Dynamics 365 - a market-grabbing ERP that absolutely deserves to be on this list.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a collection of enterprise applications developed by Microsoft. The Sheldon Cooper in every room, this ERP suite uses Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable insights to assist users in running their businesses smoothly and improving their performance. By exchanging data across all departments, it gives users a single 360-degree picture of their business and breaks down organizational barriers; yes, bring those walls down!
Businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics never have to worry about managing their leads as the tool offers savvy marketing and sales features that nurture leads and strengthen customer connections. Apart from simplified data management and natively embedded business intelligence tools (“Hey, Cortana Intelligence!”), the software allows for an excellent level of workflow customization and integration with other systems, lowering installation risk and increasing Return on Investment (RoI). #TalkAboutAGreatDeal

Tool 4: Acumatica ERP

Who would have thought in the list of ERP giants, Acumatica - a company launched less than two decades ago will leave such an impact? It really did; their customers swear by it and it gives the big names on this list a tough competition. Acumatica, founded in 2008, provides cloud and browser-based business management software for small and mid-sized enterprises. You won't believe it but Acumatica received Gartner's highest score for customer satisfaction in 2018 and was among the top ten Best Inventory Management Software for 2020 by PC Magazine: that's some excellent recognition!
Acumatica's cloud ERP solution includes a range of fully integrated tools supported by an  optimized platform for various business verticals. The Christian Bale of the ERP world aka a fully-versatile, comprehensive ERP package that can manage the company's Financials, Sales, Inventory, Customer Relationship Management and more. They are also very nice because instead of asking organizations to modify their business processes, Acumatica delivers its Studio feature, which supports business process modifications while permitting software customization, enabling flexibility, efficiency, and business continuity. Now that's what we call a good service!

Tool 5: Kinetic (Epicor ERP)

Epicor – generally considered an underdog in the ERP game - has actually been in the industry for a while (founded in 1972) and is now rising to the top #NeverTooLateToBeGreat. Epicor currently boasts a whopping customer base of 20000 businesses and has a presence in more than 140 countries! The company was also one of the top 10 Most Promising Manufacturing ERP Solution Providers in 2018.
Epicor's flagship cloud-based ERP platform, Kinetic, can help businesses maximize business efficiency and profitability. With a promise to focus on the future through digital transformation, Kinetic brings an intuitive, guided browser-based platform with awesome integration capabilities into one focused hub. Their Cinderella story doesn't end with great ERP software; their clients can't stop talking about the epic features, including voice recognition, social-network-style communication channels, real-time analytics and financial management tools. The connectivity offered by Kinetic ERP can improve communication between team members, reduce human error and automate operations. #ThePerfectFairyTale

Apart from being easy to use, Kinetic doesn't care if your employees are at the park, sitting in the conference room or even at The Grand Budapest Hotel - they can easily and securely access resources.

Three cheers for cloud technology, please! Hip-Hip Hurray!

Summing it up

Phew! There we go! We have come to an end of our list for the Top 5 Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Do remember, while one system may not make a company's hall of fame, the same product may be the top choice for another. Ultimately, the ideal ERP systems for your firm will be determined by the size of your company, industry and your strategic goals that will be unique to you.  Let us know in the comments if we helped you finalize the right ERP for you; no pressure, though!

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