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Top 5 Email Encryption Software Of 2022

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Cybercrime, cyber threats, data loss, cyber hacks, cybersecurity issues. In case you’re wondering, we are not playing the “name the synonyms" game. Neither are we testing if you are aware of these internet jargons. We know you are!

Terms like these may not be common in everyday conversation – yet we all need to stay secure and protected. We are here to discuss about tools that ensure that these cybercrimes and issues are tackled at the very nascent stage. Yes, we are talking about Email Encryption Software! After all, organizations or individuals use email to communicate. To keep email data under control and safe from risks, we need to ensure that the data is encrypted and unreadable to anyone other than the intended recipient.

Hop on as we explore the top 5 Email Encryption Software of 2022!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Email Encryption Software Of 2022" Only The Right En-key-ryption Tool Can Unlock Me!
If your business works with sensitive business data, would you be okay sending it over an unsecured channel? Obviously, the answer is no – unless you’re a corporate spy! You must ensure that email data is encrypted before it is sent over publicly accessible channels. To break it down, the entire process of encryption is a way of securing your email data, whether you receive them or send them out. So, encrypting an email is done via Email Encryption Software (as the name suggests!) for both personal and professional email domains. Though there are many functionalities through which you can secure or encrypt your emails, with the proper software is the right move toward avoiding data leaks.

Now, these software give another layer of security which could detect malware, phishing or security breaches along with encrypting the attachments, documents etc. In the email. This is crucial for businesses as it ensures the email is seen only by selected recipients. In this article, we have listed the leaders in the space of email encryption along with the specific features their tools offer.

Don’t wait another minute and read on about the top 5 Email Encryption Software of 2022!

Top 5 Email Encryption Software Of 2022

Email Encryption Software transforms and secures any information or documents traveling via an email server. These tools ensure that any data-in-transit remains encrypted till the authorized party (recipient) is verified. Let’s head on to check the top 5 Email Encryption Software of 2022. However, these tools are randomly ordered – so picking the right one is up to you!
Proofpoint Email Protection
Proofpoint Email Protection
NeoCertified Secure Email
NeoCertified Secure Email
Zix Email Encryption
Zix Email Encryption

Tool 1: Proofpoint Email Protection

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Proofpoint was founded in 2002 and offered its email security and protection products as a unified solution to users. Their data protection solutions prevent any email threat, no matter how strong. Its offices are spread across 8 countries and their clientele including top banks, global retailers, pharma companies as well as companies in Fortune 100. Proofpoint has been the market leader in email security and has also won the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Global Email Security Industry Excellence in Best Practices.
Proofpoint Email Protection is an on-premises as well as cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, which helps in Email Protection, Email Fraud Defense, Threat Response as well as other email threats. Proofpoint Email Protection gives complete visibility into all email messages and offers granular search capabilities which prevent unwanted, harmful and imposter emails. Its continuity capability endorses hassle-free and secure business communications via email.

This software also has outbound controls that help with data loss prevention and encryption. Along with this, the software comes with advanced BEC (Business Email Compromise) Defence and advanced machine learning algorithms to waive off bulk graymail. According to their website, they can analyze 26 billion URLs per day, 5 billion+ emails and 16 billion+ cloud accounts. A huge number we say!

Tool 2: Virtru

Virtru was founded in 2012 and is based out of Washington DC as global data encryption and digital privacy provider which helps encrypt and control emails to allow better audit access. Their clientele includes 7000+ companies spread across the domain of manufacturing, IT & Software, Government Agencies, Healthcare, Education, Financial services and many more. Clients include Verizon, RedFin, SoFi etc. in their list. Virtru has also won Top Spot on G2’s 2022 Best Security Software Awards and is also HIPAA, ITAR, GDPR, FERPA, CCPA, CMMA compliant.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Virtru "An Image Showing The Email Rules Tab In The Virtru Tool
Virtru is known for its simple user interface and easy-to-deploy functionality. Along with this, email encryption is done without installing or exchanging keys with the recipient and can be done through any SaaS (Software as a Service) application or platform like Salesforce, Zendesk etc. It is also compliant with G Suite and Office 365, protecting attachments with restrictions such as copy, printing and even time. This software also helps in providing access to selected recipients to avoid sharing sensitive information with unauthorized third-party. We can see the grin on your IT team’s face!

With this software, you or your team don’t even have to remember passwords (to protect email documents) or get into the hassle of installing a separate portal or encryption software. It can help your business regularly perform e-mail encryption end-to-end whenever you want to transmit information. Phew… exhaustive, isn’t it?

Tool 3: RMail

RMail was established in 2000 in California, providing end-to-end solutions for data privacy and compliance by tracking, encrypting, verifying, e-signing, distributing and also controlling the mail and documents (as attachments). RMail has a presence in around 100 countries and more than 25 million users across rely on their tools. This software has also received international awards and accolades including the World Mail Award for Best in Security, Initiative Mittelstand Best Innovation in IT Award in Germany and APCC Top Choice for GDPR Email Data Privacy Compliance.
RMail’s API integration allows businesses to integrate its services within the app such as Microsoft 365 Oupreventts AI (Artificial Intelligence)-driven technology helps the software choose the best approach to send out an email to specific recipients and its predictive technology encrypts messages automatically by analyzing the content or structure of the message. That’s an awesome feature, right?

That not all, this software has a range of methods for encryption such as company policy rules, compliance tracking, delivery tracking, branding and many more. Also, it has two-layer encryption dynamics – that is, if the tool senses that in the first attempt of sending an email using its Transmission Encryption is not adequate, it adds another layer of security to it using its Message Level Encryption and then send out the email. #RMailIsAwesome

Tool 4 – NeoCertified Secure Email

NeoCertified Secure Email is based out of Denver, Colorado and was established in the year 2002, to provide secure communication through digital security and encryption solutions. It has got its hold in various countries and serves more than 1.5 million users, which includes small and medium businesses as well as individuals.
TechDogs-"Tool 4 – NeoCertified Secure Email  "A Screengrab Showing The Email Composition Box Of The NeoCertified Tool

NeoCertified Secured Email is compliant with FINRA, HIPPA, SEC, SOX, GLBA and FCRA among compliance laws. That’s not all, it can also be integrated with Gmail, Microsoft 365 Outlook, Edge and Office 365 so enterprises can securely send attachments. This software can be integrated on the go as it doesn’t require hardware or encryption keys or any server software, all you need to do is install it and you are ready to send emails securely!

Along with this, NeoCertified Secured Email offers customizable solutions that suit your email needs. Moreover, the tool uses a web-based portal. Remember when your email app will show an error saying, “file too large to send”? The web portal can manage to send and encrypt a lot of large files, which helps this tool stand out.

Tool 5: Zix Email Encryption

Formerly known as ZixEncrypt, Zix is a SaaS-based email encryption solution that offers threat protection for businesses. It was recently acquired by OpenText, a leading information management solution company. Zix is based out of Dallas, Texas and was founded in 1988. Along with email encryption services it also includes services like mobile application designing, email data loss prevention, compliance solutions across industries such as health care, financial services, real estate government sectors and legal. Zix was named a winner in the Hot Company SMB Cybersecurity and Cutting Edge Email Security and Management categories in 2022. Kudos, Zix!
Zix serves its solution to over 21,000 customers in form of email encryption, email security, information archiving and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions. With the help of its advanced machine learning techniques, it analyses live threats and prevents data loss – no matter how long or large the chain of communication is. Zix is easy to deploy, integrates seamlessly with on-premises email systems, is compliant with legal regulations and provides users with detailed reports of email analysis.

Moreover, also boasts content scanning with robust compliance filters and multiple secure delivery options using Zix’s patented Best Method of Delivery (BMOD) feature. How cool is that!

Summing It Up

As cybercrime increases, newer threats and ways to perform cybercrime are being developed. Businesses need to focus on investing in tools that can ensure a high degree of security. As we all use email daily, it is often the number one source of data leaks and hacks. Hence, encrypting business emails is the easiest step that can be taken against cyber threats. Listing the top 5 Email Encryption Software was our job; selecting the best one is yours!

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