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Top 5 Digital Asset Management Software Of 2022

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We know what you're thinking - how can they start a writeup with a spelling error? Was their editing team on a vacation? (How did you know!)

Neither did we get that spelling wrong, nor are we going to talk about the barrier that's constructed for flood control. This article is about the other DAM - Digital Asset Management Software. The software solutions help you organize all your digital creative files, folders, applications and more.

Enough about DAM Software, in this piece, we're going to talk about the top 5 Digital Asset Management Software in the market in 2022.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out the best Oh DAMS in 2022!
TechDogs-Let Me Closet That 'DAM' Asset One By One!-"Top 5 Digital Asset Management Software Of 2022"
More often than not, there's stuff that you see in movies that you totally absolutely aspire for. It could be the Batmobile, the Lightsaber, or even Princess Mia's Closet. For those who didn't get the last one, go watch Princess Diaries, the second part. Also, if you need a reason to watch a Disney kids movie, we have two words for you: Anne Hathaway!

Before you start thinking that this is a Princess Diaries appreciation post (hey boss, should we do one?), let's get to the point. Apart from all the amazing castles, royal cars and other shenanigans in the movie series, the Princess has an amazing closet. We are not appreciating it for all the jewels, watches, sunglasses and dresses it had (well, that's there too!), we are talking about how organized it was and how everything is available at her disposal at the click of a button.

While we can understand that you may not fancy the royal attire, wouldn't it be great to be able to organize your digital files in a similar fashion? For those who just looked at their messy desktop screen, we feel you.

When a few files on your desktop can create such a mess, imagine the number of files that a business has. How would they manage them all? That's where a Digital Asset Management Software comes into the picture - a closet for your digital files.

TechDogs-"A Closet For Your Digital Files"-Image Screenshot Of Captain Ray Holt From The TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The question - which closet to go for? A double door, a walk-in closet, the choices are plenty. Uh-huh, what are we here for? We've shortlisted the top 5 Digital Asset Management Software for you to choose from.

Top 5 Digital Asset Management Software Of 2022

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software is a platform that allows you to store, organize, retrieve and share all sorts of digital files including images, open files, raw photos, videos, presentations, documents, fonts and more. Here are 5 top software you can choose from, in random order.
Adobe Experience Manager Assets
Adobe Experience Manager Assets
Widen Collective
Widen Collective
Image Relay
Image Relay

Tool 1: Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Every creative professional in today's world has heard of Adobe creative cloud. From editing tools to stock images, the brand has got all things to make your company look engaging and attractive. Did you know that they also invented PDF? Not just that, Adobe has been named a leader in 40+ categories such as digital experience platforms, content management systems, digital commerce, enterprise marketing software suites and more.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Adobe Experience Manager Assets"-Image Screenshot Of Adobe Experience Manager Assets Dashboard-Adobe Experience Manager Assets Offers Centralized Existing Assets To A Content Management System That Lets You Create, Manage And Share Files, Campaigns, Collaterals At Scale  
Adobe Experience Manager Assets is indeed the royal walk-in closet you've been looking for. It offers centralized existing assets to a content management system that lets you create, manage and share files, campaigns, collaterals at scale. One of the more advanced DAMS in the market, it has Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that automate tagging, cropping and distribution of assets.

Another interesting feature of this closet is that it integrates rich media file with the Adobe Suite and allows for direct collaboration, making it a popular choice for the creative team design and rich media assets to marketing teams.

Tool 2: Brandfolder

Just a decade old, Brandfolder is an exclusive digital asset management platform provider known for its premium software; placed #41 on the Global Best Software list and #89 on the Highest Satisfaction list. Did we tell you it's too popular as well?

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Brandfolder"-Image Screenshot Of Brandfolder Dashboard - Brandfolder, As A Platform, Is Suitable For Organizations Asset Creation Of All Digital File Sizes And Industries. It Helps To Upload Digital Media, Store, Organize And Share Unlimited Files From One Secure Location

Brandfolder, as a platform, is suitable for organizations asset creation of all digital file sizes and industries. You can upload digital media, store, organize and share unlimited files from one secure location. At the same time, you can also quickly search through the digital content asset metadata and dam system taxonomy to find your files easily and instantly.

It also has the provision of access control and user-level authorization to keep your brand information secure and yet easily shareable with internal and external audiences, whenever needed.

Tool 3: Bynder

Another young revolutionary in the lot, Bynder too is exclusively a Digital Asset Management Software as a Solution (SaaS) company. It entered the market with a bang by offering the first DAM delivered as pure SaaS with an intuitive UI #TheRevolutionIsHhere. A game-changer in the market, Bynder continues to be the "G2 Leader in Digital Asset Management for 2020," with brands like Puma, Spotify, TED and Five Guys as its loyal customers.

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Bynder"-Image Screenshot Of Bynder - Bynder Is The Digital Equivalent Of Batman's Closet - The Most Tech-savvy And Automated Of All. It Only Offers Storage But Organizes Assets Such That They Can Be Accessed Using Advanced Filters As Well As Easy Search Options

Bynder is the digital equivalent of Batman's closet - the most tech-savvy and automated of all. It only offers storage but organizes assets such that they can be accessed using advanced filters as well as easy search options. It has access control features, external sharing options and media asset download choices in different formats.

Byner stands out for its Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) that automatically resizes assets for different channels. If you're looking for horizontal, vertical, customized size versions of different images, Bynder would do it on its own saving your design team a lot of time and effort.

Tool 4: Widen Collective

Widen Collective is the company with Narnia's mystery closet. Not because it's from another world but the oldest in the market. Established in 1948, the company was initially under the name Widen Engraving. Starting out engravers who'd transform text and photos to print, Widen entered the Digital Asset Management Landscape in the 1990s. At present, it has been recognized as the "G2 Crowd Leader for Enterprise Digital Asset Management" and the "GetApp Category Leader" for Digital Assets Management.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: Widen Collective"-Image Screenshot Of Widen Collective - Widen Collective Offers A Cloud-based Digital Asset Management Solution Designed To Support The Content Lifecycle, Right From Creation To Distribution
Widen Collective offers a cloud-based Digital Asset Management solution designed to support the content lifecycle, right from creation to distribution. The product offers a centralized library to manage images, documents, audio and video files in one place.

Widen stands out due to its customization capabilities where you can even customize the login page and dashboard messages to your branding. Every brand asset bank is so well organized that you can access it via spotlight searches and collections along with quick search, faceted search and keyword search options.

Tool 5: Image Relay

Founded about 20 years ago, Image Relay has grown to a customer base of 100,000 by now. One of the most trusted brands in the market, Image Relay was crowned as the G2 leader summer 2021 in the Digital Asset Management solution category.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Image Relay"-Image Screenshot Of Image Relay - Image Relay Is A Comprehensive Solution That Lets You Upload, Organize, Monitor, Manage And Distribute Files From One Centralized, Secure, Easy-to-use Spot In The Cloud

It is a comprehensive solution that lets you upload, organize, monitor, manage and distribute files from one centralized, secure, easy-to-use spot in the cloud, like any other DAM Software.
However, what gets Image Relay into this list is its Photo Relay features that allow you to scan the image archives with keywords and marks. It also has a very easy-to-use web interface, with elegant maritime menus, easy-to-read organization structure.

Should You Give A DAM?

We're yet to hear someone say that they love mess. Wait, except Marie Condo.

TechDogs-"Should You Give A DAM?"-Image Of Marie Kondo, Also Known As Konmari, Is A Japanese Organizing Consultant, Author, And TV Show Host - Meme When The Intro To Son Of Robot Starts

Well, she loved it because she loved to "Tidy it up,” not because she wanted to stay in the mess. Nor should you. We've got the best digital asset management system for you to help you Marie Condo your business assets. Since they're all equally good, you can choose the one that you're most comfortable with.

That's all from our closet. See you at the other end.

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