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Top 5 Customer Journey Analytics Tools Of 2022

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Lord Varys, the Master of Whisperers, once said, “My little birds are everywhere, even in the North, they whisper to me the strangest things”. His little birds (group of children) spied for him in one of the most awarded drama series in television history, Game of Thrones. His little birds were present in every kingdom and gathered the strangest of information about people. This information helped Lord Varys make decisions in favor of the common man. His information-gathering skills landed him on the King's small council as the adviser on the matters of intelligence. He was greatly praised for comprehensively viewing the interactions between important people across the Seven Kingdoms – but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) Tools are no different. These powerful tools assess the engagement of a customer, mapping their interactions at different touchpoints (consumer responses during all stages of the consumption process) and gathering important information. They also help businesses ascertain the pain points from the customer's point of view and provide insights into the next movement of the businesses.

To cover every touchpoint of your customer's journey map, get your own version of these little birds with the top Customer Journey Analytics Tools. Let's begin our journey...
TechDogs-These Birdies Know All About Your Customer!-"Top 5 Customer Journey Analytics Tools Of 2022"
Lord Varys (also known as The Spider for spinning his web everywhere!) had vast intelligence sources which provided him with information, helping him make more informed decisions in favor of the people.

The same is true about Customer Journey Analytics Tools.
The mind needs books as a business needs customers! Business is all about ensuring that customers are satisfied with the services provided. A well-proven customer service code states that by enhancing the customer service experience, it is easier for businesses to upsell their products and services. To entice a customer, it is essential to know what they are looking for. Understanding the customer journey data helps businesses closely evaluate the cognitive behavior and perspective of customers during the entire process. This information will help businesses make informed decisions about how to engage and retain the customer.

However, we know getting feedback from every customer is a little tedious. To make this task easier Customer Journey Analytics Tools are here. CJA Tools can be your little birds who will help you gather important information, at every touchpoint (seven kingdoms) of your customers' journey - be it any business.

Let's not keep you waiting and explore the Top 5 Customer Journey Analytics Tools trending in 2022.

Top 5 Customer Journey Analytics Tools Of 2022

Customer Journey Analytics Tools make it easy for businesses to manage and consolidate customer satisfaction and their experiences across all possible channels. With the help of CJA Tools, companies can better understand their customers' needs to manage and optimize customer interaction and engagement from start to finish.

Here we have created a list of the Top 5 Customer Journey Analytics Tools of 2022 to help you choose the best that fits your requirement. (Disclaimer - The order is random; the choice is all yours.)
NetBase Quid
Adobe Campaign
Adobe Campaign

Tool 1: Insider

Founded in 2012, Insider is known for connecting data across channels. Its multichannel Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel - from acquisition to activation and retention. Insider has received the highest possible rating in numerous categories - personalization, platform architecture, predictive analytics and others, making it a fan favorite of 800+ brands.
 TechDogs-"Tool 1: Insider"-Image Screenshot Of Insider - Insider'S Gmp Leverages Real-Time Predictive Segmentation (Grouping Customers By Their Tendency To Take Actions) Is Powered By Artificial Intelligence (Ai) That Help Marketers To Provide Personalized Customer Journey Map Across The Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Messaging, Email Also Ad Channels
Insider's GMP leverages real-time predictive segmentation (grouping customers by their tendency to take actions) and is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps marketers provide personalized customer journey maps across web, mobile web, mobile apps, messaging, email and ad channels. Insider's GMP is built on a unified data layer which makes it easy to implement and simple to use, avoiding the need for complex integrations and dependency on an IT team.

Insider is known for simplifying the life of digital marketers and helping them enhance the growth for their brands with zero marketing waste (eliminating marketing strategies and processes which are inefficient). You can trust Insider with its Return On Investment (ROI) tracking, Audience Segmentation and Brand Optimization.

Tool 2: SharpSpring

SharpSpring was started in 2011 with an aim to help marketing agencies and small-to-medium businesses grow their revenue. SharpSpring is the only platform that provide marketing automation, CRM and sales features to support entire customer's lifecycle. It is also ranked 1st by TrustRadius for Marketing Automation (Usability, Customer Support and Feature Set).

TechDogs-"Tool 2: SharpSpring"-Image Screenshot Of SharpSpring - SharpSpring Offers Powerful Behavior-Based Email Marketing, Native Or 3Rd Party Crm Integration, Dynamic Forms, Landing Page And Blog Builders, Social Media Management, Universal Crm Compatibility And Integration With Hundreds Of Applications. It Also Helps Marketing Agencies By Offering Them Client-Branded Interfaces And Sales Information.
This all-in-one revenue growth platform uses branching logic to form a customized path based on the user's response. It also helps businesses in engaging leads at critical points within the journey. SharpSpring synchronizes information with its in-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite to set up buyer's personas. Just in the same way as Lord Varys synchronizes with his little birds to extract the desired information from important people in favor of the common man.

Coming back to Lord Varys of our world - SharpSpring. It is considered as one of the most flexible Customer Journey Analytics Tools in the market. It offers powerful behavior-based email marketing, native or 3rd party CRM integration, dynamic forms, landing page and blog builders, social media management, universal CRM compatibility and integration with hundreds of applications. It also helps marketing agencies by offering them client-branded interfaces and sales information. This Customer Journey Analytics Tool is ideal for companies that require a built-in CRM.

Tool 3: WebEngage

Founded in 2011, WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite. It simplifies user engagement and retention with its excellent data flow aimed to assist clients to make the best decisions. It is highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and have won many accolades like Marketing Automation Software Award 2021 by Crozscore also WebEngage has been ranked #1 in G2’s Satisfaction Index report 2020 for Asia.

TechDogs-"Tool 3: WebEngage"-Image Screenshot Of Sharpspring - Sharpspring Offers Powerful Behavior-Based Email Marketing, Native Or 3Rd Party Crm Integration, Dynamic Forms, Landing Page And Blog Builders, Social Media Management, Universal Crm Compatibility And Integration With Hundreds Of Applications. It Also Helps Marketing Agencies By Offering Them Client-Branded Interfaces And Sales Information.
Lord Varys was no Lord from birth. However, from a very young age, he knew the importance of information and chose to trade it. This skill helped him to earn his title and respect across the seven kingdoms. WebEngage, too, knows the importance of real-time customer data pretty well. We swear it by the old gods and the new.

WebEngage CJA Tool can be one of the little birds of our Lord who can monitor live statistics across the seven kingdoms AKA applications, websites and marketing campaigns. It helps users design funnels so that all the bottlenecks can be eliminated and it also helps them identify all the possible drop-off stages within the customer journey to improve their conversion. (It's not easy to entice a customer all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy). WebEngage uses visual workflow techniques to create cross-channel campaigns that adapt to user behavior in real-time. It engages users with relevant conversations across various channels (Mobile Push, In-app Messaging, SMS, Web Overlay, web push, email, WhatsApp and Facebook).

Apart from its Return On Investment (ROI) analytics, you can also rely on WebEngage for lead nurturing capabilities, campaign analytics, channel management, content analytics, customer surveys, data integration, negative feedback management and online behavior tracking.

Tool 4: NetBase Quid

Lord Varys AKA The Spider is known for his exceptional intelligence and networking skills that helped the throne to build powerful relationships. This is the trait of our next Customer Journey Analytics Tool, NetBase Quid. Started in 2004, NetBase Quid is a marketing intelligence and next-generation consumer platform. It is known for helping leading brands and agencies to build their business and to connect with their customers through social analytics. Its clients are globally recognized names - Walmart, The New York Times, Coca Cola, Lloyds Bank among others.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: NetBase Quid"-Image: Screenshot Of Netbase Quid - Netbase Quid Uses Artificial Intelligence To Provide Deep And Actionable Insight About Customer Behavior And Satisfaction, Purchase Intent, Competitive Preference To Provide An Overall Net Promoter Score (Nps) Reading.
NetBase Quid uses Artificial Intelligence to provide deep and actionable insight about customer behavior and satisfaction, purchase intent, competitive preference to provide an overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) reading. It also provides contextual insights to its clients so that they will be able to reveal the business trends, connect with customers better and understand the story behind competitors and the market. It empowers businesses to make smart and data-driven decisions accurately, quickly and efficiently. Just the way little birds connect with people to get information that help Lord Varys to make smart decisions in the favor of the common man.

NetBase Quid is known to be the best partner for customers of all sizes and industries. It can also be trusted for easy-to-use customer analytics dashboard, customer sentiment scoring, brand protection, campaign management, media monitoring, influencer marketing and content engagement analysis.

Tool 5: Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a cross-channel marketing and automation application that was developed by Adobe, an American multinational company in 2013. Adobe stood at number 32 on the list of Best 100 Companies of 2020 by Fortune. It is known for offering a platform to design cross-channel customer experiences just like our Master of Whisperers who is known to be a platform to get valid information about the experiences of people across seven kingdoms. (Thanks to his little birds!)

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Adobe Campaign"-Image Screenshot Of Adobe Campaign - Adobe Campaign Is Known For Providing Solutions To The Marketing Teams That Help Them Personalize And Deliver Campaigns Across Multiple Online And Offline Channels.
Adobe Campaign is known for providing solutions to the marketing teams that help them personalize and deliver campaigns across multiple online and offline channels. It also helps in arranging personalized experiences of the customers determined by their different traits. Adobe's tool is also known for helping the user manipulate advertising processes through different channels.

Adobe Campaign's analytics includes multichannel data collection, creating processing rules for real-time customer segmentation, tap management and data storage. You can trust this tool for lead segmentation and targeting, automated outbound emails (automating the traditional mode of sales and marketing), data connectors, campaign reporting, display advertising, marketing automation and basic analytics reporting.

To Wrap It Up

TechDogs-"To Wrap It Up"-Image Screenshot Of Lord Varys From Game Of Thrones
Customers strive for satisfaction. They need to be understood well. The biggest asset of any organization is its satisfied and happy customers. Improving customer experience is an ongoing and steady process. Customer Journey Analytics solutions are the key to understanding and evaluating the satisfaction of their customers. CJA Tools are your little birds as they will provide well-informed customer data that helps your business grow.

Now that you have learned about the Customer Journey Analytics Tools, you can choose the one which best suits your requirement.

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