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Top 5 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software Of 2023

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Have you ever received a well-timed email from your favorite Ecommerce website, showcasing the latest products and discounts? A few minutes later, your social media accounts are filled with similar exclusive updates – and you think: how the hell did they do that?

Well, let us tell you about this seamless transition between communication channels is the magic of cross-channel campaign management, a savvy marketing strategy for crafting consistent and compelling customer experiences. In essence, cross-channel campaign management is about orchestrating marketing channels such as emails social media, videos, physical stores and more to engage customers effortlessly.

Of course, one cannot simply post across different channels and hope it counts as a cross-channel campaign, right? Enter Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software, the savvy marketer's ally. This software streamlines customer-centric advertising content delivery across diverse interactive channels, from social media to email and brick-and-mortar stores. Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software goes by many names—omnichannel campaign management, multichannel campaign management or simply, campaign management software.

Intrigued to find the top 5 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software available on the market in 2023? Read on!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software Of 2023"-"Cross Every Channel With Ease!"
Step into the bustling world of Baking Campaigns Ltd., where every marketing endeavor is a delectable masterpiece. Meet the marketing maestro, Mr. Whisker, who is also a baking connoisseur responsible for whipping up new campaigns. Now, Mr. Whisker is all set to embark on a journey to bake the perfect “Dough It Right” campaign.

Just as every baking connoisseur needs an oven, even Mr. Whisker would need a tool, right? Enter Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software, the ultimate oven for every aspiring marketer like Mr. Whisker!

Pretty similar to an oven, Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software unifies the diverse ingredients such as social media, video, email, brick-and-mortar stores and online and offline channels, ensuring they're baked at just the right temperature. With this versatile tool, marketing maestros such as Mr. Whisker streamline their workflow, orchestrate campaigns with finesse and add that personalized touch for an extra layer of sweetness. Furthermore, it empowers them to seamlessly blend, monitor and analyze each component's performance, guaranteeing a perfect blend of taste, texture and customer engagement.

Now, the true magic unfolds as Mr. Whisker skilfully uses Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software for his Dough It Right campaign, resulting in Baking Campaigns Ltd., soaring to the heights of success.

Do you also want to whisk up campaign management success like Mr. Whisker?

Well, head on and get acquainted with the top 5 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software of 2023.

Top 5 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software Of 2023

Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software offers many benefits for modern businesses seeking to optimize their marketing efforts. It seamlessly coordinates and synchronizes marketing activities across various channels, from social media and email to offline stores. Now we present you with the top 5 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software of 2023. (Disclaimer: The list is in random order and is topped with baking puns - slice wisely!)
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement
Brand Muscle
Brand Muscle
Google Campaign Manager 360
Google Campaign Manager 360

Tool 1: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement

Salesforce, Inc., is an American cloud-based software giant founded in 1999. At the heart of Salesforce's success is its Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement tool, revolutionizing how leading businesses are managing their campaigns. It boasts an impressive client roster, including General Mills, Humana and Esquire Bank. Notably, Salesforce earned recognition as a leader in cross-channel marketing by Forrester Wave™ in Q1 2023 and received Magic Quadrant Leader status from Gartner for Multichannel Marketing Hubs.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement"-"A Screengrab Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement Dashboard. It Is An Intelligent System That Orchestrates Cross-channel Experiences, Customizes Content, Manages Campaigns And Whatnot."
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement is an intelligent system that orchestrates cross-channel experiences, customizes content, manages campaigns and selects the ideal communication moment and channel. The cherry on the cake is how this software excels in conversational messaging, forging meaningful connections with customers. Through embedded artificial intelligence and analytics, this tool pinpoints the perfect send time, frequency and content for each campaign.

The offering of this software extends beyond marketing and managing campaigns. It empowers businesses to personalize websites and apps, generate tailored offers and harness real-time data to enhance customer conversations. This all-in-one software streamlines campaign management, blending marketing, commerce and service interactions on a single platform while providing actionable insights through intuitive dashboards.

What You'll Love: Outstanding performance, Suitable for enterprises, AI and Machine Learning Capabilities, Flexible pricing, Comprehensive dashboard.

Tool 2: ZiftONE

Established in 2006, Zift Solutions stands out as the provider of sole partner relationship management (PRM) and through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) tools. Managing campaigns with ZiftONE is as easy as pie as it efficiently manages the entire spectrum of operations, from onboarding to enablement, lead generation to marketing and culminating in sales. Recognized brands like Canon, Qlik, Oracle and Micro Focus entrust ZiftONE for their campaign management. Besides, it has recently earned the esteemed Leader Award - Spring 2023 from G2.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: ZiftONE"-"A Screenshots Of Logos Of Providers Of The Cross-channel Campaign Management Software Of 2023 – Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, Zift Solutions, Brand Muscles, Campaign Manager 360, Smartsheet."
ZiftONE prioritizes partner satisfaction, offering leading channel management that allows for tailored email campaigns, partner-specific content and effortless scaling to the entire partner ecosystem without overburdening your team. Within ZiftONE, you can effortlessly rise above the competition by centralizing all your marketing materials for different partner channels and customizing campaigns for each partner category.

This comprehensive Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software also boasts robust reporting capabilities, facilitating precise tracking of lead registrations, attribution, campaigns and collateral usage and partner activity. It empowers partners with insights into campaign success and potential lead conversions while giving them clear visibility into revenue-driving initiatives. With ZiftONE, efficiency and success go hand in hand!

What You'll Love: Customization possible, Easy to use, Cloud-hosted, Basic reporting, Budget-friendly.

Tool 3: Brand Muscle

Brand Muscle stands at the pinnacle of cross-channel marketing, earning accolades as a top choice for those seeking a TCMA (through-channel marketing automation) vendor. The global telecom giant is relied on by brands to place 10,000 media placements, utilizing a $6 million media budget in cross-location, omnichannel campaigns. Brand Muscle’s clientele boasts world-renowned names such as ACE Hardware, GE Appliance, Bobcat, Nationwide and many more, totaling over 175 satisfied customers, including 21 Fortune 500 companies. No surprise, its prowess was further affirmed by The Forrester Wave in Q2 2020!

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Brand Muscle"-"A Screengrab Of  Brand Muscle Dashboard. This Empowers Your Partners With Invaluable Insights To Gauge The Impact Of Their Efforts."
Brand Muscle enables companies and franchisees to optimize local marketing and campaign management. Its co-op fund management and MDF (market development funds) program management proficiency make campaign management a piece of cake. Moreover, you'll benefit from customizable rules and streamlined campaign execution, which enhances partner engagement and campaign efficacy.

Incorporating MDF and co-op fund management into your marketing ecosystem also provides robust data reporting, analytics and social media marketing capabilities. This empowers your partners with invaluable insights to gauge the impact of their efforts and make informed marketing decisions.

What You'll Love: Comprehensive dashboard, Flexible pricing, Allows cross-platform integrations, Remote-friendly, Security alerts and notifications.

Tool 4: Campaign Manager 360

Google's transformation from a humble research project in 1998 to an integral part of our daily routines is nothing short of remarkable. Adobe, ACDC Express, Aerotech, Africa GreenTec, are a few of the renowned organizations that trust Google. Its Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software is not just any other tool on the list as it has bagged the Easiest to Use 2023 award by G2. Let's set aside the accolades for a moment; if you want to delve deeper into this company's story, #JustGoogleIt!

TechDogs-"Tool 4: Campaign Manager 360"-"A Screengrab Of Campaign Manager 360. It Collaborates Seamlessly With Display 360, Analytics 360, Etc."
Campaign Manager 360 is a web-based advertising management system and a campaign management tool designed for advertisers and agencies. It simplifies the management of digital campaigns across both websites and mobile platforms, offering a comprehensive suite of features for ad serving, precise targeting, verification and in-depth reporting. Campaign Manager 360 collaborates seamlessly with Display 360, Analytics 360 and Search Ads 360, providing you with the tools needed to set up campaigns effortlessly and delivering detailed performance analytics and insights.

If that's not enough to pique your interest, you can access all these insights with visually presented metrics, offering a panoramic view of your cross-channel performance. The real icing on the cake is the reporting capabilities of Campaign Manager 360. The reporting feature allows you to access data for ads that have been managed through the system, effectively organizing performance data from your campaigns to make them highly informative.

What You'll Love: Free trial available, Prompt customer service, Basic reporting, Easy to use, Easy to scale.

Tool 5: Smartsheet

Founded in 2005, Smartsheet, a US-based company, has emerged as a productivity catalyst, elevating individuals and teams to peak performance. With a presence in nonprofit organizations, small businesses and over 80% of Fortune 500 companies globally, Smartsheet has secured a spot among Fast Company's top 10 Enterprise companies. It was honored with the Most Innovative Companies 2023 award. Boasting a workforce of over 3,000 and a customer base spanning 190 countries, Smartsheet has garnered accolades such as Top 50 Products for Enterprise (2023) and Top 50 Products for Small Business (2023) by G2 and is trusted by 90% of Fortune 100 giants like HP, P&G, Philips and CVS.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Smartsheet"-"A Screengrab Of Smartsheet Dashboard. For Marketing Teams Seeking Efficient Campaign Organization And Tracking, Smartsheet Is A Solid Choice."
Smartsheet equips users to assign tasks, track projects, manage calendars and share documents related to campaigns. It seamlessly blends a familiar spreadsheet interface with specialized features making it an ideal choice for marketing campaign management. For marketing teams seeking efficient campaign organization and tracking, Smartsheet is a solid choice. This software empowers marketers to personalize their campaigns precisely, tailoring content and strategies to individual customer preferences.

While it doesn't offer real-time updates or customizable views, Smartsheet rises to the occasion with its advanced project management features, including workflow automation for various marketing tasks. Besides data handling and sheet updates for campaigns, project management capabilities, path visualization and resource management are a few other prominent features of Smartsheet.

What You'll Love: Hassle-free implementation, User-friendly interface, Comprehensive dashboard, Forecasting capabilities, Workflow automation

It's A Wrap!

Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software is a dynamic tool that empowers businesses to orchestrate and optimize marketing efforts across multiple channels seamlessly. It serves as the nerve center for marketing teams, allowing them to strategize, deploy and analyze campaigns efficiently. This software integrates data from diverse sources, enabling a unified view of customer interactions and behavior across email, social media, websites and more.

With advanced analytics and automation capabilities, it not only ensures consistent messaging but also delivers personalized experiences. In an era where customer engagement spans various platforms, Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software is essential for businesses to stay competitive and engage their audience effectively!

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