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Top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools Of 2022

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Cloud Monitoring, what the heck is that? If that was your thought – don't worry, we’re here to explain. No, it does not mean looking up at the cloudy sky all day and finding people and things in their shapes – although, that does sound like a day well spent!

We’re sure you know all about cloud technology – the mastermind behind giving users access to storage, files, applications and other resources through their internet connections. For example, DropBox or Google Drive are cloud-based solutions that allow you to store your photos of cloudy skies (see what we did there!) without using up the space on your personal devices. However, businesses use hundreds of cloud-based products and services every day. As such, monitoring their cloud subscriptions becomes a critical activity – that's where Cloud Monitoring Tools step in! Not only this, Cloud Monitoring Tools also help in the continuous monitoring of key performance indicators, business metrics and logs. Do you want to know about the top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools on the market in 2022? Read on then!
TechDogs-"TechDogs-Now You Don't Have To Fly Miles For Cloud Monitoring! - "Top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools of 2022"
Sophisticated, nerdy and capable of monitoring every minute detail of complex heists – yes, we are talking about The Professor from Money Heist. He managed to navigate through all the ups and downs in his heists, be it the one inside the Royal Mint of Spain or the Bank of Spain. He spent years meticulously planning the heist and covered every aspect – some that most people won’t even think of!

If you want something similar for your business – and we mean to cover all aspects, not plan elaborate heists - Cloud Monitoring Tool is what you need! It ensures that your cloud environment is performing optimally by proactively monitoring the availability, performance and security of your cloud environment (private, public or hybrid). It even identifies and fixes problems before they impact the end-user experience. Sounds like The Professor, right?

It is no wonder that cloud computing has been a major shift in how companies store and access data. It combines the power of the internet with on-demand computing to provide inexpensive, scalable and easy-to-manage systems. While cloud computing has become increasingly popular for businesses across all industries, managing cloud environments poses challenges in terms of management. . Thus, Cloud Monitoring Tools are here to be your meticulous and all-observant Professor!

Still in a dilemma to choose the best Cloud Monitoring Tools for your organization? Don’t worry, we have created a list of the top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools of 2022 that will help you to choose the best tool for your organization.

Top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools Of 2022

Cloud Monitoring Tools are a critical component in any cloud infrastructure as they ensure that the proper resources are being utilized in the right way - so that applications and services can be deployed and accessed when needed. Choosing the ones best aligned to your business doesn’t have to be a chore though!

Here are the top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools Of 2022 that we would recommend. Choosing the one for your organization is your call. (Disclaimer – The order is random, you decide!)
Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic

Tool 1: Sematext

The first Cloud Monitoring Tool on our list is Sematext. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in New York, Sematext Cloud is a full-stack cloud monitoring solution that is easy to set up and gives you deep insight into your IT infrastructure. If you look at its achievements, it has won many awards including High Performer in 2021 by Capterra. Its clients include eBay, Instagram, Microsoft, Dell, Etsy and many others. Well done, Sematext!
Do you know what makes The Professor the smartest of them all? Don’t think too hard, it’s his monitoring skills! His whole plan was based on him monitoring the minutest details and predicting his moves based on that for success. Similarly, Sematext Cloud gives you both reactive and predictive monitoring for developing a better user experience. Unlike The Professor, who discovered every member of the heist by himself, Sematext's auto-discovery services allow automatic monitoring of cloud services. To monitor cloud applications, Sematext Cloud provides a unified view of the server and application metrics as well as logs, service availability and performance. With this tool, you are able to get more visibility into your cloud environment – private, public or hybrid.

With real-user monitoring, transaction tracing and infrastructure monitoring, Sematext Cloud can give you a complete overview of your system easily. The company also provides search and Big Data consulting services as well as 24/7 production support. #SematextIsAwesome

Tool 2: Datadog

The next up is Datadog. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York, this Cloud Monitoring Tool operates in the US, Japan, Republic of Ireland, France, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Not only this but Gartner also recognizes Datadog as a top performer in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Some of its customers include top brands and businesses such as Peloton, 21st Century Fox, Samsung, Whole Foods Market, etc. Do we need to say more?
Datadog is a cloud monitoring, cloud security and cloud analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams, security engineers and business users. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model-based monitoring solution, providing an extended set of features needed to monitor your cloud infrastructure, applications, containers, network logs, etc. Just like The Professor who monitored every move of the police, be it inside the Royal Mint of Spain or outside it, Datadog enables extensive cloud monitoring capabilities. It can be used by organizations of all sizes (small, medium or large) to enable cloud migration as it helps you resolve cloud issues quickly, secure your cloud-based applications, understand user behavior and monitor key business metrics such as retention rate, net profit margins and gross margins.

Datadog can be trusted with network and host monitoring, easy dashboarding, log centralization and analysis of cloud data. Datadog’s unparalleled visibility and analytics help you identify performance bottlenecks, find hidden costs and plan for future growth. Isn’t that what we all want?

Tool 3: Dynatrace

The next Cloud Monitoring Tool on our list is Dynatrace. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, US. It also operates in Spain, UK, France, Singapore, Austria, China, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Canada, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, European Union and Switzerland. It also has many industry recognitions including leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability and AI Breakthrough Award for Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company by G2. It has been trusted by SAP, Kroger, BT, Experian and many others.
Dynatrace is a full-stack observability solution that introduces an easy and user-friendly way to monitor cloud applications, infrastructure and logs. This tool is smart and intelligent like our protagonist, The Professor. You must be thinking, how’s that? It simplifies cloud complexity by integrating automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms into cloud-native applications for enhanced security. Not only this, as it is available in both SaaS and on-premises models, it fulfills most of your cloud monitoring needs. This tool also supports an entirely digital team (no, we don’t mean team as in a heist team!) – from development to operations to business and more, it works seamlessly across the stack to improve collaborations and drive better business results.

You can rely on Dynatrace for real-user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, etc. It also supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Dynatrace is an end-to-end solution for monitoring and managing complex cloud environments.

Tool 4: Sumo Logic

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Redwood City, US, Sumo Logic Inc. is a machine data analytics company that focuses on security, operations and business intelligence. It is trusted by around 2,100 customers globally, including Grammarly, Samsung, Freshworks and Hootsuite. It was also named as a Visionary in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management. Recognition can’t be bought; it must be earned – and that’s what Sumo Logic has done!
Sumo Logic is a Cloud Monitoring Tool that focuses heavily on working with logs and excels at it. Just like The Professor, who excels in planning heists by taking care of every aspect that others usually ignore. It helps organizations of all sizes address the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications and cloud computing. Its cloud-native solution supports the entire spectrum of security use cases, from logging compliance data to monitoring and securing hybrid clouds. Sumo Logic delivers its platform as a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture that can be used across multiple applications and teams.

No matter how complex your IT environment is, Sumo Logic will help you monitor and troubleshoot in real-time, act on threats instantly and make smarter decisions.

Tool 5: Site24x7

The next Cloud Monitoring Tool on our list is Site24x7. It was founded in 1996 as AdventNet and renamed as Site24x7 in 2006. This firm is headquartered in California and serves over 30,000 customers including VMware, Endurance and Ford. It has received the IT Monitoring Vendor of the year award at the CXO DX Cloud Accelerate Summit and Awards in 2021. Kudos, Site24x7!
Site24x7 is an all-in-one cloud monitoring solution that provides cloud monitoring solutions for DevOps and IT operations in small to large organizations. This tool monitors the experience of users accessing cloud-hosted websites, services and applications from desktop and mobile devices. Unlike The Professor, who monitors everything from dedicated landlines and analog equipment. Sometimes, old-school is not cool!

With in-depth monitoring capabilities, it enables DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure, including private and public clouds. It can also be trusted for website monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring and real user monitoring. It can also monitor workloads and troubleshoot application performance on cloud and virtualization platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and VMware.


The cloud is an excellent way to make your business more efficient. Cloud Monitoring Tools can oversee everything from uptime and security to traffic levels and bandwidth use. Thus, it is very important to choose the right tool for your organization. Hope our list helps you to choose the best Cloud Monitoring Tool for your organization! In the end, the right software for your organization will be the only good choice.

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