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Top 5 Business Process Automation Software Of 2022

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Wouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning and have your coffee served instantly? We are in the age of automation. From auto-filled forms to self-driven cars, we're getting used to machines taking over the redundant daily tasks and doing them more efficiently and accurately.

It's time to bring in the age of self-driven business processes - and to do that you need Business Process Automation (BPA) Software. Just click the button below and you'd find the perfect BPA Software for your business. It's automated.

Kidding! We're yet to become that cool but we do have our top 5 picks for Business Process Automation Software for you to choose from. Read on to find out what they are.
TechDogs-Let Me Drive You Towards Automartion!-"Top 5 Business Process Automation Software Of 2022"
More than 20% of small businesses end up shutting down in the US. Why you may ask? There can be plenty of reasons but the most important and ignored one is not having well-set business processes in place.

What's surprising is that even babies understand the importance of processes in any business and we adults are still figuring those out. No kidding! Don't you remember Boss Baby? A bunch of tiny humans handles Baby Corporation better than most of the businesses managed by adults. Hardly matters that their office is up in heaven and they're a work of fiction. The underlying premise is that processes are important - right from birth. More than the importance of processes, Boss Baby also taught us that with the right business automation in place, every business process and its management can be a child's play (quite literally!). Right from diapering up the babies to deciding whether they go to earth or Baby Corporation, everything was automated. The good part - you can do it too.

All you need is trustable software to make your work a lot easier and of course, automated! That's where Business Process Automation Software becomes your delegate from Baby Corp.

Business process automation is when business processes are measured, planned and interpreted without much human intervention. In other words, Business Process Automation is a strategy in which you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to execute a business plan for yourself. It uses schedules, layouts and other tools to make it all automatic. So, software that helps you achieve BPA is what we're looking for.

Without further ado, let's jump right in to find the best Business Process Automation Software for your business needs.

Top 5 Business Process Automation Software Of 2022

Business process automation is important to increase your staff productivity with the least human errors and at a reduced cost. Cutting right to the chase, here are the 5 best Business Process Automation Software all arranged in random order.
Redwood Business Process Automation
Redwood Business Process Automation
Oracle Process Cloud
Oracle Process Cloud
Nintex Process Platform
Nintex Process Platform
IBM Automation Services
IBM Automation Services
KissFlow Process Automation
KissFlow Process Automation

Tool 1: Redwood Business Process Automation (Workload Edition)

Shortlisted as one of the best inventive cloud-based enterprises, Redwood is the giant boss baby when it comes to Business Process Automation. Exclusively serving their customers with business automation – Redwood can help you automate any vertical of your business – be it finance, HR or IT. This baby is now 25 years old and is the trusted choice for automation by thousands of customers spread across 150 countries.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Redwood Business Process Automation"-Image Screenshot Of Redwood Business Process Automation Dashboard- Redwood Business Process Automation Tool Uses Cloud, On-Prem And Hybrid Environments To Easily Automate Everything And Keep The Record Secure With MFT (Managed File Transfer) Integration
Redwood Workload Automation is known for its reusable systems, templates and user-friendly interface to help you automate as much as possible when it comes to your business processes without having to do a lot from scratch. Not just that, it has got real-time reports that let you stay updated on the progress and productivity of each vertical. What’s more is that Redwood is available on the cloud, on-prem and even in hybrid environments to easily automate as per your requirement.

Not to mention the amazing MFT (Managed File Transfer) integration that keeps your business data secure, wherever it may be. Moreover, it follows a built-in Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring system which you can use to set up deadlines and add working conditions and other rules of your choice.

Redwood Business Process Automation takes up the REST (Representational State Transfer) or SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web series with the help of API (Application Programming Interface) Wizards. Wondering what does that mean? You can save time translating complicated protocols and software architectural styles and leave that burden to the automation system.

Tool 2: Oracle Process Cloud

Here’s a riddle for you – what's the second largest software company in the world both in terms of revenue and market? Need another clue? Which company deals in database software, engineering system, cloud computing and software products and was founded in 1977? We know you had figured that it was Oracle at the very beginning but who’s going to miss an opportunity to talk about such a tech giant. Amongst the plethora of things that Oracle has in store for us – it's Business Process Automation Software, Oracle Process Cloud is indeed an industry leader.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Oracle Process Cloud"-Image Screenshot Of Oracle Process Cloud Dashboard- Oracle Process Cloud Is Here For Productive And Intuitive Process Improvement For Manual Tasks Management Through Which You Can Keep An Eye On Viewed, Completed, Reassigned And Delegated Tasks With Ease
No matter if it's robotic automation, case management or action recommendation, this Software as a Service (SaaS) application knows how to optimize operations in real-time. It has a user-friendly automation system that uses 100% responsive and multi-channel interfaces. Moreover, do you find it hard to deal with complex integrations? Oracle and even non-Oracle applications can leverage the tool to carry out rule-based work assignments.

Not every digitally advanced system guarantees task management. However, Oracle Process Cloud is here for productive and intuitive process improvement for manual tasks management through which you can keep an eye on viewed, completed, reassigned and delegated tasks with ease. What else? You can do all the work and receive notifications on the current task status on your easily accessible device - your smartphone.

Tool 3: Nintex Process Platform

Young and feisty is what describes Nintex the best! Launched in 2006, Nintex has managed to make its mark in the automation and management industry quite quickly. A global leader now, Nintex is working in 90 countries worldwide with 10,000+ sectors, both public and private. No doubt it has been recognized as a leader in Workflow and Content Automation in 2020 ever since it dedicated its services for a better Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Nintex Process Platform"-Image Screenshot Of Nintex Process Platform Dashboard - With Nintex , One Can Plan And Govern Management Processes And Collaborations
Nintex Process Platform is what you need to plan, manage and map out things for your business process automation system. With this, you can plan and govern your management processes and collaborations. It will help you in finding out the best automation process without any complexity. Moreover, this automation allows you to use all the virtual intelligence and eliminate the use of manual workflows that foul things up.

There is one thing that makes the Nintex Process Platform remarkable software. Its DocGen feature makes it easier for you to increase the productivity of your employees. How is that possible? Well,  it automatically produces your most important and repetitive document packages like sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, reports, account plans and many more while your team can focus on more strategic work.

Tool 4: IBM Automation Services

What can we say about IBM that hasn’t been said already? It stands for International Business Machine Corporation. You knew that already. It is also known as the Big Blue. You knew that too, right? It operates in over 171 countries across the works and offers a range of   hosting platforms and sells computer-related goods be it hardware, software or even Middleware. You are aware about that too. So, let’s just focus directly on the software in question – IBM Automation Services.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: IBM Automation Services"-Image Screenshot Of IBM Automation Services Dashboard - IBM Automation Services Offers Standard Process Designs And Operational Flows To Accelerate Process Management And Make It More Simplified
IBM Automation Services tool is a type of digital worker that executes complex tasks using complete automation. This tool by IBM, uses a strategy-and-execution system to create blueprints and further allows your team to stay on for long and finish every task seamlessly. It has some features through which you can create useful strategies and execute a blueprint for the best use of it. Besides, it offers you standard process designs and operational flows to accelerate your process management and make it more simplified.

With IBM Automation Services, you can go hand in hand with the modernized operation system. The workflow automation software created using its features and real-time data will surely help you predict, adapt and automate process director to the next move on customer support with ease.

Tool 5: KissFlow Process Automation

The youngest one in the lot – Kissflow has literally made it to the top in less than a decade. The company offers an amazing suite of no-code & low-code work management products that are today trusted by more than 50 Fortune 500 companies. Not to mention the 10,000+ customers across 160 countries to create a seamless digital workplace. This young baby has been crowned as a leader in the BPM and Workflow category by G2, with a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5, the highest in the category.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: KissFlow Process Automation"-Image Screenshot Of KissFlow Process Automation Dashboard - KissFlow Process Automation Offers Scalability To The Processes With All The Necessary Business Process Management Software With Analytics And Contingency Plans For Repetitive Tasks
What can you do in 30 minutes? You can probably watch an episode of your favorite show, you can make a nice sandwich and you can set up Kissflow Process Automation for your business – talk about being user-friendly. Kissflow is known to offer scalability to your processes with all the necessary business process management software with analytics and contingency plans for repetitive tasks. Without any coding requirements, you can simply design using its integrations and intuitive interface. From real-time analysis, dynamic routing to instant task assignment and multiple accessibilities, this tool makes everything easy to use and easier to understand.

Kissflow Process Automation is very quick and seamless when it comes to communication. You can work with robotic process automation collaboration activities, allocate tasks, get alerts and contextual information, share documents and manage everything with easy communication with your team.


What if everything you plan in your business is followed by an automatic system? It makes a big difference because then you don't have to keep a record of everything. Business Process Automation Software takes care of everything. So, get the one that matches your requirements and stay on track.

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