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Top 5 Bug Tracking Software Of 2022

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What does a bunk bed, a chocolate cookie and an IT system have in common? Bugs. Not the same kind, of course. We neither have the patience nor the expertise to help you deal with the bugs plaguing your bed or chocolate cookies (you probably just have to throw them! err), we can surely help you on the IT front – we're TechDogs, after all.

Bugs in your software applications and IT systems can easily cause havoc if not dealt with in time and the right manner. Now, although we at TechDogs, can't actually fix these bugs; we've done the next best thing to help you deal with them – we've put together a list of the top Bug Tracking Software in the industry at the moment, based on leading expert reviews and a lot of research.

Dive right in to find out the top 5 who made the cut!
TechDogs-Bee Confident About Your Code!-"Top 5 Bug Tracking Software Of 2022"
Aldrich Ames – does that name ring a bell? Why would it–no one wants to remember a blacklisted ex-CIA who went rouge unless they're Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible- keep up, people!). In 1985, several CIA spies, especially those deployed against the Soviet Union, began disappearing randomly. (True story, we're not making this up!)

It took the CIA a year to realize that the problem was internal and launch a mole hunting team to find the double agent. After six years of investigation, they found Aldrich Ames and the entire infiltration but at what cost (several CIA agents #RIP)?

One of the top intelligence systems in the world, the CIA, too learned the hard way that sometimes issues arise within and must be dealt strategically, as they can cause a lot of damage. While we're sure that the moles or bugs in your digital systems may not be life-threatening, they sure are capable of financial and business loss. That's where you need to deploy your mole hunting team, AKA a Bug Tracking Software.

A Bug Tracking Software is a tool to log and monitor bugs or errors during software testing. Since several issues can creep in your code, a Bug Tracking tool evaluates, monitors and prioritizes them for debugging in a single place and alerts you in real-time.

The real challenge is to find the right Bug Tracking Software for your system. Well, you're in luck because that’s what we are about to share - 5 top Bug Tracking Tools that we think are acing their game in 2021.

Top 5 Bug Tracking Software Of 2022

Here are 5 Bug Tracking Tools, in random order, that have passed our bug detector tests and aced in proving themselves as the mightiest in the game.
Jira Software
Jira Software
Zoho Bug Tracker

Tool 1: Jira Software

We've heard stories of giant corporations that started in garages, cafes or college dorms. When it comes to Atlassian, the story begins with a credit card. Founded nearly 20 years back, Atlassian survived for several years on just a $10,000­ credit card. Today, it stands tall as a leading provider of software products for developers, project managers and development teams with over 4000 apps in the marketplace, 5000 employees and 180,000 customers. Jira is one of their top agents ­AKA software products, the Tom Cruise of the Atlassian agency.
Wait, are you wondering, isn't Jira a project management tool? Well, as Jake Peralta would put it, 'stuff can be two things.' Jira has excellent Bug Tracking capabilities. One can quickly capture, assign and prioritize bugs with Jira Software while tracking all aspects of the software development cycle. With Jira, you're always aware of not only the project status but also the bug's status as it has automated alerts reporting all issue transitions.

It has real-time issue resolution and tracking features that will always keep you up to date about your development. The best part is that you can customize the boards and processes to suit your workflow and get an end-to-end overview of the product development.

Tool 2: GitHub

If you're even remotely concerned with software development, then GitHub needs no introduction. In a little over a decade, GitHub has earned a name in the developer community like none other. Over 65 million developers and 3 million organizations use GitHub to build more than 200 million repositories. In fact, 72% of the Fortune 50 companies use GitHub to build, ship and maintain their software and a lot more.
This famous version control tool (yes, that's not all it does) acts as an impeccable Bug Tracking Software as well. GitHub's tracker is called Issues; we all have many of them, after all! Jokes apart, Issues has its own tab in every repository. It's like having an email chain next to your code that everyone on your team can view and access. So, you have your bugs monitored right next to your code. No more hunting down bugs; they are right there!  

What's more, is that you can attach the “Issues” tracker to your commit history (a commit records specific changes to code, when they were made and assigns each commit a unique ID) as well; talk about complete visibility! You can also break down bugs into tasks, track relationships, add custom fields and have conversations directly on the platform.

Tool 3: Zoho Bug Tracker

Founded as AdventNet Inc, the company transformed to Zoho Corporation in 2009­, a company that has over 50 million customers now, including 60% of the Fortune 500. With a robust business software suite ranging from collaboration tools to project management solutions, Zoho has something to offer in every vertical, including Bug Tracking.
Zoho Bug Tracker helps you get real-time information about the success and progress of bugs submitted by your team or customers, specific to position and intensity. You can automate bug management just the way you want, with its customized business rules so that you can focus better on your work and your customers. It has very simple workflows for common tasks like adding and assigning issues. You can also add files, images and comments to each case.

Moreover, it has plenty of  integration  like forums to discuss and collaborate, a time tracker to record billable and non-billable hours in bug tracking and generate invoices directly for different bugs fixed.

Tool 4:

Think of as the Natalie Keener (Up in the Air, how can you not remember the one with George Clooney!) of project management and collaboration tool. The newcomer giving the big guys a run for their money, has made a mark in the industry with over 110,000 customers in less than a decade. has the most visual Bug Tracker you can find out there. It tracks all the bugs, visualizes them and figures out the issues, so the team management gets a complete overview of the issues and bug status. It helps the team update and assign tasks to individual persons quicker. Not just that, it also helps in prioritizing bugs by simply dragging and dropping them down on the board, so you know exactly what to deal with first.

It also sends instant notifications when there are bugs, tickets and errors so you and your team can fix them proactively. That's not all; it's got a mobile app too; to track bugs on the go.

Tool 5: BugHerd

BugHerd, too, is a new entrant in the market, founded just about a decade ago. BugHerd has established itself in the developers as well as the designer community as a visual-first cloud-based issue tracking and project management tool. You could think of Bugherd as the cool guy in the lot, first to adopt new technology, especially if it enhances the user interface. Not kidding, they had the Kanban boards even before Trello made it all popular and cool. They've amassed a loyal customer base of over 10,000, including multinationals, web development agencies, in-house marketing teams, ecommerce platforms and more.
BugHerd offers a peculiar combination of Bug Tracking Software and visual feedback tool. More effective website development, the BugHerd tracking tool hovers on the top of your website and enables instantaneous logging of bugs. Every feedback, comment and suggestion is pinned to the relevant element and can be directly viewed on-page. It also has screen capture capabilities that allow web-based issues to be added and uploaded without saving, copying or resizing.

It has an amazing feature that automatically turns feedback and reports into tasks and action items, so you know exactly what to fix. You can also monitor who's dealing with which issue in real-time and helps you assign tasks easily.

Should You Even Care?

We've done our bit – explored each of these tool’s features and benefits and squeezed out the best Bug Tracking Tools at your disposal. Now, you have two decisions to make. First, should you even invest in such tools? Yes, not all bugs are as cute as the ones from “The Bee Movie” and can frustrate your dev team if not handled well.

The second decision on you is to choose a tool – well, that's on you. All five of these have their own set of advantages and drawbacks. Just go with the one that you think your team would be the most comfortable with.

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