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Top 5 Ad Serving & Retargeting Platforms Of 2023

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Meet Lisa, the Marketing Manager at, who's determined to boost holiday season sales. Armed with an old-school to-do list and a tech-savvy mindset, she's ready for the challenge. Lisa's to-do list includes crafting ad campaigns, designing eye-catching display ads, personalizing messaging and syncing with ad exchanges. Being tech-savvy, she knows that the right tool is crucial for success!

Lisa turns to, her digital guide and discovers the Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform can be a game-changer for marketers like her. This platform simplifies the process of serving text and media-rich ads on websites while targeting viewers with tailored content. It covers everything from ad creation to precise audience targeting based on demographics, location, roles and more.

Lisa is captivated by the potential of these platforms and is eager to explore the top platforms available on the market. With as her trusted companion, she's about to embark on an exciting journey to discover the top 5 Ad Serving and retargeting Platforms of 2023 for her holiday mission.

Let's join her and learn more!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Ad Serving & Retargeting Platforms Of 2023"-"Hitting The Mark Again Is A Lot Easier!"
So, where were we? Ahh, yes, we were with Lisa, who is on a mission to boost her holiday season sales with the help of an Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform. Let's see how this platform helps her exactly.

So, as she logs into the user-friendly interface of the Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform, Lisa's mission becomes clear. She starts crafting a holiday-themed ad campaign that's bound to turn heads. With a few clicks, she selects banner ads showcasing the latest winter fashion collection, setting the stage for a seasonal shopping spree. Then, using specific demographics like age, gender and location, she targets her ads to the individuals most likely to embrace the trendy winter wear she's offering.

As her ads infiltrate fashion blogs, lifestyle websites and social media networks, the Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform turns into a data-gathering ninja. It silently watches user behavior and preferences, arming Lisa with insights she can use for focused retargeting.

Now, the question arises what about those visitors who peeked at winter coats but didn't seal the deal? Lisa's got a plan for them – enticing limited-time discounts. She crafts a sequence of ads that narrate the captivating journey of's apparel, from design to production.

Bazinga! The results speak for themselves - experiences a holiday season traffic and sales surge, all thanks to meticulously targeted and spellbinding ad campaigns.

Now, Lisa wants the best of the best! So, let's help her get acquainted with providers, the best features and what she'll love about the top 5 Ad Serving & Retargeting Platforms of 2023.

Top 5 Ad Serving & Retargeting Platforms Of 2023

Ad Serving & Retargeting Platforms are trusted tools for marketers. These platforms help them display ads on a website and re-exposing viewers to customized ad materials. Let's look at the top 5 Ad Serving & Retargeting Platforms of 2023. (Disclaimer: The list is random, choose wisely!)
Microsoft Xandr
Microsoft Xandr
Google Ads
Google Ads
Amazon Ad Server
Amazon Ad Server

Tool 1: Xandr (Formerly AppNexus)

Meet Xandr, the trailblazing technology powerhouse and a subsidiary of Microsoft that has redefined the landscape of online advertising. Formerly known as AppNexus and founded in 2007 with its headquarters in New York City, Xandr has evolved into a global force, revolutionizing how marketers like Lisa reach and engage audiences across screens. Talking about achievements – in 2022, its parent company Microsoft ranked no.14 in the 2022 Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. Plus, it is trusted by reputed organizations such as Disney, AT&T, Chevron, Airbus, etc.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Xandr (Formerly AppNexus)"-"A Screengrab Of Xandr Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform. It Is A Robust Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform Encompassing Comprehensive Capabilities."
Xandr has harnessed the power of cloud-based software to orchestrate a symphony of precision, optimizing every aspect of your online campaigns. It is a robust Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform encompassing comprehensive capabilities, including online auction infrastructure, data management, financial clearing and support for direct advertising negotiations.

Seamlessly integrating with primary advertising sources like Google's DoubleClick, Xandr ensures a dynamic and efficient advertising ecosystem. With the help of this platform, marketers can elevate their advertising strategies. They can also unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising campaigns across diverse screens, effectively engaging audiences and driving results.

What You'll Love: Hassle-free implementation, User-friendly interface, Comprehensive dashboard, Forecasting capabilities, Workflow automation.

Tool 2: Google Ads

Introducing Google Ads, a tool by multinational corporation Google, founded in 1998 and is situated in the United States. Formerly known as AdWords, this platform empowers marketers to customize their advertising strategy by setting budgets and preferred ad placements. It has bagged Top Rated – 2023 products by Trustradius. PayPal, P&G, King, Tokopedia, Etsy, etc., are some of the renowned brands that trust Google Ads.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Google Ads"-"A Screengrab Of Google Ads Dashboard. With Google Ads, Your Ads Reach Potential Customers During Searches And Website Visits."
The best part is no minimum spending is required and control remains at your fingertips – so pause or halt campaigns at any moment. With Google Ads, your ads reach potential customers during searches and website visits, appearing on Google search results and partner sites. With the help of Google Ads, marketers can deploy powerful remarketing and retargeting tactics to boost return traffic and drive sales. They can further utilize cost-per-click (CPC) bidding to pay only for ad clicks.

Not just that, with the help of Google Ads, marketers like Lisa can also elevate their marketing strategy with remarketing and retargeting tactics, driving return traffic and boosting sales. Through cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, charges occur only upon ad clicks. This platform can also enable Lisa to achieve optimum leads and conversions, elevate lead quality, improve conversion rate and boost online sales by capturing shopper attention.

What You'll Love: Free trial available, Prompt customer service, Basic reporting, Easy to use, Easy to scale.

Tool 3: Meta For Business (Meta Business Suite)

Have you heard of Meta? It's a social media technology company that empowers businesses to connect, find communities and grow. No point in guessing that it is a product by Meta (formerly Facebook), founded in 2004 and based in the United States. Meta's products empower more than 3 billion people worldwide to share ideas and offer support. Its customers include Advanced Micro Devices, CGM, Frost & Sullivan and many more!

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Meta For Business (Meta Business Suite)"-"A Screengrab Of Meta For Business Dashboard. This All-in-one Platform Streamlines Customer Connections Across Various Apps"
It's like a supercharged toolkit for marketing and advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This all-in-one platform streamlines customer connections across various apps, boosting your business. The best part is whether marketers are rocking a desktop or mobile, Meta Business Suite has their back.

With the help of this platform, marketers like Lisa can bid farewell to slow responses – as connecting with segmented audiences is a breeze through messages and notifications. They can also craft and schedule posts, stories and ads in a snap. Plus, there's a treasure trove of insights to fine-tune advertising strategies on the fly. Moreover, creating ads is a breeze with Meta For Businesses. For instance, with the help of Meta For Business, Lisa can pick the format, toss in visuals and text, choose a striking call to action and achieve her goal of crafting an enticing ad campaign.

What You'll Love: Comprehensive dashboard, Flexible pricing, Allows cross-platform integrations, Remote-friendly, Security alerts and notifications.

Tool 4: Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek Ad Suite)

Discover the power of Amazon Ad Server, brought to you by Amazon - a leading American multinational technology company founded in 1994. Formerly known as Sizmek Ad Suite, this platform offers an all-inclusive solution for crafting, delivering and fine-tuning your ad campaigns. You know what? Amazon is no. 2 Fortune World's Most Admired Companies, 2023 – ranked in the top 2 for seven consecutive years. The Washington Post, GoPro, Aerobotics, Mantle Labs, etc., are prestigious brands that rely on Amazon Ad Server.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: Amazon Ad Server (Sizmek Ad Suite)"-"A Screengrab Of Amazon Ad Server Dashboard. It Creates, customizes And Measures Campaigns Seamlessly Across Various Screens."
Unleash your creativity with Amazon Ad Server for ad creation and leverage advanced dynamic creative optimization for maximum impact. With over 1.5 trillion yearly impressions delivered across the globe, your message will reach far and wide. Create, customize and measure campaigns seamlessly across various screens and demand-side platforms. Amazon Ad Server empowers you with streamlined campaign management tools and accredited measurement options.

With a focus on e-commerce, cloud computing and cutting-edge technologies, Amazon is here to elevate the advertising game for marketers like Lisa. They can also benefit from cross-media analytics, combining MRC-accredited reports with Amazon Marketing Cloud insights. Besides, marketers can elevate their advertising potential with Amazon Ad Server - their partner in crafting compelling campaigns that resonate.

What You'll Love: Customization possible, Easy to use, Cloud-hosted, Basic reporting, Budget-friendly.

Tool 5: OpenX

Step into the world of ad serving & retargeting with OpenX, your ultimate digital partner. Its journey began in 2007 in the US and today, it proudly stands as a force to reckon with. G2's Summer 2023 Momentum Leader accolade speaks volumes about our prowess. Besides, OpenX takes pride in entertaining over one lakh advertisers, reaching over 356 billion users and scanning/classifying more than one million ads daily. VICE, Liftoff, Venatus Media and Kiplinger are some brands that trust OpenX.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: OpenX"-"A Screengrab Of OpenX Dashboard. Imagine A Powerhouse Of AdTech Brilliance Under One Global Roof – That's OpenX! "
Imagine a powerhouse of AdTech brilliance under one global roof – that's OpenX! It is not just about technology but about exceptional client service and unparalleled scale. From mobile to CTV, OpenX aces it all. Its mission is crafting top-notch products that fuel buyer reach and publisher revenue. It is not afraid to tackle complex digital marketing challenges head-on!

OpenX emerges as the go-to ad serving and retargeting platform for aspiring marketers like Lisa. Whether they opt for the hosted solution or the installed application, this Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform has got them covered. With the help of OpenX, Lisa will be able to manage her inventory effortlessly, target ads by country and dive into insightful stats for every ad placement. Long story short, by embracing the power of OpenX, Lisa will unleash the true power of advertising.

What You'll Love: Outstanding performance, Suitable for enterprises, Prompt customer service, Flexible pricing, Remote-friendly.

It's A Wrap!

So, this is how in Lisa's quest to elevate her holiday sales game, the Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform will emerge as her secret weapon. With its precision targeting and data-driven insights, the right platform will transform her marketing strategies. By reaching the right audience at the right time, Lisa will explore a significant boost in website traffic and sales during the holiday season. As she takes her well-deserved place among the industry's top performers, one thing is clear: the right Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform can turn marketing aspirations into stunning realities.

So, whether you are an aspiring marketer like Lisa or a business looking to reach the heights of success – having an Ad Serving & Retargeting Platform by your side is a must!

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