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Discover Dialogues With Aditya Babar, Head of Marketing at iProgrammer Solutions

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Today, in ‘Discover Dialogues’, we have an opportunity to interview Mr. Aditya Babar, a leading marketing expert.

Currently serving as the Head of Marketing at iProgrammer Solutions, Aditya brings over a decade of experience in marketing, sales, branding and content development. Today, at iProgrammer Solutions, he oversees all aspects of marketing strategies, including branding, campaigns, digital marketing and more. He also brings his expertise in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, cloud services and other emerging technologies. His depth of knowledge and expertise in the field has made him an integral part of the leadership team at iProgrammer Solutions. Furthermore, under his leadership, iProgrammer Solutions has crafted many compelling narratives, boosting their success.  

It’s time to hear from Aditya now.
TechDogs: Please walk us through your professional journey.

Aditya: After selling enough books on the streets of Pune back in 2006, I began my career as an intern in one of the veteran ad agencies in Pune, Pratisaad Communications. Later, I shifted my focus to advertising agencies and completed my postgraduate diploma in advertising and communication.

While working with the ad agencies, I had the privilege of working with brands such as Vodafone and Naukri. After spending about four years in agency roles, I switched to the client side, gaining experience in different industries like real estate and equity advisory.

In 2019, I moved into the IT sector, overseeing marketing for SAP and Odoo. Currently, I am the Marketing Head at IProgrammer. Looking back at my journey of almost 14 years, I've gained extensive expertise in both digital and offline marketing. This knowledge comes from hands-on experiences with live accounts and reputable brands, not just from academic learning. 

To sum it up, my journey from street selling to becoming the Marketing Head has been diverse, filled with continuous learning and hands-on experiences that have shaped my well-rounded understanding of the marketing landscape.

TechDogs: In your expert opinion, what are some of the prevalent missteps or pitfalls that brands often make while executing their marketing campaigns?

Aditya: I believe, understanding your audience's behaviors is very important for successful marketing campaigns. In my opinion, your audience has a range of different personas and it can even be associated with ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’. Of course, this is just a metaphor that signifies the diverse ways audiences behave and interact on different platforms. Let’s get one thing clear: your audience will not communicate the same way on LinkedIn the way he did with you on Instagram or Twitter a while ago. You have to measure these depths. You see, it's not just a matter of preference but a fundamental shift in communication style and context as well.

You need to understand the importance of tailoring the right content in the marketing landscape. In a sea of content, you want your content to be tailored to your audience and that, too, in a different way on each platform. Your first and foremost strategy for a successful marketing campaign should be tailoring campaigns that align with the characteristics of each platform. 

TechDogs: How do you suggest marketing teams adapt their strategies to handle the ever-changing market landscape?

Aditya: Never focus on the product or service you want to sell. You need to understand that the key to navigating through the dynamic market is shifting the focus away from the product or service and focusing on how you deliver it. Let’s say, you want to market a product, maybe a car, to a wide and diverse audience. Selling a car with advanced features to a market with varying income levels will have all the challenges. Instead of focusing only on the product's features, you should also focus on the diversity of your audience, their financial capacities and affordability.

For instance, apart from promoting the advanced features of your car, highlight the flexible installment plans, zero processing fees or even low-interest rates. This would lead to a faster and more successful market penetration. After all, as I said, it is how and what you communicate with your target audience.

TechDogs: In your opinion, how will AI shape marketing going forward? Are you leveraging any AI tools today; do you have any plans to use them in the future?

Aditya: Having grown up in the 1990s, I have witnessed firsthand how technology evolves in waves. When personal computers became mainstream, people were speculating about their livelihood. However, they have created more jobs as they boosted productivity and enabled new industries. Similarly, each leap in technology presents fresh challenges and opportunities.

To stand firm, you need to stay agile and open-minded. AI will revolutionize marketing by enhancing personalization and automating tasks. It will bring productivity and efficiency. Even in my professional endeavors, I use AI tools like Chat GPT and Bard. They have been helping me to generate innovative content ideas and refine the tonality of my content. Our future plans are to involve AI in our marketing strategies to optimize the campaigns and deliver better customer experiences.

TechDogs: Within the context of your target audience, which marketing channels do you consider most impactful and which among them do you personally prefer?

Aditya: That’s an excellent point - marketing channels must be selected strategically based on the target audience. In my opinion, A B2B tech giant like Infosys would likely see little value in partnering with B2C influencers on Instagram or TikTok. However, for a fashion brand catering to Gen Z, that could be impactful.

When it comes to upper-funnel brand awareness with enterprise clients, thought leadership content and Guest Articles on sites like Forbes and Harvard Business Review will do the best. For lead generation, targeted ads on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram tend to convert and if we talk about retention, nothing can be better than an owned subscriber email newsletter.

You see, today's reality demands an integrated, omnichannel strategy. The brands winning hearts and dollars don't just depend on one channel but orchestrate a cohesive ecosystem.

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TechDogs: Could you please share some words of wisdom for young, aspiring and experienced marketing professionals?

Aditya: Everyone has understood now that time is money and things are turning more critical than ever. Therefore, the latest technologies and tools have been trying to deal with the same. To name a few – automation and reporting. I’ll say, get your activities automated and audit them regularly. If you are in the marketing domain, you can’t function manually anymore. You have to get hands-on with these new and advanced tools to streamline your activities. It will be crucial to make marketing strategies. It will not only save you time but will help you make better decisions as well. Stay ahead, adapt and prosper in the era of constant evolution.

About iProgrammer Solutions:

Founded in early 2007, iProgrammer was created in response to a growing business need for proficient, affordable and dependable programming services without the need for bidding competition or concerns about reliability and price. With a team of 350+ engineers across various technologies and 500+ customers across the globe, iProgrammer has a proven track record of catering to all technology requirements for customers across sizes and industries.

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