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Win The Game Of Sales With Sales Gamification Software

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ALERT! It's almost the month-end and your sales targets are still unachieved!

Every salesperson is working hard, giving it their best to meet the targets but at the same time – high-pressure workloads, fatigue and demotivation are hovering over the place like dark forces.

So, as the manager, what can you do?

Should you host workshops or training programs for your team? Mmmm… No! That might cost a fortune and still see no improvement.

Should you arrange a refreshing activity such as an outing or picnic? Nope! It’s already the month-end, we are running out of time!

How about welcoming Sales Gamification Software? Hmmm...a gami-what now? 

This magical software can help motivate your sales teams by compensating them for their efforts with points that are redeemable for rewards. A software which helps you create an environment of healthy competition in your organization and leaves no space for boredom and unproductivity at the workplace!

We bet you will be curious to know more about Sales Gamification Software which is no less than a breath of fresh air for your business! So, without further ado, let’s begin this exciting ride into Sales Gamification Software!
TechDogs-"Win The Game Of Sales With Sales Gamification Software" Let The Sales Game Begin!
Let’s take you back with a #throwback to your childhood! Remember having a hard day at school, coming back home and playing video games for hours and hours! Yeah, it was probably the best way to beat a bad day and video games had a fair chunk of share in that. Recalling video games and not mentioning one of the most iconic video games in history, Super Mario, would be so unfair! Super Mario - a simple yet engaging video game that had the goal of getting as far as you can without dying and it was absolutely free to play! #Nostalgia.

Well, we noticed that there are many parallels between Super Mario and sales gamification. In Super Mario, you must collect coins to buy items that help you progress through the game. In sales gamification, the completion of tasks in time gives you rewards! Both of these involve time management, decision-making skills, strategy-building, intuition and persistence. Even in terms of motivating the players, the two are not that different! The cute avatar of Mario and its different worlds kept the players motivated to cross #onemorestage. While in the business environment, Sales Gamification Software keeps sales professionals motivated to complete tasks such as calling prospects, scheduling meetings and closing sales by making it like a game!

Taking inspiration from Super Mario, we have designed this game for you! The game is to understand all about Sales Gamification Software; and just like Super Mario there will be various levels, so let’s hop on to the first level of this game.

Level 1: What Is Sales Gamification Software?

If you have played Super Mario, you will be aware of those nasty buzzy beetles, spooky piranha plants and hammer bro! All these obstacles were added to the game to make your journey more difficult (and more satisfying when you pass each level!).

However, jumping over them and using power-ups did help a lot when it came to overcoming the challenges. Long story short, Super Mario taught us that we should keep moving forward irrespective of obstacles by playing to our strengths. Similar to Super Mario, even sales professionals face certain challenges. Hence, the best way to make sales fun and more productive is to optimize sales goals and provide salespeople with a gamified experience. You can use Sales Gamification Software to do that. How exactly will that help, you ask?

TechDogs-"Level 1: What Is Sales Gamification Software? "A Gif Of Mario Game
Well, Sales Gamification Software is a type of B2B software used to motivate and engage sales teams. It's especially effective for those in the B2B space who want to boost the confidence of their sales teams, help them achieve goals and objectives and want them to perform consistently. People who work in sales might find it easier to reach their goals when there is something at stake, such as a competition or ranking system. Sales Gamification Software can be used as an integral part of your CRM, as an app on your tablet, or as a standalone tool that you can use across all channels. The choice is yours!

Now it’s time to hop on to level 2 which decodes the evolution of Sales Gamification Software.

Level 2: Evolution Of Sales Gamification Software

Who here is not aware of the different worlds in Super Mario? We remember the dark world, water world and high tower in Super Mario like the back of our hands! Players had to jump, swim, crouch and hide to survive in different worlds. While salespeople don’t have to do that, Sales Gamification Software has played a huge role to help them work faster, better and more effectively. Let’s enter level 2 and see how it changed over some time.

TechDogs-"Level 2: Evolution Of Sales Gamification Software"A Gif Of Mario Game
The history of sales gamification traces back to 1973. It was an era when businesses realized the power of gamification to boost employee engagement. The grand entry of social video games in the year 1983 fuelled the adoption of gamification in direction of boosting employee performance and giving rise to healthy competition at the workplace. Loyalty programs were the bricks that led to the foundation of gamification. In 1984, Charles A. Coonradt wrote a book ‘The Game of Work: How To Enjoy Work As Much As Play’ and organizations realized the importance of making work more enjoyable.

The 2000s were the years of recession when the traditional methods of corporate training were facing a decline and there was a need for a new perspective. In 2002, gamification was born and it revamped the face of the business environment. Bunchball, a software company, was one of the first companies to adopt a gamification platform or gamification software in its organization.

The year 2011 is notable as the year that popularized the importance of gamification in the corporate sector. Game mechanics, leaderboards and sales contests were some of the gamification features of sales gamification platforms that played a crucial role in this direction.  Slowly, companies such as IBM and Deloitte applied gamification in the context of employee engagement. This eventually gave rise to integrating gamification in multiple fields including sales to boost sales performance and ensure robust sales coaching.

That was all about the brief history of Sales Gamification Software, now it’s time to unbox the working of this software. Let’s head on to our next section.

Level 3: Process Of Sales Gamification Software

Here’s the step-by-step process of the best Sales Gamification Software.
  • Step 1 - Begin With Goal Setting

    Each level in Super Mario had a fixed time duration and you had to ensure that you completed the stage and achieved all goals in the given time or else ta-da GAME OVER! Likewise, in the game of successful sales gamification, the first and most essential step is to set clear goals and objectives. This could be in the form of sales calls, sales targets and so on. You can also set weekly, monthly and yearly targets. These targets are saved in the database of the Sales Gamification Software.

  • Step 2 - It’s Time To Motivate Your Team

    Now suppose your sales team achieved the target (hurray!). It’s the perfect time to reward them! Sales Gamification Software helps you make this step easy-breezy as it has pre-set customized rewards, points based on its leader board, etc. Using incentives motivates top performers as well as other salespeople to perform their tasks better.

  • Step 3 - Helps You Collect Feedback

    What if some of the employees from the sales team didn’t achieve the target? You would need to give them feedback, right? What if you don’t have solid data on the margin by which your employees lagged? Fret not, Sales Gamification Software comes in handy with the scorecard of your employees’ performance so that you can give them proper feedback that will help them and your organization in the long run. 

  • Step 4 - Coaching And Promoting Learning

    Some of the best Sales Gamification Software on the market step in with automated training sessions and tutorials, saving your time, money and effort to train your employees. This forms an important part of the process because your employees are always up to date with the working of this software and they also get to know what is expected from them and how they can achieve it.

Bravo! Level 3 completed, let’s hop on to the next level, that’s all about the benefits of Sales Gamification Software.

Level 4: Benefits Of Sales Gamification Software

In the game Super Mario, do you remember what happened when the turtle hit you or when you fell down the hole? Did you cry when you lost the lifeline? Or did you throw the joystick on the floor (well, maybe a few times but let’s not go there!)? The crux is that you never gave up! Despite failing quite a few times, you didn’t pack the game and pinky promised that you will never play again; instead, you move on with more energy.

That’s the magic of Super Mario on its players! In the same way, Sales Gamification Software can do wonders for your sales teams in multiple ways.
  • Boosting Employee Engagement

    Sales Gamification Software brings a behavioral shift in your employees and makes them more aware of the right processes and procedures and stay up to date on changes. Besides this, Sales Gamification Software keeps your employees motivated by adding game-like approaches to day-to-day activities.

  • Robust Teamwork

    Do you find team building, collaboration, or tapping your team’s competitive spirit difficult? Fret not, because Sales Gamification Software allows you to create an engaging environment at the workplace, hike team performance and build better rapport thereby allowing you to build a confident, productive team and improve sales turnover.

  • A Key To Performing Index

    Please excuse our pun-intended sub-header! You know we mean Key Performance Index AKA KPI here, don’t you? Sales Gamification Software steps in with leaderboards and rewards based on KPIs enabling your team to remain focused on the major revenue generating KPIs they control. This eventually helps your sales team stay attentive and active regarding the overall team priorities.

The next level is the future, where we come bearing the future of Sales Gamification Software for you!

Level 5: Future Of Sales Gamification Software

First of all, pat yourself on the back (like you did when you won the last level of Super Mario!) because you’ve made it to the last level of this game. The beauty of the Super Mario game is that it encourages us to chase our dreams despite all the challenges, mistakes, failures and that desperate urge to collect more coins! Similarly, Sales Gamification Software will help us face even more challenges, mistakes and failures in the future.

The dearest technology, Virtual Reality (VR), is all set to make the whole process of sales gamification even more engaging. Well, Virtual Reality has already been graciously welcomed in the educational gamification in 2020, when Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab designed a VR game to show the impact of acidification on oceans. So, tighten your belts as VR gamification enters sales organizations soon.

The future will be even better for personalization as designers have been working on better-gamified interfaces and designs. This will help salespeople have personalized Sales Gamification Software built-in within enterprise tools and an adaptive algorithm that will select the precise gamification design matching the needs of your sales team!

TechDogs-"Level 5: Future Of Sales Gamification Software "A Gif Of Mario Game  

Wrapping It Up!

Phew! Our game has reached its concluding stage. We hope you’ve gotten well-versed with the ever-magical ‘Sales Gamification Software’ that can help you kick out the demons such as fatigue, lack of motivation and ‘oh the month-end is here but targets are not yet achieved’ phobia! Well, month-end or no month-end, Sales Gamification Software is always a good choice if you want teamwork, productivity and transparency to prevail in your organization and ensure that your sales team is always at par when it comes to closing sales! So, go ahead and welcome this amazing tool to your sales processes and thank us later!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sales Gamification Software?

Sales Gamification Software is a powerful tool designed to motivate and engage sales teams by incorporating game-like elements into their daily activities. Similar to how players in video games strive to achieve goals and earn rewards, sales professionals can use this software to set and achieve sales targets, boosting their confidence and productivity. Whether integrated into a CRM system, accessible as a standalone tool, or available as a mobile app, Sales Gamification Software offers customizable features to suit the specific needs of businesses, providing a fun and rewarding environment for sales professionals to thrive.

How Has Sales Gamification Software Evolved Over Time?

The evolution of Sales Gamification Software traces back to the early 1970s when businesses recognized the potential of gamification in enhancing employee engagement. With the advent of social video games in the 1980s, the concept gained traction, leading to the development of loyalty programs aimed at fostering healthy competition in the workplace. The emergence of dedicated gamification platforms in the early 2000s, exemplified by companies like Bunchball, marked a significant shift in how organizations approached sales performance. Over the years, features such as game mechanics, leaderboards, and sales contests have become integral components of Sales Gamification Software, driving improvements in sales coaching, engagement, and performance measurement.

What Is the Process of Implementing Sales Gamification Software?

Implementing Sales Gamification Software involves a structured process aimed at setting clear goals, motivating sales teams, collecting feedback, and facilitating continuous learning and improvement. The first step involves establishing measurable sales targets and objectives, which are then integrated into the software. Sales teams are motivated through incentives and rewards tied to their performance, encouraging them to achieve their goals. The software also facilitates the collection of real-time feedback, enabling managers to provide timely coaching and support. Additionally, automated training sessions and tutorials help employees stay informed and up-to-date with the software's functionalities, ensuring maximum utilization and effectiveness.

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