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Marketers are often told to document their strategies, become more organized and deploy smart tools to achieve goals. While this seems fundamental, it’s not possible to have teams working together, balance creativity with structure, liaison marketing meetings, plan campaigns and have successful brainstorming sessions for every campaign. Let’s be real – creators want to create; writers want to write and designers want to design - not spend time to coordinate their work.

However, flash news: the top marketers are always organized!

The most organized marketers are 397 percent more likely to be successful, while goal-setting marketers are 376 percent more likely to be successful. Marketers with a documented strategy can expect 313 percent more successful campaigns, while marketers who proactively plan campaigns are equally likely to perform better.

Don’t worry, you can also be one of them! We bring you the wisdom to make your marketing easier and better. Join Emily in Paris and explore Campaign Management Software!
Read on!
TechDogs-"Manage Campaigns Easily With Campaign Management Software"-"Fly High In The Campaigning Sky!"
Can we let you in on a secret? Binge-watching ‘Emily in Paris’ has been our guilty pleasure - and we look forward to every new season. We are living for the drama, countless love triangles, the lifestyle and some ‘ringard’ fashion choices…and most importantly, inspiration for marketing breakthroughs.

Emily is a determined American marketer who moves to Paris to fill a sudden vacancy. She brings her American touch to an admired French marketing firm giving their traditional brands some out-of-the-box ideas. What we love the most about the show is her unique campaigns for traditional brands.

A single spark of creativity is not enough though. Making a successful campaign takes a dozen professionals as it involves media planning, budgeting, approvals, testing, research teams, key success metrics, A/B testing and countless moving parts.

Isn’t this too much for Emily, or even a single team?
Yes, it is.

This is where Campaign Management Software enters the marketing realm!

At TechDogs, we believe knowledge is power – and so are tools, making life-easier software and innovative solutions for traditional problems. So, let’s uncover Campaign Management Software today!

What Is Campaign Management Software?

Before we dive into tools, let’s get our basics right: what is a marketing campaign?

If you have dabbled in marketing or advertising and watched Emily in Paris, you’d know what it is. Yet, in reality, a marketing campaign is much more than a eureka moment. It’s a concentrated marketing effort focused on a single message aimed at achieving a specific goal spread across multiple channels. To manage this strategy, teams, omnichannel, budgets, etc., one needs a centralized platform.

Marketing campaign management is a process that involves several stages – so if Emily had to do everything by herself, she’d never have time to enjoy her Parisian life!

Campaign Management Software automates much of the planning and execution while speeding up the process of rolling out, managing a campaign and keeping the spending down. It can help create repeatable processes and implement automated workflows that support them.

Campaign Management Software allows marketers to test, monitor and measure the success rate across all marketing channels, gleaning insights into what’s driving performance and marketing ROI. Yet, it wasn’t always that way – scroll on!

History Of Campaign Management Software

Marketing is as old as time itself. Here’s how Campaign Management Software evolved over time:
  • The 90s

    Archie, the first search engine, debuted in the early 1990s, announcing the birth of search. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, quickly followed. The first clickable web-ad banners were introduced in 1994. The first identifiable social media site was launched in 1997, with 3.5 million users. In the 1990s, a slew of websites still in use was found, including Google and Yahoo’s web search, both of which debuted in 1998. Back in the day ‘campaigns’ referred to phone or postal services that spanned several weeks if not months.

  • The Millennial Generation

    Many new sites were launched in the 2000s, including LinkedIn’s beginnings in 2002, Myspace and WordPress in 2003, leading finally to Facebook in 2004. In the early 2000s, mobile text messaging marketing became increasingly popular making way for newer channels for marketers to get eyeballs.

  • The Mobile Era

    The latter half of the decade saw increased marketing and sales, with Amazon’s e-commerce sales surpassing $10 billion. Over the next few years, mobile app culture expanded with the introduction of Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat to the digital world. This meant there were dozens of channels to be managed during campaigns.

Back in the day, marketers cast their net as per reach and used channels such as radio, TV, OOH, posters, in-person sales, etc, to reach their target audience. They could rarely quantify their results the conversion could never be directly and proportionally linked to their marketing efforts. The post-digital allows us to map every step of the consumer journey and align our strategy to our goals. Here’s how!

How Does Campaign Management Software Work?

TechDogs-"How Does Campaign Management Software Work?"-"A Meme From Emily In Paris"
At its core, Campaign Management Software helps teams plan, measure, track, analyze and optimize their campaigns. The software integrates with other paid ad channels, allows coordination with cross-teams, activates campaigns across all channels and gets valuable insight into their performance.

Unlike the hypothetical marketing life of Emily, not all your campaigns will be successful and your organization will need to cut its losses. Insights, data insights and analytics become imperative when organizations put money into their marketing budgets and demand results. Campaign Software Management offers invaluable insights into the performance of campaigns, helping make data-driven decisions and enabling optimization of marketing campaigns for better results and, ultimately, a higher ROI. It also coordinates the stakeholders involved in a marketing campaign by unifying communication channels and resources.

However, the actual work depends on the type of Campaign Management Software.

The Types Of Campaign Management Software

TechDogs-"The Types Of Campaign Management Software"-"A Meme From Emily In Paris"
There are different hats a Campaign Management Software can wear and we present you the collection:
  • Email Marketing Platform

    Designed specifically for managing and automating email campaigns. It includes designing, creating, tracking and reporting the performance of your email campaigns.

  • Social Media Management Platforms

    It helps plan and execute social media campaigns. Tools include scheduling, publishing across platforms, scanning metrics and performance and engaging with the audience.

  • Content Marketing Platforms

    Designed to plan, create and distribute content, this includes features for brainstorming, editing, creating, publishing and promoting content across various platforms. 

  • Marketing Automation Platforms

    Designed to automate repetitive tasks such as publishing posts, feedback forms, or automated replies. It also includes features like creating and managing campaigns, segmentation, targeting audiences and analysis of campaign results.  

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

    CRMs can manage campaigns as part of their overall features while focusing on maintaining customer relations and improving them.  

  • Integrated Marketing Platforms

    These systems offer the ability to integrate with a range of business tools and features, including various third-party platforms.

You can bet every type of Campaign Management Software offers many benefits – some of them are listed below!

Features Of Campaign Management Software

Persistence, creativity and a vibrant wardrobe helped Emily succeed in her new role. What features must your Campaign Management Software have so you can do the same in any marketing role? 
  • Data Mining

    Analyze large amounts of information to predict customer and prospect behavior through statistical models that can predict behavior.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Segregate data from your customers to divide your consumer base into different relevant groups, with metrics like age, gender, interest, spending habits, etc.

  • Customer-event Triggering

    Also known as ‘event-triggered marketing’ it automatically triggers an action based on customer activity. Like sending an automated text when a customer is nearing the end of their subscription or is in your restaurant’s vicinity.

  • Next-best-action Recommendations

    Helps marketers consider all options to respond to a specific customer action and choose the best one based on their needs, interest, previous activity and campaign goals.

  • Campaign Optimization

    Constantly test and evaluate your marketing campaign and goals, including keywords, targeting choices, ads and much more to get optimized results.

TechDogs-"Features Of Campaign Management Software"-"A Meme From Emily In Paris"
These are the top features of any Campaign Management Software – which leads to many benefits.

Benefits Of Campaign Management Software

So, what advantages can your marketing team expect from Campaign Management Software?
  • Automation

    You cannot manually go through each stage of the campaign and monitor the screen every second. Yet, you can set the rules for automation and monitor the progress of campaigns so you can enjoy your wine and cheese while the software runs!

  • Lowered Expenses

    The software can help automate campaigns to run them within budget while exploring newer avenues for marketing.

  • Remove Repeatable Errors

    Most campaigns have recurring patterns that lead to repeatable processes. You can streamline processes and operations to save time and expenses for future campaigns by identifying and eliminating such errors.  

  • Effective Outreach

    Streamline your campaign deliveries and messages across different time zones and platforms without your teams having to burn the midnight oil.

  • Tracks Real-time Metrics

    Real-time metrics allow you to manage and modify your campaigns, take better decisions and steer the way ahead at every stage.

Did you know: marketers who proactively plan their marketing campaigns are 331% more likely to report success than their peers who don’t? #WaitWhat

If that doesn’t impress you, we bet the next section will!

What The Future Of Campaign Management Software Holds?

Campaign Management Software is headed for significant growth with several factors contributing to this growth. Customers today are aware of marketing efforts and expect personalized experiences. Businesses are adopting Campaign Management Software to meet these demands by delivering targeted and tailored content. It enables businesses to plan and execute campaigns seamlessly across omnichannel platforms, driving the demand for tailored user experiences.

Today, the customer is still king but data is the ruling queen that helps organizations understand their efforts! Campaign Management Software will soon use AI/ integration to provide in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing data-driven marketing strategies to fuel campaigns. All in all, the future is bright – and we are all up for it!

TechDogs-"What The Future Of Campaign Management Software Holds?"-"A Meme From Emily In Paris"  

Parting Thoughts

Mindy – Emily’s best friend – once said "The French are romantics, but they're also realists".

While creativity is the fuel for any business campaign, it is also necessary to be realistic about the work that goes into campaigns. Hence, Campaign Management Software is the well-oiled engine to fuel your processes. Without data-driven insights and automated workflows, your campaigns might not reach the right audiences or unlock their true potential. With huge marketing budgets or even tiny ones, there is always room for optimization – and Campaign Management Software gives businesses just that!

Ready to get organized and see real results, mon ami?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Campaign Management Software?

Campaign Management Software is a centralized platform that automates the planning, execution, and monitoring of marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It helps streamline processes, manage budgets, and measure campaign performance, ultimately facilitating better decision-making and improving ROI.

How Does Campaign Management Software Work?

At its core, Campaign Management Software assists teams in planning, measuring, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing their campaigns. It integrates with various ad channels, coordinates cross-team efforts, activates campaigns across all channels, and provides valuable insights into campaign performance. By leveraging data-driven insights, organizations can make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies for better results.

What Are the Benefits of Campaign Management Software?

Campaign Management Software offers numerous advantages, including automation of repetitive tasks, lowered expenses through budget optimization, removal of repeatable errors, effective outreach across different platforms and time zones, and real-time tracking of metrics. These benefits enable marketers to proactively plan and execute successful campaigns, leading to improved outcomes and better alignment with business goals.

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