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Everything About The Payroll Management Software

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As an HR Manager, you may know the importance of accurate payroll, right? It's not just one of your essential responsibilities but also the most cost-effective aspect of managing your company's workforce. It is defined as a business function or a process that all organizations must undertake to pay their employees. Yet, there is more to it than this simple explanation!

Payroll Management Software has become the ultimate holy force for the HRs of many organizations as it helps them streamline payroll processes, reduce errors and save time. Payroll Management Software AKA PMS can be the answer to help manage the payroll cycle and operations for the entire workforce from start to end. What else is there about Payroll Management Software?

This article will explain it all – read on!
TechDogs-"Everything About The Payroll Management Software" No More 5-7 Business Days For Payroll!
"Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way…”

Yes, you guessed it right, it is one of the dialogues from a popular NCB mockumentary sitcom, The Office. If you've watched this sitcom series, you would be familiar with all the dripping-with-hate statements by Michael Scott (the Branch Manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company) towards Toby Flenderson (HR representative of the company). If you don’t know about this sitcom, let us simplify it. Michael Scott is the kind of boss who can give you #mondayblues on all working days of the week, consistently and unapologetically. Ouch!

The Office also introduced us to Toby, who thinks "HR is a joke. I can't do anything about it." Now, that's quite gloomy and all we can say is "May The Force be with you, Toby.” Not just the Force but also a little wonder of HR technology.

Read this article to know all about Payroll Management Software; how it works, how it can help you, its features and of course, its bright future!

Let’s Read More About Payroll Management Software!

Tell me more, tell me more...

If that's you, then your wish is granted and here we’re sharing all the details with you.

Payroll Management Software is The Force that makes sure your employee's financial records are up to mark. It is a tool that ensures complete, hassle-free management of all the financial records of the employees. The financial records include employees’ salaries, bonuses, deductions, net pay and generation of payslips.

Payroll Management Software automates the process of making payments to salaried, hourly as well as contingent employees. Not only this Payroll Management Software also enables you to calculate taxes, deductions and even print pay checks. Cool, isn’t it?

Long story short, using an effective tool such as Payroll Management Software allows businesses and HR Managers (like Toby) to monitor time and attendance as well as structure payments seamlessly according to the company's policies.

However, this so-called Force didn't appear magically; it evolved with time. Here’s how.

Let's Trace The Evolution Of Payroll Management Software

Here’s all you should know about the evolution of Payroll Management Software:
  • It all began in the 1950s when the first computerized payroll system, Lyons Electronic Office-I was created to handle clerical tasks. However, did you know that the evolution of Payroll Management Software shares its roots with Human Resource Software?

  • During the early 70s, most of the functions of Human Resource Management were paper-centric and only payroll management was pacing up with evolving technology. Involvement of HR systems could only be seen in payroll and it helped in generating sheets and reports quicker.

  • 1979 arrived with some new inventions as SAP R/2 was launched. It integrated HR functions with an ERP database with production, planning, material management and financials. Phew... quite a list, right?

  • As the 2000s approached, the technological advents continued; and Payroll Management Software kept updating with better features, integrations and technologies.

These days, Payroll Management Software offers a wide range of features (namely payroll processing and management, making direct deposits, tax filing services, etc.) that makes it much more helpful and efficient. It provides administration features such as expense tracking, time management, absence management and a lot more. However, at present, Payroll Management Software also allows business owners to track hours spent on generating revenue, making sales and calculating profit. Bet you didn’t know that!
Let's take a look at exactly what makes it so crucial.

What Makes Payroll Management Software So Unique?

Payroll Management Software is a wholesome package that arrives with a lot of excellent features and it's something that makes it vital for organizations. Some of its features are illustrated below:
  • Inbuilt Accounting Features

  • Pay-slips And Files Recordings

  • Managing Earnings

  • Security For Business And Customer Data

  • Accurate Reports

  • Compensation Administration

  • Employee Self-Service

Now you must be interested to see how this all works, right? Let's head to the next section to figure it out.

What Does Payroll Management Software Do?

The good news is that you (or Toby, in that case) won't need any cool Star Wars weapons to make this Force work. You just install PMS and it is good to go!
  • Manages Attendance Sheets And Calendar

    Payroll Management Software is usually connected to a Biometrics Authentication System, so that employees' attendance, work hours, overtime, etc. can be automatically recorded by the scanner. Taking it a step ahead, PMS can add company holidays to the calendar, which helps in calculating the deductions and monthly salary of each employee.

  • Updates You About Tax Revisions

    Payroll Management Software keeps track of all the tax updates. Even if the accounting department misses new rules regarding payroll, PMS won't! Payroll Management Software will notify Toby about all the revisions in HR practices and payroll to avoid losing track of anything. Unlike Michael, we are totally on your side, Toby!

  • Sets Reminder For You

    Humans are forgetful and Toby is a normal human, not a Jedi. As this tool is The Force in disguise, it eases a lot of things for HR. It reminds HR about pending tasks, leave-related updates, upcoming salary cycles, etc.

Now that's interesting; what's next? Hold on to your seats and find out!

Why Do You Need Payroll Management Software?

TechDogs-"Why Do You Need Payroll Management Software? "A Image Of Michael Scott Staring  
"Who let this lemon-head into the room?” That’s another roast by Michael! (No points for guessing who it was directed at!) #PoorToby

You know, Payroll Management Software can help Toby perform his tasks so flawlessly that there will be no room for Michael to point out his mistakes. Here are some reasons why you also need it:
  • Payroll Management Software is automated and leaves no space for human errors in the context of payment and payroll data. Its excellent features help HR managers save time and effort taken in manual tasks.

  • The entire data related to the payroll process is updated in real-time and the employees can always check it via self-service dashboards. It eventually makes the entire process transparent and increases employees’ trust in the organization.

  • Payroll Management is very cost-efficient. It performs the functions that might require a team of HR professionals and its subscription charges are very low compared to the cost of hiring the team.

We remember our promise to cater insights into what the future beholds for Payroll Management Software – here we keep our promises!

Unboxing The Future Of Payroll Management Software

Here's all you should know about the future of Payroll Management Software:

Organizations nowadays are hiring employees from different corners of the world. Advents in communication, collaboration and HRMS will make it possible for organizations to employ full-time, part-time and freelancers from other parts of the world. An Automated Payroll Management tool will enable fluency in making payments to these employees no matter where they are or which bank, they use.

Payroll Management Software will also enable the fully automated procedure of making payments, preventing the chances of delay in payment by replacing traditional banking procedures. Moreover, a completely cloud-based Payroll Management System will increase efficiency and flexibility in payroll. Cloud-based PMS will empower HR professionals to manage the payroll mechanism from anywhere on the go from their smartphones!


HR is no joke, Toby! There’s a lot more to it!

We, #TechDogs truly believe that HR is one of the most crucial functions for the business and payroll is an essential subset of it. You’ve got a business, you’ve got employees, you’ve got payroll to process and now you’ve got The Force to ensure phenomenal management of literally everything related to payroll. Also, we are glad we made Toby happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payroll Management Software and how does it work?

Payroll Management Software (PMS) is a comprehensive tool designed to handle all aspects of employee financial records, including salaries, bonuses, deductions, and generating payslips. It automates payments for salaried, hourly, and contingent employees, calculates taxes and deductions, and facilitates tasks like printing paychecks. Essentially, PMS streamlines the payroll process, enabling businesses and HR managers to efficiently manage time, attendance, and payments in accordance with company policies.

What features does Payroll Management Software offer?

Payroll Management Software offers a range of features, including payroll processing and management, direct deposit capabilities, tax filing services, and administration features such as expense tracking, time management, and absence management. Additionally, it provides inbuilt accounting features, secure storage for business and customer data, accurate reporting functionalities, and employee self-service options. These features make PMS a vital tool for organizations seeking efficient and effective payroll management solutions.

Why do businesses need Payroll Management Software?

Businesses require Payroll Management Software for several reasons. Firstly, PMS automates payroll processes, reducing the likelihood of human errors and saving time and effort otherwise spent on manual tasks. Secondly, it ensures transparency by updating payroll data in real-time and allowing employees to access it through self-service portals, fostering trust within the organization. Finally, PMS is cost-efficient compared to hiring a team of HR professionals for payroll management, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

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