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All About Content Marketing Software: Part 2

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In part 1 of the 'All About Content Marketing Software' series, we spoke about the origin of 'Content Marketing Software', how it works and the features. We move to the juicier bits in part 2 of this series. Putting money where our mouth is, we are back to answer the ultimate question, why do we need Content Marketing Software? Why is it important and how does it help? Dive in.
TechDogs-The "MJOLNIR" Of Every Worthy Content Marketer-"Content Marketing Software": Part 2
We all know you are not here for the joy of reading something new, you are here for answers. Answer to the question that's troubling you for a while now. Do you really need a Content Marketing Software for your business? Check out Part 1 of our Content Marketing series if you want to catch up on what a Content Marketing Software is, how it works, the features and circle back to Part 2 to read further. With that out of the way, we know you are a busy person, so we won't make you go through an endless introduction and dive straight into why is Content Marketing Software important?

Why Is A Content Marketing Software Important?

Marketers are inherently creative people but in today's day and age, they are being propelled to be data driven. Not only do they sit in silos looking out of their windows and typing away their hopes and dreams on their Macbooks but they also stare at data in its face to plan their next move. In this digital age, data can make or break your small business. It will not matter if you are posting twenty tweets, three videos, five Insta stories and two blogs in a day. If it does not add any value or is not being posted on the right platform (one where people are consuming right content), it's all a moot point. What will matter is the impact! That's where you need content marketing tool, as it will track and measure the impact of your content creation on your audience for you. All this with a single software! That's something.

TechDogs-Why Is A Content Marketing Software Important-Content Marketing Software Helps In Understanding "Consumer Preferences Graph" Showcasing "More Than 50%25 Of Consumers Want To See Videos" From Brands
If you know what your consumers like, it will be 5X easier to create and distribute your content management pieces. Content Marketing efforts will enhance your efforts giving you the maximum output. It is your window into the customer's world. It will direct you to create quality content that is engaging, entertaining and builds brand loyalty.

How Does Having Content Marketing Software Help Your Business?

Firstly, you get a single repository for all your marketing content assets. Your content production teams could be working from any corner of the world. Still, they can collaborate from a single Content Marketing Software. The best part? Any team member can log in from anywhere, use any device, create templates, workflows or anything related to content marketing to drive greater efficiency.
Secondly, content marketing platform gives great target audience insights into your audience. For instance, what type of relevant content they find engaging, what is not working, the time of the day that has the most engagement, click-through rate, etc. Think of it like knowing everything about the person you are dating and curating the perfect date for them, time after time. Based on these insights, you can create a personalized content strategy. Measuring the impact of your content definitely helps in aligning your activities with the goals of the organization.
Another major point is repurposing content. If all your content is in a single place, it becomes smoother for the email marketing team to reuse the content and churn out new pieces.
In short, Content Marketing Software will help marketers to create more brand awareness successfully, drive revenue and generate more leads-efficient marketing of content.

The Best Content Marketing Software Out There


The answer to this lies in the kind of content, the intention and distribution channels you use. Though there are many tools out there, we have featured the popular ones here.

  • HubSpot: Perhaps one of the hottest content marketing tool out there. It provides a long list of features that can help scale your content marketing campaign. From blog posts to landing pages, site pages and emails- HubSpot has you covered. Besides this, their actionable analytics is a pure goldmine.

  • SEMrush: Another value for money platform, SEMrush even helps content marketers find topics that will stand out. With robust SEO and social media marketing hashtag analysis, SEMrush is every marketer's delight.

  • Percolate: This software eliminates the manual and repetitive, tedious work from a marketer's plate. Instead, it allows delving deeper into the nuances that matter. Percolate seamlessly keeps all your content type in one place and ensures that all content adheres to the brand guidelines before being published.

Now that you know the best players and are ready to invest your money, will CMS give long term returns or become obsolete in the coming years?

Will Content Marketing Software Continue To Flourish?

Ideally, we would ask this question to Magic 8-Ball but we already know that the answer is yes. The future of Content Marketing Software is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Right now, when a website visitor downloads an e-book, there are a series of emails that will be sent to the lead automatically. However, content marketing strategy is expected to be super personalized in the future, combining AI to extract the visitors' buyer personas content team can send curated content to them. For example, in the future, you buy a Domino's Pizza online and, while browsing, read one of their infographics uploaded on their website. In a while, you might get an email saying that there is also a documentary on YouTube channel about chefs making pizzas that you can binge-watch while you munch on your favorite pizza. That's quite up-close and personal. Content Marketing platform will provide even more in-depth insights into the visitor's online behavior and what interactive content will best suit them. Further, it will create and publish content at the apt time and promote it as well.
All said and done, content marketing is marketing. Content technology stacks are here to stay and you can run, you can hide but you definitely cannot ignore them. Marketing is not easy, it's hard work but with the right software, you will no longer need to sweat the smaller stuff.
At TechDogs, we pride ourselves on churning out content pieces that add value to our readers. As the evening sun goes down, grab a hot mocha and watch as your Content Marketing tool turns content into great content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Content Marketing Software important?

A Content Marketing Software is essential because it helps marketers bridge the gap between creativity and data-driven decision-making. In today's digital landscape, merely producing content isn't enough; it needs to be impactful and targeted. Content Marketing Software enables tracking and measuring the impact of content creation, providing insights into consumer preferences. By understanding what resonates with the audience, marketers can create content that adds value, enhances engagement, and builds brand loyalty.

How does having Content Marketing Software help your business?

Content Marketing Software offers several advantages for businesses. Firstly, it provides a centralized repository for all marketing content assets, facilitating collaboration among remote teams. Secondly, it offers valuable insights into the target audience's preferences and behavior, allowing for personalized content strategies. Additionally, it streamlines content repurposing processes, making it easier to reuse and adapt content for various channels. Ultimately, Content Marketing Software enables efficient content marketing efforts, leading to increased brand awareness, revenue generation, and lead generation.

Will Content Marketing Software continue to flourish?

Yes, Content Marketing Software is expected to flourish, especially with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The future of content marketing lies in super personalized strategies driven by AI, where content is curated based on individual buyer personas. This level of personalization will enhance user engagement and improve the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns. Content Marketing Software will evolve to provide deeper insights into online behavior, automate content creation and distribution processes, and optimize content promotion efforts. As marketing continues to evolve, Content Marketing Software will remain a vital component for businesses seeking to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

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