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“Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” – Mufasa

Who doesn’t remember Mufasa – the father lion from The Lion King movie? He always guided and taught valuable lessons to his son – Simba. #ParentingGoals

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone similar to guide us while stepping into the unknown world, maybe while moving to a new city, changing jobs or perhaps implementing the latest applications in the office?

We don't know about the first two but for every techno-head out there – introducing Digital Adoption Platforms! This automated tool is layered on enterprise applications to guide users on how to use newer applications, enabling quicker adoption, enhanced productivity and effective digital transformation.

The way Mufasa was there for Simba, Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) can help business users understand the features and functions of the latest enterprise applications. It makes the users go through the app in a quick and easy experience.

So, welcome to Pride Rock, readers; it is going to be a feel-good story!
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Have you ever helped your grandparents install an application on their smartphones? When digitalization is scaling faster and becoming more important, forget grandparents, even we need how-to tutorials and 101 guides to get things done.

You may have come across a guidebook while getting a new gadget or device at home. However, business applications, digital software and tools generally do not come with handprinted guidelines. That is where the Digital Adoption Platform comes into play!

Companies understand that as much as getting users on board is critical, giving them a seamless user experience is more important. That is why companies add a tool layered on existing enterprise applications, guiding users on their every step of the way.

(Meanwhile, if you ever wonder and think of a guide for emerging technologies, TechDogs is always at your service.)

For now, we will be talking about Digital Adoption Platforms, their working, history, benefits and much more.

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What Are Digital Adoption Platforms?

You might have come across websites or software where, once you log in for the first time, it helps navigate and explain its capabilities and features. It helps you adapt to the UI of that website, so you can hit the digital ground running!

Digital adoption is a process where users learn to adopt digital tools, new technologies, business processes or digital solutions. As we said, digital adoption often lacks guidance or training content.

If we talk about Digital Adoption Platforms, this software has a wide range of features to offer users a smooth transition to new technologies, user interfaces and digital experiences. These platforms, also known as DAP, offer app guides, training materials and personalized onboarding experiences.

However, life hasn’t always been digital and just like that, the adoption platforms haven’t always been part of them. Let’s open some history books to know how Digital Adoption Platforms came into the picture!

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History And Evolution Of Digital Adoption Platforms

Let’s go back to our childhood. Remember when you got the first PC or the PlayStation at home? It had various booklets and detailed guidelines and steps to get started with the system. That’s how we started with DAP as well – read on:
  • During the 1990s, as computers and software began to gain popularity in the workplace, user interfaces were relatively basic and there wasn't a strong need for dedicated digital adoption tools. Help documentation and user manuals were the mane resources for users to learn how to use the software! #LionPuns

  • As the internet became a part of everyone’s life during the 2000s, web-based applications came into existence, leading to the need for better onboarding and user training. Companies started integrating in-app guides and interactive walkthroughs to assist users in real-time.

  • With the increased use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions towards the end of 2010s, the requirement of dedicated Digital Adoption Platforms was evident. The platforms started giving a solution for businesses to create an interactive and personalized user onboarding experience.

  • Today, digital adoption tools offer data-driven insights, automated features and personalization. These tools are used not only for user onboarding but also for ongoing employee training, customer support and overall user engagement.

The history chapters might have given you enough idea about how the platforms evolved along with the technology. It is like seeing your child growing and becoming better with time, just like how Mufasa watched Simba grow up to a worthy inheritor of Pride Rock!

A parent plays an important part in a child’s upbringing, as does a Digital Adoption Platform for the user’s onboarding journey. Here’s why that matters!

Why Are Digital Adoption Platforms Important?

This may surprise you but as per the reports, only 8% of global businesses achieve their targeted business outcomes from their digital technology investments. The number shows only one thing: how businesses haven’t successfully transformed and utilized the technologies they adopt.

Easy software and smooth adoption always drive users and employees toward productivity and growth. When businesses invest heavily in technologies, getting the beast out of it is crucial – a digital adoption solution can help businesses achieve that with efficient in-app onboarding and hit the ground running quickly.

As they say, happy employees keep the company happy! Employees’ comfort with the technology and applications will eventually increase their productivity and growth, bringing roaring success to the company. It’s a win-win!

If you are worrying if digital adoption software is for you or not, let’s not worry and talk about the types of digital adoption software and who can benefit from them. #HakunaMatata

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Digital Adoption Platform Is For Everyone!

Let’s talk about the three primary categories of digital transformation projects and hence, digital adoption tools based on the personas that use them:
  • IT Managers & CIOs

    IT managers and CIOs are usually the ones who are responsible for the IT roadmap of the company. As they bring digital transformation, change management and IT support, they need to make sure the business adopts the changes swiftly.

  • Customer Success Teams

    Customer success teams take care of customer onboarding, support, retention and growth strategies so that the partners get the most benefits out of their product or service. Guess what? DAP can do the needful!

  • L&D & HR

    Learning and development as well as HR teams onboard new hires and need to upskill/ reskill their talents. A DAP tool can help them impart learning while providing a roar-some employee experience.

  • Product Managers

    As the product managers are responsible for product onboarding, they need to ensure that the transition takes place seamlessly across the company.

We bet you would have realized you need a digital adoption solution for your business. However, the question remains: how does one implement it? Well, we have the answer!

How To Implement Digital Adoption Platforms?

Here are the steps to be followed while implementing a Digital Adoption Platform:
  • Understanding Users

    Before making training materials for employees, it's important to understand how they use new apps and systems. With DAP, you can figure out if there are issues in the process, resolve them and make guidelines to help users adopt the new technology.

  • Creating Knowledge Bases

    When you cater personalized content to the employees, it pushes them to do better. A DAP can help you create a custom knowledge base of PDFs, slideshows and videos, so employees can quickly learn and adapt.

  • Self-support

    Digital transformation always brings big changes, led by the IT team and lots of support calls. With DAP, you can create checklists for tools, so users can track progress, finish tasks faster and gain confidence without relying on traditional training.

  • Successful Outcomes

    Let’s not rest once it is done! Now is the time to watch the outcomes of using new tools and observe how employees go through the processes, so you can resolve any issues and improve processes.

Still confused?

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If you are, read about the benefits of a DAP (they’re really impressive!).

Benefits Of Digital Adoption Platforms

There are countless benefits of Digital Adoption Platforms but here are our top three picks:
  • Change Management

    Bringing change is always challenging, especially when dealing with a large number of people. With a DAP, you can bring a change with step-by-step guidance.

  • User Analytics

    Understanding how customers or employees behave can make a business improve its outcomes. When you know what they do, where they spend time and how much they use software, you can act where necessary to streamline processes.

  • Better ROI

    What is the point of the investment if there is no return? It is a bummer if people cannot even adapt to something you have created. With DAP, you can ensure all users are guided properly in the adoption of new tools.

Paw-some, right? This should ensure there is no better timing than right now to bring DAP into your business. If you wonder if it would be relevant in the future, guess what – that's what we have covered in the next section!

The Future Of Digital Adoption Platforms

Technology has been evolving with each passing day and what brings us closer to technology is a Digital Adoption Platform, so workforces can understand and adapt easily. The numbers should not surprise you as the global Digital Adoption Platform software market is expected to grow to $3.73 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 16.2%.
Entrepreneurs will soon be changing their business strategies to drive operational innovation and bring digital adoption platforms to enhance team purr-formance, accelerate onboarding and boost IT application usage. This will empower CIOs to shape strategy by showcasing how digital adoption software impacts digital transformation across the organization.
As we discussed earlier, businesses will ensure they get the maximum ROI from the invested technologies. As technologies evolve, more businesses will ensure that they adopt and get the best out of them. Thus, DAP will always be a critical part of digital transformation!

Isn’t that rewarding? It feels like we just completed watching The Lion King.

Well, end credits roll in 3.. 2.. 1..

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The future of DAP is bright, as we are already living in a world of digital transformation. As technology keeps making the impossible possible, Digital Adoption Platforms ensure everyone can experience the magic seamlessly.

Next time you see a tooltip on your software, you know the developers have been using a Digital Adoption Platform and if you are soon to release your website or software, make sure you consider a Digital Adoption Platform for your employees to ease its adoption. That’s all for now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Features Of Digital Adoption Platforms?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are comprehensive software solutions designed to facilitate the smooth transition and adoption of new technologies, user interfaces and digital experiences. These platforms, also known as DAP, play a crucial role in guiding users through various applications, offering app guides, training materials and personalized onboarding experiences. When users log in for the first time, DAPs assist in navigating and explaining the capabilities and features of the software, ensuring users adapt quickly to the digital environment. They bridge the gap between the complexity of new technologies and the users' understanding, providing a seamless user experience and enhancing overall digital adoption.

Why Are Digital Adoption Platforms Important For Business Success?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) hold significant importance for businesses aiming to achieve success through their digital technology investments. Reports indicate that only 8% of global businesses achieve their targeted outcomes from digital technology investments, emphasizing the need for efficient adoption strategies. These platforms contribute to easy software adoption, ensuring that users and employees become productive quickly, driving growth and success for the company. By providing in-app onboarding and support, DAPs contribute to increased employee comfort with technology, leading to enhanced productivity and overall business success.

How Can Digital Adoption Platforms Benefit Different Roles In A Company?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) cater to the needs of various roles within a company. IT Managers & CIOs benefit from DAP by ensuring swift adoption of changes related to digital transformation, change management and IT support. Customer Success Teams leverage DAP for effective customer onboarding, support, retention and growth strategies. L&D & HR teams utilize DAP for onboarding new hires and upskilling/reskilling talents, enhancing the overall employee experience. Product Managers rely on DAP for seamless product onboarding across the organization. Understanding the diverse needs of these roles, DAPs prove to be valuable tools for fostering successful digital adoption within a company.

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