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Top 5 Business Intelligence Software Of 2022

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the imperial army stormtroopers were almost at your doorstep, threatening your super-fly business - you were in a desperate fight against the evil Empire. However, after training vigorously under Yoda, the Force has awakened in you, young Jedi! The Empire will strike back at your business and to protect it, you must find the best Business Intelligence (BI) Software which will guard your business well.

It's time to take the Empire down, young padawan! Get your lightsaber out and get ready to up the ante with these top 5 Business Intelligence Software in the market.
TechDogs-"Top 5 Business Intelligence Software Of 2022" Begun, The Intelligence Revolution Has.
In a galaxy far, far away, you and the rebel alliance are in a ferocious fight for dominance in the world of business. It is imperative to understand your industry, your customers and even your competitors (those damn rebels!) to give your business an extra edge. Wait, how do you make sense of all this data? To take you there, you need a Business Intelligence Software - just like a Jedi would need a lightsaber to wield the Force.
Business Intelligence (BI) Software is an application that businesses deploy to simplify the process of collecting data, refining it, then organizing and analyzing it. These software help companies with data mining, data analysis and data visualization, turning unstructured data into actionable business insights. They also allow users to bring in automated reporting, interactive dashboarding and predictive analytics to their business workflow.
However, how much easier your life becomes depends on the software you choose - the way our friend Business Yoda puts it, "Essential, picking the right one for your needs is."
Are you ready for your next adventure to find the best BI tools for your business?
Get your Podracer helmet on — it's time for you to discover the top 5 Business Intelligence Software in the galaxy.

Top 5 Business Intelligence Software Of 2022

Power BI
TIBCO Spotfire

Tool 1: Oracle Analytics Cloud

With a market valuation of more than $160 billion in 2018, Oracle is widely regarded as an industry leader in business software solutions. In fact, the company was recently named a visionary in the "completeness of vision" criteria in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the second year in a row. Essentially, it has all the answers you need for your business woes. The only question it can't answer is “what is Han Solo’s real last name?” Oracle has been extensively working on its Oracle Analytics Cloud product, that was released in 2014 (as an offshoot of its flagship Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition suite).

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Oracle Analytics Cloud"-Screenshot Of Oracle Analytics Cloud Dashboard - Fusion Oracle Analytics Cloud - How To Create Analyses, Filters And Dashboards, Share Content And Add Content
If only Luke had an oracle to help him analyze and predict the rebels’ next move, he could have defeated the Empire in a day! Thankfully, you’ve got one. Oracle Analytics Cloud is a business  solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide robust reporting and analytics features to businesses. Maybe, this tool could have predicted that the Empire had another Death Star.
Oracle Analytics Cloud is a scalable solution that helps you leverage the power of Machine Learning for automated data preparation and predictive analytics. Not just that, you can use Natural Language Processing to inquire and retrieve data and it also suggests visuals in response, without you having to rely on complicated formulae.

Tool 2: Microsoft Power BI

Giant, cuddly, famous and wise: two of these adjectives describe the "furrilicious" Chewbacca and the other two are for the most renowned IT companies in the world - Microsoft: A company shining in the top 25 Fortune 500 companies by Forbes; you can decide which one is for which!

Talking about Microsoft, “May the Power BI with you!” We know, we know, it's "May the Force be with you" but can you blame us for the awesome segue to the Microsoft Power BI tool? One of the most prominent BI software solutions on the market, Microsoft Power BI allows you to source data from the various cloud and on-premise sources, even from IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Yes, even from universes far, far away!
While it’s amazing integration with Excel is much sought after, it also offers AI-assisted automation and insights. What we adore the most about the tool is that it can be used for any operational area of your business without deploying any technical personnel for the task. Not to mention its user-friendly features that allow you to simply drag and drop, filter, drill - down and compute fields. Need no lightsaber here, do we?
Power BI also has an intelligent Q&A function through which users can enter a query and the platform responds with an interactive chart or a graph. Yes, you can even visualize the number of lightsabers you will need to defeat the Empire!

Tool 3: Tableau

If Tableau were a character on Star Wars, it would be R2-D2: the coolest bot in the entire galaxy. Do you know why? The company was appreciated as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for nine consecutive years between 2012 and 2022. Can you even imagine! Best of them all, Tableau won the "Best Business Intelligence Solution" by the Software and Information Industry Association for their flagship BI tool.
Widely regarded as an industry leader in BI solutions, Tableau definitely lives up to the promise. Much like R2-D2, the platform covers all bases: you may operate the tool on your own servers, use it on a public cloud, or have it entirely hosted by Tableau. Tableau also allows you to integrate data from several sources, including Excel, SQL and Oracle.
In addition, it also offers easy-to-use reporting, a comprehensive interface, report sharing and outstanding customer support. Tableau's recent Natural Language Processing innovation adds to its invincibility in the Business Intelligence industry. This feature allows users to speak out what they want to view, rather than the traditional clicking or coding to seek the desired result.
"Meesa loves Tableau!" A wise quote from the lovable goofball, Jar Jar Binks.

Tool 4: TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Software Inc. is a driving force in enterprise data and data-driven solutions that predict business outcomes, solving the world's most complex data challenges. "I find your lack of faith disturbing" - while these words were memorialized by Darth Vader, we bet you will never use them to describe TIBCO, especially when they have won the 2020 DEVIES Award (for the Best Innovation in Data Development and Architecture). In their third year, TIBCO was named under the list of BI, Company to Watch by TechWeb's Intelligent Enterprise (2010 Editors' Choice Awards). Impressive resume, we would say.
TIBCO Spotfire is a self-service, data visualization, interactive data preparation and workflow platform. The inbuilt AI-enabled dashboard enables the firm to create sophisticated data models, using Machine Learning-based data preparation. The tool is a favorite across industries including finance, energy, manufacturing, consumer products and packaged goods, transport and logistics, healthcare and more.
The most recent release supports Python too. Pretty sure coders are feeling the Force flowing through them after reading that! Some of the other outstanding aspects of the tool is its capacity to employ data science approaches, geo-analytics and real-time data streaming, utilizing natural language queries.

Tool 5: MicroStrategy

Ah! MicroStrategy - the Force is strong in this one. A big name in the enterprise analytics and mobility software arena, MicroStrategy received the Technology Leader for Business Intelligence award in 2018 from Dresner Advisory Services.
Boy, did they deserve the award for their winning Business Intelligence platform - MicroStrategy that delivers actionable intelligence to organizations of all sizes. This unique BI tool targets the enterprise BI market in a broad range of industries including finance, healthcare, government, media with deployment options such as cloud, on-premises and hybrid models. With a drag and drop interface, it allows users to create customized data visualizations and real-time dashboards.

MicroStrategy promotes federated analytics AKA decentralized analytics, allowing you to make the most of your existing investments in data sources such as Salesforce and Qlik, combining data and creating relevant reports. It also includes an enterprise semantics graph, which indexes data assets, uses location intelligence and real-time telemetry, enhancing data repositories. One of MicroStrategy’s most unique features is that it eliminates the need for physical ID cards, passwords and tokens, replacing them with mobile role-based identification badges, connected to the user’s smartphones using their digital credentials.


Congratulations, young padawan; you have scoured the universe for Business Intelligence Software and found the best solutions. The Empire has been defeated, the Jedi have returned and your cool lightsaber is still the most awesome weapon in the galaxy.

We hope this list has helped you find the right BI tool for your organization. Let us know in the comments which tool worked out the best for you.

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