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A good first impression can work wonders, quotes J. K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter franchise. Surely, you would agree!

Similarly, whenever you make your way to any website, the first thing that you see is the – landing page of that website. Landing page is basically like a threshold that helps us enter the website and seek all the insights of it. Landing Page Software is responsible for optimizing that experience of your visitors and customers when they land at your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss why this is important (namely, first impressions are everything) and provide some history on why landing page optimization is a thing. We’ll also address diverse types of Landing Page Software – from dedicated tools such as Unbounce to website builders like Wix. Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of landing page optimization and why Landing Page Software can help you achieve your marketing goals by providing a better experience for your customers.
TechDogs-Every Landing Experience Made Safer & Smoother!-"Everything About Landing Page Software"
Imagine if someone walked into your business for the first time and they encountered complete chaos — desks piled with papers, no staff available and clueless that they’re even at the right place.

They would probably leave, right? They might even do some damage by telling their friends to stay far away from your business or leaving a poor review about you online.

However, businesses put a lot of effort into creating an offline impression but do they put same effort in building online image? That’s a question worth asking. While brick-and-mortar businesses have only one or two entry points for their customers (this is what we think of as the “home page” on a website), virtual visitors can enter a website from any page. You can control that virtual first impression by creating well-crafted landing pages.

Remember, when Harry Potter visited Ronald Weasley's home for the first time and found everything all over the place. Now, no brand would like to leave that kind of impression on their website visitors. Landing Page Software helps you avoid such situations and make a flawless online presence.

What is Landing Page Software? Let's figure out in the next section but before that let's understand what a landing page is.

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages are typically associated with digital advertising campaigns. For example, a paid search ad might link to a dedicated landing page that contains relevant information associated with the ad. Likewise, a link in an email newsletter might go to a specific landing page designed to complement whatever’s being promoted in the email. A landing page is not the same thing as a home page (not always!). There are some key distinctions between the two. Your website’s home page is akin to the entryway of brick-and-mortar business but landing pages serve one single purpose. Let’s turn to the real world again as an example.
You own a Walgreens pharmacy franchise (congrats!). The main entrance to the pharmacy caters to all customers so that people can make multiple decisions. If they go straight, they’re in the beauty aisle. If they turn left, they can buy batteries or Lottery tickets at the checkout counter. If they turn right, they’ll end up in the cooler aisle.

Also, there could be times you just want to go to Walgreens to pick up your prescription. In that case, you can use the drive-through window, bypassing the main entrance (and all the decision-making involved) completely.

A landing page is like the virtual version of that drive-through window. It has one clear purpose, allowing visitors to bypass all the clutter and confusion of the main entry point (AKA the home page).

Examples Of Effective Landing Pages

Here's an example of a home page versus a landing page, courtesy of NetSuite, Oracle's bookkeeping software.
There’s a heck of a lot going on here and that’s not including all the links you see when you scroll past the main part of the page. Now take a look at Oracle’s paid search landing page for NetSuite:
This page looks a lot different from the NetSuite home page — even the colors and fonts are different. Again, there’s just one thing to do: fill out the form and get the free product tour.

There’s a reason so many top companies use landing pages in their paid advertising campaigns. It’s because landing pages are effective, especially when optimized and that’s why we need Landing Page Software.

Every wonder has a particular timeline or evolution, likewise, Landing Page Software also has a brief history.

A Brief History Of Landing Page Software

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) involves changing the look and feel of a landing page with the goal of making it as effective as possible. Landing Page Software has evolved over the years to accommodate the need for LPO.

Landing Page Software helps website owners easily (and quickly) create optimized landing pages.
Creating landing pages used to depend on designers and programmers but that is no longer the case.

We can now create landing pages without programming or design skills. This makes LPO accessible for anyone who has a website. Web building software like WordPress (launched in 2003) and Drupal (launched in 2000) are examples of tools that non-programmers can use to create landing pages. Hosted website builders like Squarespace (launched in 2003) and Wix (2006) require zero programming or design knowledge but aren’t as flexible as WordPress. Enter landing page builders— platforms like Unbounce and HubSpot — that provide many features focused on creating landing pages and facilitating LPO.

Do you know: 'Expelliarmus' is a signature spell of Harry Potter. The purpose of this spell is to force any object an opponent is holding to fly out of their hand.

Every charm in the Harry  Potter series has a certain purpose. In the same way, Landing Page Software serves a set of purposes. Let's take a look at them in the following segment.

The Purpose Of Landing Page Software

Landing Page Software helps website owners create, test and optimize landing pages, savings hours of time by automating the process of landing page creation. Some key features of tools like Unbounce include:
  • A/B testing of different landing page versions.

  • Hosting landing pages on a secure server.

  • Drag/drop editors and templates for easy designing of pages.

  • Duplication of landing pages for deployment in multiple campaigns.

  • Image/graphics libraries to enhance landing page visuals.

  • Analytics and reporting functionality to help with campaign optimization.

The primary purpose of Landing Page Software is to put marketers in control of their campaigns.

Slytherins, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are the four houses that added a twist of amusement at Hogwarts. Following the same, Landing Page Software also arrives in multiple variants.

Types Of Landing Page Software

Landing page tools come in three types: Dedicated Landing Page Software, Content Management Software (CMS) platforms and Template-Based Website Builders.
  • Dedicated Landing Page Software

    Dedicated Landing Page Software enables you to create landing pages using drag and drop functionality and templates. In short, they do not require you to know any code. They will often host the pages on their platform too.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are Content Management Systems (CMS) that facilitate the creation of landing pages. We tend to view these tools as website builders rather than dedicated landing page builders but they make it easy to create numerous pages even if you lack coding and design expertise.

  • Website Builder Platforms

    Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are examples of website builder platforms that business owners can use to create and launch websites without the need for designers or coders. These tools come with built-in templates, hosting packages and various marketing features to help promote your website. In addition, they make it easy to add pages, change designs and test landing pages.

Importance Of Landing Page Software

From invisible cloaks to wands, every artefact in Harry Potter movie had some prominent significance for the characters. In the same way, Landing Page Software has important aspects for the brands and businesses.

A good landing page is the best way to keep your website visitors happy. Conversely, a poor landing page experience is a huge barrier to achieving conversions, so optimizing landing pages (or not) can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Landing pages should be focused on achieving one goal. Targeting your landing page correctly so that it resonates with your website visitor’s intentions, which can increase the conversion rate up to 300%.
Crux of it - a focused landing page is an effective landing page.

The ability to quickly create and optimize landing pages is more important today than it ever was. Modern consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, expect top-notch virtual experiences. Landing pages that are confusing, contain irrelevant content, aren’t mobile friendly and are outdated translate to poor user experiences. In short, creating effective, user-friendly landing pages is not an option anymore; it’s a necessity.

The benefits of Landing Page Software are irrefutable:
  • Landing Page Software makes it much easier to create landing pages quickly with limited resources.

  • Customized landing pages convert better. By targeting your landing pages correctly can increase conversions by 300%.

  • Landing Page Software allows you to incorporate visual elements easily.

  • Landing page builders leverage modern technology like mobile-friendliness, responsive web design and image sliders.

The Future Of Landing Page Software

Landing Page Software can help you better control your brand messaging and provide a good user experience, both factors that can help you stand out from your competition.

As web technology shifts and user preferences evolve, Landing Page Software can help businesses maintain top-notch user experiences via the pages they create. For example, mobile usage is skyrocketing with 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, increasing the need for mobile-friendly landing pages.

Users are more responsive to specific content (video and images on landing pages than pure text) so having a tool that easily incorporates these elements into the landing page experience is important.
It’s a digital savvy world where accessing the internet with mobile devices can make or break business competition. Landing Page Software is a tool that can help you tidy up your virtual entryway and by doing so, contributing to increased customer satisfaction which has a positive impact on business growth.

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