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The Inefficiency Report: 10 Ways You’re Wasting Time And Money, And How Your Product Can Help

By Pendo

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In our current economic climate, business leaders are being forced to make difficult decisions about where they spend their time and money. Gone are the days of “growth at any cost.” Now they must question every dollar and minute spent to ensure they’re maximizing their organization’s impact without incurring additional overhead or wasting precious resources.

In trying times like these, it’s more important than ever for companies to prioritize productivity, trim excess waste, keep the customers they already have, and make sure internal teams are focused on the right—ideally revenue-generating—things. In other words, they need to learn to operate more efficiently.

The good news? Most businesses already have what they need to make it through and outlast these difficult circumstances. And some will even emerge faster, different, better—new winners in a changed world. They’re the companies who are looking inward: Using their products to do more with less, focus on the work that really moves the needle, and unlock efficiencies that will allow them to keep growing even while they’re lean. Their secret weapon?.

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