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Future-Proof Your Employer Brand Strategy

By Monster

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Until now, your employer branding strategy has probably encompassed things like your career sites, your social media footprint, a couple of corporate videos, and perhaps some collaboration with internal marketing and PR to amplify the corporate culture.

While all these elements are part and parcel of great employer branding – and tactics you need to continue to employ – to speak to the next generation of job seekers, you’ll need to adopt new tools and tactics that resonate with their unique needs.

To help you do just that, this guide will:

  • Look at the next generation of job seeker and try to understand what’s in their heads as they begin their job search
  • Get to the bottom of what employer branding is (and isn’t), and the challenges therein
  • Offer some expert solutions and tips for reaching the Gen Z job seekers of tomorrow by reimagining your employer brand


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