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Top 5 Content Management Systems Of 2022

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Do you know how many articles, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies and reports are there on the TechDogs website? Yes, the same place where you’re reading this. We don’t know either! However, it would be safe to say plenty. To top that, we keep churning a new one every minute (yes, we’re exaggerating but we do put out a lot of content).
No, this is not a self-appreciation post. Rather, it’s a ‘dark secret revealed’ kind of post. Discover the tool we use to manage our never-ending content and others which are equally awesome with our personally curated list of top 5 Content Management Systems in 2021.
What are you waiting for? Get on with it.
TechDogs-CMS! CMS! CMS!-"Top 5 Content Management Systems Of 2022"
Do you know what we love about Dr. Sheldon Cooper? Apart from him speaking in fluent Klingon, wearing super-fly superhero T-shirts and of course winning a Nobel prize? His impeccable skill in arranging closets. You've got to admit it; Howard's closet was a sight to marvel at after Sheldon was done arranging it. Do you what is the software equivalent of Sheldon in organizing your business content? It's none other than Content Management Software AKA CMS!
A CMS is all about storing, organizing, editing and sharing content effectively with internal and external users as well as on the Internet without any technical expertise. Some of its key features include:
  • Easy drag and drop editor

  • Mobile optimization & responsive templates

  • Content scheduling and publishing

  • Digital asset management like images, videos, blogs and more

  • Content tagging and creating content taxonomy

  • Content Analytic tools

  • Data Portability

  • Plugins and extensions for any other need and more

With these non-negotiable features in mind, we scouted for the best Content Management Systems in the market. Let’s find out who made the cut!

Top 5 Content Management Systems Of 2022


Here are our top 5 selected content management maestros in no particular order.

Tool 1: WordPress

"WordPress is the King of all CMS." WordPress holds a 41.4% market share which is the highest of all in the world of CMS. The WordPress Software is not owned by any company and doesn't even have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO); in fact, since its launch in 2003, WordPress remains a non-profit organization and protects freedoms offered by the software's open-source license.
WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems out there and is used by organizations and individual entrepreneurs alike. The tool supports everything from personal blogs, websites and news sites. Even Sheldon's lists of nemeses can be moved to WordPress from the old school floppy disk!
WordPress has almost no limitations on customizations and gives complete power over content, making it a popular choice among developers and tech-savvy users. However, non-tech savvy people shouldn't be discouraged because WordPress also features a large plugin library (over 57,000) and 1392 free themes, making it simple to add any functionality to use.

Tool 2: Wix

Wix is the market leader, with over 180 million registered users of its cloud-based content management platform. The organization was created on the conviction that everyone should have the ability to create, manage and share their content with humanity over the Internet. Wix's free and paid memberships enable millions of enterprises, organizations, artists and individuals to take their business online.
If Penny wanted to create a website about her acting profession, she should choose Wix CMS because it is one of the most user-friendly website builders on the market today. Its ease of use makes it a popular option for non-technical people who wish to build a website from the ground up and manage their content effortlessly.
It has a simple drag-and-drop construction interface that allows users to add items to their site and manage content without writing a single word of code. Wix has many pre-built responsive templates for you to pick from that look fantastic on both mobile and desktop devices. Best part? You can also add a variety of apps to your website from the Wix App Market. The CMS has its own market; what more can you ask for?

Tool 3: TYPO3

The TYPO3 Association is a nonprofit organization established in 2004 to ensure that the TYPO3 web-based Content Management System can continue to grow long-term. Since then, the group has been supported by around 900 members, corporations and freelancers. The funding of the Association is provided through membership fees, contributions and yearly conferences on TYPO3.
TYPO3 is one of the most widely used open-source CMS. Based on the programming language PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), the CMS has been used to create roughly 500,000 websites so far. However, just like Howard's idiosyncrasies, TYPO3 is not for everyone and is marketed as an "enterprise-class CMS" AKA it is not the most startup-friendly tool. In fact, it is used by global giants such as Mercedes-Benz and Sony. So, you get the point.
TYPO3 is a popular choice because it can handle corporate architecture, is fully scalable, offers multi-site administration, has multilingual functionality, gives excellent performance and is relatively easy to install. Additionally, over 6,000 extensions and applications can be added to your TYPO3 site to include new features #Bazinga.

Tool 4: Squarespace

Squarespace, Inc., the Will Wheaton AKA Mr. Fancy Pants of CMS providers, is a US-based website building company that provides software as a service solution to its 3.79 million customers and generates $754.2 million in annualized revenue! #ChaChing.
Squarespace's Content Management System is known to do it all. However, Squarespace does have a distinct advantage which is beautiful, eye-pleasing and award-winning designs - unlike other similar CMS systems on the market. Squarespace's renowned templates are unparalleled in the industry and can be fully tailored to the requirements of your site. Owing to its contemporary designs, Squarespace is a popular choice for creative professionals, artists and portfolio websites.
Apart from that, free domains, an intuitive web-builder, free logo maker, eCommerce and blogging capabilities, extensions from third parties, integrated marketing tools, etc. are some of the many outstanding characteristics of Squarespace CMS.

Tool 5: Drupal

Drupal is a PHP-based free and open-source online content management framework (CMF) that powers at least 13 percent of the top 10,000 websites on the internet. Drupal is a popular choice among developers, marketers and agencies from various industries such as eCommerce, Retail, Finance, Travel, Healthcare and so many more. How many more? Allow us to paint the picture with some numbers; the Drupal community has more than 1.39 million members as of March 2021, with 121,000 active users! Get it?
The features-rich Drupal CMS carries a lot of weight in discussions about the best CMS. The community loves Drupal for its scalability and security and it offers a very versatile tool for dealing with custom post types. With its robust content management features, it helps businesses and individuals with automated, multi-channel publishing of content.
Not to forget, it is better equipped to handle advanced user permissions. Some of the strengths and highlights of Drupal CMS include content authoring, marketing automation, efficiency, personalization and who can forget its refined taxonomy that is more powerful than any of the rivals.

Which Sheldon AKA Content Management System Will You Choose?

Everyone has their own preference. Some like Young Sheldon, others prefer Big Bang Theory. Well, we’re not picking sides. We adore both Sheldons and all five Content Management Systems equally. You choose your pick. We understand that each business has its own needs and requirements, so try out a few CMS to see which one suits your needs the best. Hope we've been able to bring out the differentiating factors of each of these tools to help you decide better.
Which CMS do you believe will be the most effective in 2022? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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