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The past two years have been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. The pandemic brought in a lot of changes and the world got together on all fronts to combat it. The war against the virus was real and while many heroes emerged in the face of adversity – there was an unsung hero of the war too.

Too dramatic? (“Am I the drama?” reel plays in the background…)

Coming to the point, our unsung hero is none other than Cloud Computing technology. You know what made your online meetings possible? Cloud Computing. How were you able to share files with your colleagues? Cloud Computing. How were you able to stream your favorite show on Netflix? Cloud Computing.

How were you… okay, you get the drift. Cloud Computing was, is and will always be crucial. That’s because it keeps evolving with the changing times – and so should you. Hop on the cloud as we uncover the top Cloud Computing trends that will rule the landscape this year! 
TechDogs-I Want You - Want Clouds! - We All Want Clouds!-"Top Trends 2022 - Cloud Computing"
Hypothetically, how would you react if you drop your phone and smashed the screen. You can’t even power it back up now – it’s done. Don’t freak out, we said HYPOTHETICALLY! Wait, you are not freaking out? Probably because all your photos are backed up on the drive, all your WhatsApp messages too and even your contacts.

That’s Cloud Computing in action – or at least a part of it.

Cloud Computing is an umbrella term that can be used to describe anything from the hosting of data on remote servers to the running of virtual machines. This ability to quickly create and deploy applications has made Cloud Computing one of the most popular methods for businesses in today's world. #CloudComputingIsSoCool

Trust us – we haven’t even scratched the surface of what Cloud Computing is capable of. However, that’s a discussion for another day (or another article!). Right now, we are here to talk about the potential of Cloud Computing!

Why should you care about that? Cloud Computing gives you the agility and the flexibility you need to innovate quickly. We’re sure you were keeping track of all the trends in the world of Cloud Computing that we discussed last year. Now is the time to look what 2022 has in store for us. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the top Cloud Computing Trends for 2022!

Trend 1: Hybrid Cloud And Multi-Cloud Environments Will Be On The Rise

TechDogs-"Trend 1: Hybrid Cloud And Multi-Cloud Environments Will Be On The Rise"-Image From An American Comic Strip Written And Illustrated By Scott Adams, First Published On April 16, 1989. It Is Known For Its Satirical Office Humor About A White-Collar, Micromanaged Office With Engineer Dilbert As The Title Character
Do you know how a hybrid car works? It combines the torque of an electric motor with the ability of the combustion engine to maintain high speeds. A hybrid solution is not about a compromise between approaches, they are about combining their strengths. Just like when Thor strikes Captain America’s shield with his hammer to unleash the ultimate force! #AvengersStrikeAgain

Clearly, the concept of hybrid is not limited to cars or the Marvel Universe, it’s there in the world of Cloud Computing too. A hybrid cloud technology integrates public and private cloud services while multi-cloud comprises public cloud services, private or edge clouds to achieve the enterprise's goals. The hybrid and multi-cloud environments allow you to have offline data access, while ensuring global delivery, agility and innovation.

Clearly, everyone wants in on that, right? That’s why, organizations use about 2.6 public clouds and 2.7 private clouds on an average – a number that’s predicted to grow by 20% year-over-year and reach an approximately $100 billion market by 2022.

TechDogs' Opinion: Going ahead you’d not just see more of hybrid and multi-cloud environments; you’ll see data fabrication. What’s that, you ask? For the geeks out there - it is the technology that will decouple the cloud infrastructure from location, control where an application runs and where data resides and repatriate data back to on-premises while maintaining bi-directional portability. For the normies like us, it just means hybrid cloud will let you have more control over your data, information and assets while making sure you’re not losing out on the mobility that the cloud offers. Get it? #WeLikeThingsSimple

Trend 2: IoT Will Grow And Cloud Will Grow Along With It

TechDogs-"Trend 2: IoT: IoT Will Grow And Cloud Will Grow Along With It"-Image Of Cartoon Character - We Have To Go Out For Dinner, The Refrigerator Isn'T Speaking To The Stove - This Presentation Introduces The Framework For An Industrial Internet Of Things (Iiot) Convergence Towards Edge/Fog Computing
Have you heard of Internet of Things? Who are we kidding! We all have. From our smart devices to our home lights and security systems, IoT is everywhere! It’s the system that allows physical devices to collect your data and share it over a wireless network without human-to-human or human-to-computer intervention #IoTIsIndependent

We know what you’re thinking – how does Cloud Computing get into the picture? Many IoT devices engage with different cloud services to offload data center and processing power to remote servers with superior computing resources. What does that mean? The more popular IoT gets, the more will be the need for advanced Cloud Computing – and we all know IoT is going to be a huge revolution in technology. In fact, it already is! #IoTRules

Don't believe us? Here are the words of Brandon Logsdon, CEO of Excentus - "The Internet of Things is going to be a real game-changer for loyalty, just like mobile has been to date." In fact, a study reveals that the number of associated things being used will surge up to 25 billion by 2021 from 14.2 billion in 2019 and there are no signs of slowing down in 2022 as well.

TechDogs' Opinion: IoT with Cloud Computing will serve as the ultimate engine for real-time insights for businesses. With wireless microcontroller devices (like Alexa!), IoT will extract operational data for companies which will be transported to the cloud where it can be leverage for any possible service. So, you could be on vacation in Hawaii and still be able to efficiently take care of production facility operations, GPS fleet tracking, equipment monitoring with just IoT device derived data. #DataNeverLies

Trend 3: Serverless Architecture Will Continue To Rule

Do you know in the past, companies would have to buy their servers and hire a team to maintain them? What a costly affair, right? That’s why many companies' kind of stayed away from the cloud. #AffordabilityIssues

Fortunately, that changed with serverless computing. Serverless computing is a form of Cloud Computing provider that allows businesses to access IT structures on demand. It is not truly serverless, servers will be there (yes, there are servers!) However, there will be another layer of abstraction between you and the server which makes sure that you don’t have to get involved with configurations and technicalities. Such a relief! Serverless computing was on our last year's list and it’s here to stay this year as well. #EveryoneLovesServerless

Even data says so – as of now, 25% of developers across the globe are already using serverless computing and this number will further multiply in 2022. Serverless gives organizations, however, small they may be to leverage the power of Cloud Computing without burning a hole in their pocket and without having to deal with the hassles that come with managing the cloud. #ItsNoChildsPlay

TechDogs' Opinion: As everyone starts falling in love with serverless and there’s widespread adoption, serverless development as a service would be much sought after. It would be easier to leverage a third-party expert to carry out serverless development for companies and startups. Why? Well, that way, startups can quickly build their products without worrying about scalability, server maintenance, etc. and enterprises can shorten their time-to-market. #WinWinForAll

Trend 4: Edge Computing Will Keep Everyone On The Edge

TechDogs-"Trend 4: Edge Computing Will Be Keep Everyone On The Edge"-Meme Of Steven Blake Crowder Is An American-Canadian Conservative Political Commentator And Media Host- Edge Computing Is The Future Of Cloud! Change My Mind
Clearly, as we have predicted in 2021, Edge Computing will continue to be a trend in 2022. It will be the driving force behind smart devices - smartphones, smartwatches and smart cars - and the interconnection of all the data generated by such information technology. Not only this but Edge Computing will also be used for many different purposes, including real-time data analysis, real-time interaction with IoT devices and data-driven decision making. Edge Computing will make businesses more efficient by reducing latency, costs and security risks. #OneTechnologyForItAll

Also, we’re not randomly listing praises of Edge Computing. We’ve done our due diligence too. Frost and Sullivan projects says that about 90% of industrial firms are using Edge Computing, data storage along with analysis and solution development at the data generation site already. So, what about the future. We’ve got Gartner’s research for that. It says that 75% of business-generated data will be created and processed outside of a centralized cloud platform by 2025. (That’s Edge Computing, bdw!)

TechDogs' Opinion: Edge Computing is more critical to cloud than you can imagine. One of the biggest challenges companies will face while moving to the cloud is the cost and the chaos – because today every company is looking for multi-cloud environments. That means you pay multiple cloud service providers. Edge Computing changes that. Hyperconnected Edge data centers allow companies to go for a multi-cloud setup without costing a bomb. It enables high-speed, low latency, local that enables the use of computationally intensive applications at the edge on all types of devices.

Trend 5: Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Will Be Everywhere

TechDogs-"That’s Cloud Computing In Action"-Meme - It'S In The Cloud! - You Still Need To Backup - It Was First Introduced In 1976 By Richard Dawkins In His Book, “The Selfish Gene”, As A Way Of Explaining Behaviour Which May Not Have An Evolutionary Imperative, But Nevertheless Persists Across Societies
We know you must be tired of hearing Artificial Intelligence (AI) by now. AI is rapidly changing the way we live, work and interact. It has progressed to the point where it's being used for tasks that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence technologies are helping businesses draw additional value from the growing volume of data they collect. From Ecommerce brands testing the performance of their websites in real-time, to logistics companies analyzing the efficiency of their transportation network, AI empowers businesses to gain new resource insights from their data science and improve the way they work.

We are not the only ones who are saying this. Even Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO agrees with us. "Cloud Computing plays a key role in the deliverance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services more profound than electricity or fire." The development and evolution of cloud resources and AI are interwoven and this will become stronger in 2022 and beyond.

TechDogs' Opinion: Artificial Intelligence infiltrates every industry and leaves no room for human error. From data mining to market analysis to customer service, AI is getting better and better each day. Strong trends to watch in AI will be creative algorithms and language modeling. Cloud Computing will play a key role in delivering these services to users as well as building the infrastructure to have them in years to come.


TechDogs-"Cloud Computing"-Meme Of May Ashworth  86-year-Old Grandma - Cloud Computing? Computers Can Fly Now?
Cloud technologies are ever evolving and the most prominent industry players are deploying dozens of innovative strategies to maintain their competitive edge. As we advance into 2022 and beyond, the growth and adoption of cloud strategy and technologies will improve and the emerging trends in Cloud Computing are proof of it.

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