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Top Trends 2022 – Digital Customer Experience

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Imagine entering a beach resort in the Bahamas that you pre-booked through a new travel app. Ahh, the days when we could travel without any restrictions! Once you arrive, you use the app to scan the QR code at reception, which tells you your room number, check-in time and generates a digital invoice for you. On the way to your room, you see another QR code that lets you view the food menu for the day through your smartphone as an Augmented Reality (AR) display!

After reaching the room, you realize there are no light switches or knobs - everything is controlled centrally by the application itself! The hotel's app is the one-stop solution - from ordering food to finding the quickest route to the beach. Now, that's what we call excellent customer experience. The Digital Customer Experience offered by the mobile application is what every business aims to emulate. If your customers' digital experience is exceptional, they may or may not become your brand advocates. However, if their experience is not up to par, they will take it to social media, which can tank your reputation.

To deliver a top-notch digital experience, businesses need to be aware of the best digital experience trends and leverage them to their advantage. So, before you book your "digital experience" hotel in the Bahamas, learn about the top Digital Customer Experience trends that will change how you interact with your customers in 2022.
TechDogs-Look Closely! Your Digital CX Needs Some Work!-"Top Trends 2022 – Digital Customer Experience"
Surely you have heard of Walmart, right? We mean, they have over 250 million customers worldwide! However, we bet most of you have not heard of this quote by Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart - "There is only one boss. The CUSTOMER and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else." It is an explicit explanation of Walmart's journey of growth and re-invention, which is necessary given the ever-evolving nature of customers.

Have you ever wondered how this retail giant stays ahead in providing their consumers with a pleasant Digital Customer Experience if its heart lies in its are brick and mortar stores? The answer is quite simple. With technology and automation. It identifies in-store purchase patterns and collects data from its website - the Walmart Grocery app and Walmart+ - to create a personalized and enjoyable Digital Customer Experience. Now that's a smart move! 

Customer experience has evolved beyond anything any one of us could have imagined. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, every company had to adapt. Going digital is no longer an option, it's critical to the survival of any business. A customer-centric approach to business is essential in today's digital world as customer expectations are higher than ever for brands to deliver rapid, consistent and personalized digital experiences. This makes it even more important to create a seamless Digital Customer Experience across all your channels.

So, here are the Top 5 Digital Customer Experience Trends of 2022 to help your business provide top-notch customer experiences! 

Trend 1: Automation Through Chatbots Will Help Personalize Customer Experiences

TechDogs-"Trend 1: Automation Through Chatbots Will Help Personalize Customer Experiences"-Meme Of A Man Throwing His Smartphone As He's Tired Of Being On Hold With Customer Service
What is the best feature provided by brands such as Costco, Amazon and Walmart through their mobile apps? Yes, apart from the ability to shop from any corner of the planet, duh! It's their automated chatbots that help customers navigate seamlessly through a list of endless possibilities by guiding them to recommended products based on their previous purchase desires. By deploying automated chatbots on websites and apps, businesses can create tailored Digital Customer Experiences for their end-users, a trend that will grow to new heights in 2022. 

Many consumers prefer chatting with a bot as it is faster to resolve queries and guide customers to the necessary steps. Let's not rest on our laurels, according to a Uberall study, 80% of consumers have a positive experience while interacting with chatbots. This, coupled with the increasing demand for personalization and quick resolution time, indicates that the chatbot market will be critical in providing an excellent Digital Customer Experience in 2022. 

TechDogs' Opinion: Chatbots have been around for a while and they are not going away anytime soon. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize chatbots by improving their ability to mimic human thinking and decision-making, we will see more chatbot deployments for customer interaction. It is likely that in 2022, more chatbots will be connected with mobile applications to improve experiences through real-time responses and guidance, especially financial applications. Mastercard already has a chatbot that allows you to request statements and track payments through Facebook Messenger. Moreover, unlike human agents, chatbots have the ability to always be polite and helpful, which improves customer retention and improves quality of discussion – both important for a memorable Digital Customer Experience.

Trend 2: Augmented Reality Will Enhance Digital Interactions

A few years ago, the thought of augmenting your face with dog ears or stylish sunglasses must have seemed like science fiction (talking about those awesome Snapchat filters!). However, today, the world has become a sci-fi movie, thanks to Augmented Reality (AR). This technology acts as an interface to bring digital and physical realms together. As pioneering companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have started embracing AR to provide a fruitful Digital Customer Experience, this peripheral technology will transition to the mainstream in 2022. We will see more digital interactions being augmented or transformed to make use of AR in a meaningful way to enhance digital experiences.

AR-based engagement channels will open new options for brands to showcase their products, capture desires, dreams and habits to create a powerful and personalized Digital Customer Experience in 2022. This is not just our opinion, as research done by Grand View Research shows that the Augmented Reality market will reach $61.39 billion USD by 2023 from just $17.6 billion in 2020. What more evidence do you need to consider this a top trend for 2022! 

TechDogs' Opinion: Augmented Reality will soon be a mainstream technology, helping various industries blend digital simulations with the real-world environment in a variety of ways. From “try before you buy” apps and immersive retail experiences to interactive packaging technologies, Augmented Reality promises to enhance customer experiences.

One of the most important use-cases will be that of interactive user manuals - a trend we expect to see in 2022. With customer behavior shifting to online shopping and researching, an interactive user manual will allow customers to scan their products and get access to a virtual walkthrough to understand its features, set up personalization features and more, for an enhanced digital experience.

Trend 3: Digital Experiences Will Demand An Omnichannel Approach

TechDogs-"Trend 3: Digital Experiences Will Demand An Omnichannel Approach"-Yoda With A Lightsaber Explains How Omnichannel Strategies Will Improve Customer Experience And Hence The Sales Revenue
In this world of social media and instant gratification, where speed and convenience matter to customers more than ever, how can you keep pace with your customers' expectations? The answer is omnichannel strategies. Wondering what that is? We are here to help! An omnichannel strategy allows brands to create a seamless experience for their customers across every touchpoint by adapting to different channels or media types. As customer feedback switches from one channel or platform to another, they expect (or at least hope) they won't have to re-explain what it is they need – this is an essential aspect of providing an outstanding customer experience. To further enhance transparency in the customer’s journey, businesses will start investing in omnichannel strategies in 2022.

A recent survey by Adobe revealed that companies investing in an omnichannel approach for customer engagement could increase their closure rates by 25% and enjoy a 10% increase in growth rate. The study also states that as a result, the number of businesses investing in creating omnichannel experiences has increased significantly from 20% to 80% in 2021 - and will further increase in 2022.

TechDogs' Opinion: Given the plethora of digital touchpoints for consumers, having an omnichannel approach is necessary for any modern business. However, there will be better tools and software in the market for enhancing the effectiveness of omnichannel strategies in 2022. The future of omnichannel lies in not just being reachable across all interaction channels but also keeping things personal. With the right omnichannel tools, businesses will access detailed customer history and use this information while interacting across channels for better personalization.

What’s more, using an omnichannel approach will ensure consistent messaging across all possible digital platforms, which will help increase brand awareness as the brand voice remains the same. This will undoubtedly provide a better Digital Customer Experience, which will lead to more positive reviews and referrals, growing your brand loyalty and advocacy.

Trend 4: Voice Search Will Be Critical For Digital Experiences

Suppose you are at a stoplight and desperately need to find a gas station. Will you type 'nearest gas station' (Disclaimer - Driving and texting at the same time is dangerous. Do not do this!!) on your navigation app or tell Google or Siri 'take me to the nearest gas station?' 

The answer is obvious - voice search! It is a super convenient and quick way to search the Internet in our modern world. Nothing could be easier than asking Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana to help you complete a digital query quickly, conveniently and 100% hands-free. That's what we call a blissful digital experience! Although voice search is a relatively new channel for improving Digital Customer Experiences, it will see a steady rise starting in 2022. 

The surge in smartphone usage suggests that there will be a rise in voice search too. As more of us grow comfortable with voice search, businesses will need to adapt and add similar features to their customer interface. The growing global sales of voice assistance devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, across the globe, show that voice search is gaining prevalence over traditional web searches. This is also evident from a recent survey that said 63% of Americans use voice assistance to search using smartphones, laptops and TVs.

TechDogs' Opinion: No matter your domain, businesses need to integrate voice search into applications and websites in 2022 to cater to a top-notch Digital Customer Experience. With voice search, interactions will feel more natural and convenient. Moreover, digital marketers will use voice search data to improve SEO ranking and search relevance. Voice search will help eventually help search engines better understand the contextual factors behind searches and enhance the overall Digital Customer Experience.

Businesses should begin by optimizing their interfaces, platforms, applications and websites to keep up with the changing landscape of voice search. Most competitive organizations and services are increasingly evolving to improve sensitivity to tone, pronunciation and accent for voice search.
Any business that wishes to use voice search capabilities to provide a superior digital experience in 2022 should assess these considerations. Don’t you think so, Siri?

Trend 5: Customer Experience Will Improve Thanks To Artificial Intelligence

TechDogs-"Trend 5: Customer Experience Will Improve Thanks To Artificial Intelligence" - "Guy Tapping Forehead"-Meme Saying Artificial Intelligence Helps In Predicting Customer Experience Issues Before They Happen.
We're sure you are tired of hearing about Artificial Intelligence at this point - but we can't help it if it's literally everywhere! This year, AI will be a significant player in improving the Digital Customer Experience of customers through its intelligent forecasting and predictive abilities. Couldn’t predict that, could you? (Just kidding!)

Predictive CX (Customer Experience) platforms will emerge in 2022, allowing businesses to improve customer experience by making data-backed decisions. These systems will be powered by Artificial Intelligence to provide meaningful insights and trends that will enable companies to connect better with their consumers, anticipate user behaviors and customer expectation to recognize CX issues in real-time. Furthermore, businesses can use these insights to predict a customer's level of satisfaction and likelihood of remaining loyal - or churning.

Another way AI-based predictive analytics can help is by predicting when a customer might have a bad experience and intervening before that happens. For instance, you can expect a customer to purchase a product that has been added to their cart a while ago. When that product goes out of stock, the consumer is bound to have a poor experience. Using predictive insights, you will be able to provide a better experience by giving the customer an update on when it will be restocked or guiding them to a similar product.

TechDogs' Opinion: Artificial Intelligence is all set to revamp traditional customer data analytics strategies, as it allows businesses to forecast customer demands and issues. In 2022, we will see businesses using AI-based predictive analytics to assign "scores" for customers or groups of customers based on their journey so far. Using these predicted scores, companies will be able to better analyze the level of customer satisfaction, revenue generated, loyalty to the brand, etc. This will enable them to align their efforts to create a better digital experience for consumers that are more likely to churn or are not satisfied with their experience.

In the modern business setting, good customer service means moving beyond reactive strategies and being more proactive. This can be achieved by integrating AI-based predictive tools into the data analytics pipeline and using the actionable insight generated to build better strategies to tackle customer dissatisfaction.

Final Thoughts

TechDogs-"Final Thoughts"-Oprah "Everyone Gets.." Meme Saying Everyone Will Get Excellent Digital Customer Experience
Brands are constantly evolving with the times to stay relevant and competitive This is especially true if your business wants to provide a brilliant Digital Customer Experience, whereby brands need to innovate and be responsive to stay on “top of mind” continually. From introducing AR-based interactions and voice search features to leveraging automation and omnichannel strategies, Digital Customer Experiences will transform in 2022. Focusing on loyalty programs and perks will also give a huge boost to consumers’ expectations of memorable interaction.  

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