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Top 5 Cloud Migration Services Of 2022

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Evolution is inevitable.

Another obvious statement: You must evolve with changing times.

Philosophy aside, these statements are indeed pearls of wisdom for every business. Progressing with the times makes sure that you're relevant to the times. Undeniably, these are the times of the cloud. From your favorite memories of family trips to your WhatsApp messages, everything's backed up on the cloud.

Moving your business infrastructure and data on the cloud too is an obvious move, given the security, scalability and flexibility it offers.

As you and every other business in the town plan to move to the cloud, migrating from your existing infrastructure is no child's play. So, don't turn it into a Do-It-Yourself project and leave it to the pros. Here are the top 5 Cloud Migration Services that you can rely on to do the job right!
TechDogs-Everyone's Moving To The cloud now!-"Top 5 Cloud Migration Services Of 2022"
"I'll Do It."

Even though that sounds great when Heidi Montag sings it, it's probably not the best statement to use while handling a business.

Not that we're doubting your capabilities but of course you don't make a fish climb a tree or make Ronaldo compete for MasterChef. (Duh!)

As a matter of fact, even Ronaldo has got a private chef, Giorgio Barone, to prepare the most delicious and healthy meals for him. After all, you've got to leave some things to the pros, right?

Similarly, as an organization, if you're looking to move all your business data and infrastructure or some part of it onto the cloud, it's better if you hand it over to the experts. That's where you need Cloud Migration Services; that help your business move to the cloud in the right manner.

Hold on - that's different from cloud services, okay? We agree that they sound (or look) as similar as Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry, Cloud Migration Services or Service Providers are those who help you avail cloud services.

Companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon offer cloud infrastructure spaces and services but who are the ones who would help you leverage these? The answer is - Cloud Migration Services. Since you may not have the time to scour through innumerable listings and reviews, we have put together the top 5 Cloud Migration Services out there in the market.

Read on.

Top 5 Cloud Migration Services Of 2022


Shifting to the cloud is a big decision. Especially for someone who's just stepping into the world of the cloud. However, what is better than having the best dishes on your plate to choose from? That's why we are here with the top 5 Cloud Migration Service providers, arranged in random order.

Cognizant Cloud Migration
Cognizant Cloud Migration
Deloitte Application Modernization & Migration 
Infosys Cloud 
Accenture Cloud Migration Services 
Accenture Cloud Migration Services
Wipro Technologies
Wipro Technologies

Tool 1: Cognizant® Cloud Migration

You may know Cognizant as a company that offers consultancy services. It has been in the industry for about 27 years as one of the leading companies in business consultancy, IT and outsourcing. Not too long ago, in 2015, Cognizant was rewarded for its outstanding performance in the IT sector, when it was awarded the title of the "World's 4th most admired IT service provider" by Fortune magazine.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Cognizant® Cloud Migration"-Image Screenshot Of Cognizant® Cloud Migration -Cognizant® Cloud Migration Helps You From Assessing, Planning And Designing, To Migration, Validation And Even Optimization Of Your Work On The Cloud
As a part of its Cloud Enablement services, the company launched its Cloud Migration Services.
Cognizant® Cloud Migration is power packed with automation, security and tools to move your applications and data to the cloud within 30 days. They take an agile migration factory approach, wherein they help you take care of everything, right from assessing, planning and designing, to migration, validation and even optimization of your work on the cloud. What's even better is that Cognizant® Cloud Migration leverages a combination of various native and third-party migration tools to get enterprise applications up and running on the cloud solution.

Tool 2: Deloitte Application Modernization & Migration 

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited AKA Deloitte is an age-old company that was started in 1845. After about 176 years, oh that's a lot, the company is currently working in more than 150 countries from different continents. This London-based company is still recognized as the fourth biggest accounting organization.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Deloitte Application Modernization & Migration"-Image Screenshot Of Deloitte Application Modernization & Migration - Deloitte Is One Of The Best Migration Service Providers, That Helps Redesigning Business Application Processes And Restructuring Technologies
With the title of the largest professional network service worldwide, Deloitte offers application modernization and migration. Redesigning business application processes and restructuring technologies are key in defining Deloitte as one of the best migration service providers. Experts from the company give you complete control by enabling custom transition with efficient workload planning, proper execution and powerful management.

You must be wondering what is so special about this? Its hosting solutions are top-notch, be it on-premises, cloud to cloud, or cloud to on-premises. What else can you ask for?

Tool 3: Infosys Cloud

This four-decades-old company is one of the top multinational companies that serve the best of business processes in over 120 countries. Its major focus is on business consultancy, information technology and outsourcing services. Just recently, this company was awarded as a leader for its application Modernization and Migration services.

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Infosys Cloud"-Image Screenshot Of Infosys Cloud - Accelerates The Cloud Adoption Journey Of Workloads By Assessing Applications For Cloud Readiness, Providing Appropriate Modernization Paths And Assisting In Modernization And Migration Of Workloads To Cloud By Leveraging Ready-To-Use Solutions For Multiple Patterns.
Infosys Cloud migration solutions is all about scalability, security, reducing cost and much more. It also helps transform legacy applications and servers, databases, etc. for cloud-native technology platforms. If you’re not a multi-national entity, you'll be glad to know that the migration process to a private cloud with Infosys is pretty great for beginners. Its automated system makes it worth for newbies, so that they can easily migrate using minimum coding.

Tool 4: Accenture Cloud Migration Services

Up next, we have Accenture which is an Irish multi-national company with a specialization in business consulting and providing professional services. With a workforce of about 600,000 employees, Accenture received the title of "World's most admired Information Technology services company" by Fortune Magazine. Serving in more than 100 companies worldwide, Accenture is spreading its wings to become the top global go-to company for professional B2B (business to business) services.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: Accenture Cloud Migration Services"-Image Screenshot Of Accenture Cloud Migration Services - Accenture Offers One Smooth End-To-End Digital Transformation Experience To The Cloud Platform, It Helps You Execute A Seamless Migration And Modernization To Cloud That Is Secure, Cost-Effective, And Agile
Talking about its professional services, it would be wrong to miss out on its excellent Cloud Migration Services. Accenture understands that every company is looking to shift its focus to the cloud security. This is why it offers one smooth end-to-end digital transformation experience to the cloud platform. Moreover, leaving behind all complexities, the company brings together a dedicated roadmap, perfect strategies and operating models to enable the execution of modernization to the Cloud environment. Hence, establishing the cost-effective, agile and super-safe infrastructure.

The best part about Accenture Cloud Migration is its automatic processes in every model of the hybrid cloud. Needless to say, its delivery methods are pretty admirable, be it IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), SaaS (Software as a service), or PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Tool 5: Wipro Technologies

Last but definitely not the least, we have Wipro that commenced its services back in 1945. Renowned to have the 9th largest workforce in India, Wipro is one big global company to get you all the business consultancy, services and other IT solutions in one place. Wipro is one of the most reliable and trusted service providers globally. That's quite obvious when you see the innumerable awards Wipro has bagged for its IT services.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Wipro Technologies"-Image Screenshot Of Wipro Technologies - Wipro Stands Out As Cloud Migration, It Works On All Or Partial Data Migration Of Applications, Storage And System
One of the services that make Wipro stand out is its Cloud Migration. It works on all or partial data migration of applications, storage and system. It is well known that migrating to the cloud offers accelerated productivity and significant cost reduction. With Wipro, you can ensure that the application migration strategy does not compromise the company's compliance policies and data security.

One thing that makes Wipro Cloud Migration services top-grade is its optimization of existing technology investment through Wave 365 Transformation Platform.

Summing It Up

At the end of the day, it all boils down to feasibility, mutual understanding and the scope of engagement to know which of these top 5 Cloud Migration Services you must go for. Each of these has something rather amazing to offer, all you need to do is to find the one which matches your requirements perfectly. Hope we've provided you with enough choices and insights to get you started.

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