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Understanding Data Center Backup Solutions

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Did you know that an average enterprise manages around 347.56TB of data and average small business deals with about 47.81TB according to a HubSpot survey. No matter the size of the company, wouldn't it be really scary for them to lose all this data? To avoid such a situation, companies make use of Data Center Backup Solutions. These solutions are like Google Drives for businesses that store all business information so that it can be recovered in case there's any data loss on the actual server.

Data Center Backup Solutions are often offered by third-party service providers either off-site or on-site and even via the cloud. This article will help you understand what Data Center Backup Solutions are and whether or not they would be a viable investment for your company.
Techdogs-"Understanding Data Center Backup Solutions"-I Can Pull You Back-Up!
Remember the time you'd lose all your contacts, pictures, songs and notes when you lost your phone? Frustrating, wasn't it? Much to our relief, Google created Google Drive, wherein once you'd log in from your Gmail ID on your new phone, all your data - pictures, contacts, and even apps - would get transferred to the new device. That's how mobile backups work.

On similar lines, if you imagine the same service, for a business or an enterprise, you'd get Data Center Backup Solutions. Let's take a detailed look at what they are.

What Are Data Center Backup Solutions?

Data Center Backup Solutions - the name is quite self-explanatory in itself. Here's how. Let's take the first two words, data center. Evidently, a data center would be a system or facility that'd hold data. Building on top of that, a data center backup would be a system or a facility that'd hold the backup of some data. If we go further, a data center backup solution would simply be a tool that would serve as a system or facility to automatically backup and store business data and resources. So, if your phone memory is your data center, Google Drive is your data center backup solution.

As much as we'd wish that data center backup could be as simple and easy as installing Google Drive, it's not. In fact, it's not an inbuilt feature (like most smartphones come pre-installed with Google Drive!) that businesses have on their data centers.

More often than not, Data Center Backup Solutions are third-party services that businesses avail of. Yes, you'd actually have to invest in a solution and buy storage from someone else to keep your data backup safe and secure - much like using a bank locker. Some of these banks (we mean Data Center Backup Solutions!) are Veeam Backup & Replication, Commvault, Rubrik, and Cohesity.

Before you consider investing in any of these, there's a lot more about these solutions that you must know - starting with how they came into being.

History And Evolution Of Data Center Backup Solutions

The idea of data center backup can be traced to around the 1960s when digital information was stored on punch cards-stiff rectangular paper that looked like a ticket. You would have to buy a punch-card reader to use the information on the card.

TechDogs-"History And Evolution Of Data Center Backup Solutions"-An Image Of A Punch-Card That Was Used To Store Data In The 1960S.
Within a decade, the punch card found a competitor - a more efficient tool, magnetic tapes (similar to the one that held Monica's prom video!). Soon tapes became the preferred choice for data storage and backup. After all, one tape could store as much data as 10,000 punch cards (yes, really!).

But even being 10,000 times better didn't assure that tapes remained the top choice forever. By the early 2000s, we had hard disk storage and disk backup trending in the market as a viable alternative. The evolution of data backup tools didn't stop there. In fact, the idea of 'data center' came into being with SAN (Storage Area Network). SAN provided a network of storage devices for block-level network access to storage. That's where you had dedicated rooms for storage devices with all that data management for a business, similar to the goober (Flash Drive) that Peter Parker and Miles Morales in “Spiderman: Into the Multiverse” use to destroy the interdimensional collider and save the world.

Data backup in a network of devices set in-house is still one of the common Data Center Backup Solutions used by businesses. However, we can't forget the cloud, right? Cloud is literally how Google Drive works. Using a cloud Data Center Backup Solution is basically having a drive for your business. Cloud backup service made data storage and data recovery hassle-free - just a click away!

Another evolution that happened with time when it comes to Data Center Backup Solutions was their function. Data backup started earlier as a way of creating a second copy. Today, it has evolved to be a way of creating the copy, recovering a piece of data when needed quickly, avoiding retrieval problems and keeping this data safe. Since that's a lot of responsibility to take, it is often shouldered to a third-party vendor to manage - and here's how they go about it.

How Do Data Center Backup Solutions Work?

If you've happened to work on Google Docs or Microsoft Word in Office 365 you'd see that while you type, there's a tiny text displayed on top that says 'saving' and as soon as you stop typing it changes to 'saved'. Though Data Center Backup Solutions also work in the same fashion, there's a bunch of steps involved there.

TechDogs-"How Do Data Center Backup Solutions Work?"-An Infographic By Cdata Systems Showing The Data Storage And Recovery Infrastructure.
A backup solution would copy data and store it on a different storage system that can be accessed easily for recovery. Considering business information is highly confidential, businesses have to choose what data they'd like to share with the service provider and in which format. More often than not, this data is encrypted before sharing. Once encrypted, businesses can move this to a public cloud computing service like AWS or Microsoft Azure, or have a private in-house data backup storage facility like a tape or an appliance or directly move it to a cloud services provider.

Once there, the files are accessible at all times for recovery.

Why Do Businesses Need Data Center Backup Solutions?

At this point in the article, to tell you that Data Center Backup Solutions prevent critical data loss for your business would be like stating the obvious. However, apart from ensuring data backup solution, businesses stand to gain a lot from these solutions. If the amount of data you produce is vast, your server can sometimes slow down your software systems. A data center backup can share your load. You can backup data that is not required at the moment, work only with essential data on your server and retrieve data from the online backup solution as and when needed. In addition to that, adhering to government and regulatory norms data archiving, storage solutions and most importantly security can be a heavy-duty task - something that you can easily offload to your third-party service provider.

Data Center Backup Solutions can be a purposeful investment that you can benefit a lot from. Here's how.

Benefits Of Data Center Backup Solutions

Data Center Backup Solutions provide you with four key benefits:
  • Reliability

    Since most of these tools are automated, chances of data loss including those caused by natural disasters, human error, or ransomware are reduced.

  • Scalability

    As they are managed by third parties, you don't have to worry about increasing your office space or cloud storage to store data. You can scale at any pace you like.

  • Flexibility

    You choose what you want a backup for - from a single file or application to entire physical servers or virtual environment.

  • Security

    Backups are protected with end-to-end encryption and private encryption keys to keep your data safe.


Features Of Data Center Backup Solutions

Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions come with a bunch of features including:
  • One-stop-shop for backup, replication, recovery and storage.

  • The centralized web-based management console.

  • Low bandwidth consumption.

  • Data protection (e.g., high interval) & restore availability at all times.

  • Swift ransomware/virus detection capability.

  • Cloud-to-cloud backup solution for SaaS services (e.g., Exchange, Microsoft Office 365)

  • Multiple options for data storage (e.g., tape appliance, cloud)


What’s Next - Where Are Data Center Backup Solutions Headed?

Data security and privacy is becoming a key concern in the present times. For Data Center Backup Solutions, providing seamless and more secure solutions is definitely the way ahead. In addition to that, however, businesses are now looking for anytime, anywhere recovery solutions to be integrated with these backup solutions. Users want the option of recovering an application on an enterprise's private cloud even if it is backed up on the Amazon cloud. Lastly, we can expect more automated and granular backup happening in real-time and recovery in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Data Center Backup Solutions?

Data Center Backup Solutions refer to systems or facilities designed to automatically backup and store business data and resources securely. Essentially, they act as a safety net for critical information, ensuring that data loss is minimized in the event of system failures, human errors, or cyber threats. These solutions are often provided by third-party services and involve storing backups on separate storage systems or in the cloud. By investing in Data Center Backup Solutions, businesses can safeguard their valuable data and maintain operational continuity.

How do Data Center Backup Solutions work?

Data Center Backup Solutions function by copying and storing data on alternative storage systems, separate from the primary data source. This backup process typically involves encryption to protect the confidentiality of the data being stored. Once backed up, the data becomes accessible for recovery whenever needed. Businesses can choose to store backups on-premises using devices like tapes or appliances, or opt for cloud-based storage solutions provided by service providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure. Overall, these solutions ensure data availability and resilience, mitigating the risks associated with data loss.

Why do businesses need Data Center Backup Solutions?

Data Center Backup Solutions offer several benefits beyond simply preventing data loss. Firstly, they enhance data reliability by minimizing the impact of potential threats such as natural disasters or cyberattacks. Additionally, these solutions promote scalability, allowing businesses to expand their data storage capabilities without the need for physical infrastructure upgrades. Moreover, they provide flexibility in terms of data backup options, enabling businesses to tailor their backup strategies to suit their specific needs. Lastly, Data Center Backup Solutions prioritize data security, employing encryption and other measures to safeguard sensitive information, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind for businesses.

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