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TechDogs-"Responsible AI & Risk Management Summit"

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Responsible AI & Risk Management Summit


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London, England

Nov 21, 2023 - Nov 22, 2023

08:45 AM BST

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Due to the challenges posed by the rapid pace of change generated by the generative AI storm, corporations are holding back their innovation to cautiously navigate the risks. This event aims to bring the industry, academia & policy makers together to accelerate the global efforts to meet the ever-evolving responsible AI and risk management needs of today. With challenges in operationalisation, scaling up, assessing use cases, vendors and procurement, keeping up with regulation, accountability and cultural changes, it is essential to now gather experts, share insights, discuss challenges and improve strategies to address the unique risks introduced by generative AI to stay competitive. The Responsible AI & Risk Management Summit will provide a timely, open platform to practically and pragmatically aid this transformation. Do not miss this unique gathering of your forward-thinking peers to revolutionize your internal AI risk, safety, trust, transparency, compliance and governance transformation.


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