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TechDogs-"MLDS 2024"

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MLDS 2024

By Analytics India Magazine

Analytics India Magazine
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Bangalore, India

Feb 1, 2024 - Feb 2, 2024

04:30 AM

About Event

MLDS is the premier Generative Al conference, where India's top innovators and practitioners in the field of artificial intelligence will converge to exchange their insights and experiences. This conference will highlight the revolutionary impact of generative Al models, showcasing the latest tools and advancements in this rapidly evolving domain.

The event is designed to offer attendees an exclusive glimpse into the emerging trends and developer products that are setting the stage for the next wave of Al-powered innovation. With a focus on practical applications and forward-looking research, the conference promises to be a vital meeting point for those at the cutting edge of machine learning and generative Al.

Join us as we dive into deep discussions on the transformative potential of generative Al, from creating advanced, natural language models to pioneering new frontiers in creative and design fields.


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