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TechDogs-"Enhancing Visual Excellence In Cars: Local Dimming With Mini LEDs"

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Enhancing Visual Excellence In Cars: Local Dimming With Mini LEDs

By Omdia

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Feb 22, 2024

04:00 PM

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The automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation powered by AI, leading to a future of software-defined vehicles. The industry is embracing display-based UIs for control and intelligent awareness, coupled with future in-cabin AI. High dynamic range (HDR) and consumer electronics-like design, with a sleek look and feel, are increasingly popular in the automotive display market. The demand for direct backlight LCDs with local dimming is growing, supporting power saving, high brightness, and high contrast ratio. This trend is expected to continue, with the direct backlight LCD market predicted to grow from 1.1 million units in 2023 to over 10 million units by 2026, according to Omdia.


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