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TechDogs-"10TH World Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit"

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10TH World Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit

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Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru

May 18, 2023 - May 19, 2023

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This year 10th World Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit 2023 will also be hosted as Face to Face conference. Don’t miss 10th World Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit in Bangalore! Get both the bird’s-eye view & the deep expertise you need to take your Automation career to the next level with "Future of Work" RPA is really as simple - and powerful - as it sounds. Robotic Process Automation enables you with tools to create your own software robots to automate any business process. They log into many applications and more. RPA is also non-intrusive in nature, helping cut through the complexity of legacy systems, which are difficult and costly to replace. Our Conference will be one of the largest gathering of its kind for Business stakeholders, RPA Program Leads, RPA developers and IT professionals in India. Experts international leaders and leaders of International repute from some of leading companies will be attending as delegates and speakers, so join us for an amazing experience and RPA Solutions.


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