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Revolutionising Cisco Meraki WiFi Self-Management At Countrywide Healthcare

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Countrywide Healthcare, a 27-year-old medical and janitorial equipment supplier to the healthcare sector, faced critical network performance challenges in their new warehouse. They used a Cisco Meraki network that enabled plug-and-play functionality and could be controlled from anywhere. 

Yet, the IT team struggled to gain comprehensive visibility into its performance, often resulting in unresolved downtime incidents, from slow ERP system performance to the inability to download web orders. The team at Countrywide Healthcare needed a flexible service assurance visibility provider for time-critical dispatch networks such as theirs. 

With the Highlight Service Assurance Platform, they could solve their Wi-Fi issues and build a Meraki-driven warehouse network with real-time insights and historical reporting. Highlight's deployment empowered the IT team at Countrywide Healthcare to troubleshoot and optimize the network performance, leading to benefits such as: 
  • An 80% reduction in time taken to identify network issues

  • A 94% quicker setup time versus previous monitoring tools 

  • A 71% more cost-effective deployment than competing solutions

Read on to understand how Highlight revolutionized Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi self-management for Countrywide Healthcare!

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