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Making A Powerful Case For Workstations

By Xeon Digital

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A private survey conducted by Cadalyst in 2017 found that approximately one-third of CAD users are still using standard desktop and laptop PCs. If you still haven’t made the move to a workstation, it’s likely because you believe they’re overhyped, they’re overkill for your particular workload, or they’re overpriced — but again, are they really?

This white paper will dive into the realities of professional workstations, in particular all the ways they differ from business-grade and gaming PCs, as well as the latest technologies behind workstations and issues of pricing and value. Not everyone needs a professional workstation, but if the information on the following pages resonates with you, it might be time to make the leap.

Wherever your workload falls along the design and engineering spectrum, you likely spend the majority of your working hours on your computer, far more than any other single tool. That’s why it’s imperative to select the platform that not only meets your demands at every turn but also boosts productivity and minimizes frustration.

This paper will aim to provide the information you need to determine if a workstation is the right choice.


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