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How Does The World’s Leading Supplier Of Instruments Implements Data Engineering For Enabling Condition Monitoring Of Equipment

By Saviant Consulting

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The test & measurement instruments company manufactures data acquisition systems (DAQ) which enable critical testing, measurement, and monitoring applications for aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. The DAQ systems acquire data in real-time for different physical quantities using sensor technologies and integrate with various Enterprise software applications like LabView, Visual Studio .NET, and more.

With each device or sensor serving a different purpose, there will be different DAQ platforms in use which meant -
  • Dozens of hardware & software systems are in use to provide different services to their enterprise clients

  • Large effort and resources required to maintain these platforms

  • Time-to-market is slow & lengthy

  • The scattered product portfolio leads to a disconnected sales process & low customer perception

  • Lack of standard functionality across platforms

Here’s how the company has created a complete sensor-to-software system and achieved faster GTM for critical condition monitoring applications, by rationalizing all of their major DAQ hardware and software into a unified platform architecture to -

- Optimize development costs
- Improve time-to-market
- Update the client's DAQ & SW portfolio

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