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By Xeon Digital

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As projects increase in size and complexity, mobile workstations must be able to scale to meet the computa­tional and graphical demands of modern-day workflows. Professional users want lightweight, portable devices that will deliver performance that’s comparable to their desk­top systems, including the ability to optimize power and resources for all of their workloads. At the same time, appli­cations from leading independent software vendors in areas like advanced visualization, extended reality (XR), medical imaging, simulation and computer-aided design (CAD) must be certified to run at optimal performance on the mobile platform in order to ensure the highest levels of flexibility and productivity for a modern, professional workforce. Plus, as artificial intelligence is rapidly integrated into new and exist­ing software vendors’ applications to further accelerate pro­ductivity, hardware performance demands increase.

Given the expectation that innovation can now happen anywhere, professional users across industry segments are demanding mobile workstations meet performance, reliability, flexibility and security criteria.


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