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A Leading Footwear Brand Achieves A Conversion Rate Of 26% With Personalized Communication

By Mirum

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A leading brand in the performance and lifestyle footwear industry reached out to Mirum for a solution in terms of data-driven customer engagement and loyalty platform that can boost revenue as well as marketing ROI.

The clear ask from the brand was to help provide customers with an unparallel customer experience to build brand affinity and loyalty by addressing the following challenges:
  • The functionality to collect, analyze and act on customer product affinities based on behavioral purchase patterns

  • Create an omnichannel Unified Customer Profile (UCP) by integrating online and offline customer data points

  • Easy and scalable automation setup to run targeting personalized communications

  • End-to-end visibility on campaigns with user behavior and purchase data attribution

We proposed a solution in the form of Salesforce Stack. Want to know how Mirum helped this footwear brand achieve a conversion rate of 26.6%? Let’s find out in the case study.

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